Clinton Presidential Center

A Tour of the Clinton Presidential Center

If you read Heather's review of our experience at the JFK Presidential Library and Museum in Boston earlier this year, you will understand that Heather...
mount magazine

Mount Magazine – Arkansas’ Best Kept Secret

Home is where the heart is....or so the phrase goes right! Well, home for us right now is Jonesboro, Arkansas so we decided to...

Road Trip Around The Ohio Valley

Having previously visited 24 US states, I looked at the map of USA and noticed that there were several states in relative close proximity...
Jonesboro War Memorial

Jonesboro Arkansas – The Next Silicon Valley?

Jonesboro Arkansas is probably not one of the first places you would consider visiting while exploring the United States especially given that it is...
Petit Jean State Park

Petit Jean State Park – Outdoor Adventurer’s Dream

Having traveled so much over the last 18 months, I am not sure what has come over us recently given that we seem to...
rock and roll highway

How to Drive the Rock and Roll Highway in One Day

Arkansas may be famous for being home to the Razorbacks, Walmart, and Bill Clinton but did you know that a small Arkansan town was...
History of Fort Smith Arkansas

Exploring the Hidden History of Fort Smith Arkansas

The history of Fort Smith Arkansas may not be something that you are immediately familiar with. In fact, you probably have no idea where...
texas arkansas state line

Arkansas State Line in Texarkana – An Iconic Location

As you drive around America crossing the various dividing lines of the 48 contiguous states, many of them can go unnoticed but that certainly...
downtown little rock

5 Reasons to Love Walking Downtown Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas may not be the first city on the tip of your tongue when thinking about cities to explore and with good...
Desegregation of Central High School

Desegregation of Central High School – Discover the Truth

Who would have thought that Little Rock, Arkansas would have played such an integral role in the topic of desegregation? During a recent day...