Our Travel Philosophy

Welcome to A Brit & A Southerner! We are Chris and Heather, and since 2010 we have been traveling the world visiting over 35 countries and all 50 U.S. states. We are focused on inspiring everyone to travel the world similar to how we do, by maximizing our vacation time and taking advantage of long weekend getaways.

“Exploring the world one weekend at a time” – this has been our travel philosophy since 2011 and by maximizing our weekends and finding the best available travel deals, we have been fortunate to explore a variety of breathtaking destinations around the world.”

While we have become experts in making the most of our time on the road, we are NOT nomadic and instead have full-time day jobs. Our philosophy of “exploring the world one weekend at a time” really came about because of our passion for travel. We are envious of those that get to travel the world as full-time but at the same time, we wanted to create our own niche that would be relatable to the everyday person.

It may be a dream to be able to travel permanently, but the reality is such that we simply have to make the most of our opportunities to hit the open road. It all started in 2010 when we traveled to England for the first time and spent a month camping around the UK. It was almost written in the stars given that we had near perfect weather for a full month…which as you know, is highly unusual with the stereotypical British climate.

Our passion and desire to keep traveling exploded from that trip. From earning the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass that enabled us to really take advantage of weekend getaways, to exploring Europe on multiple occasions courtesy of the amazing Eurail Pass, we have been incredibly fortunate to explore a variety of destinations across the globe…and the beauty is, there is so much more out there that we cannot wait to experience!

Our Travel Stats

Travel isn't just about keeping track of numbers, or trying to visit every country in the world, but it's still cool to follow how much we have explored over the years...plus, many more to come!









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Our destination guides and blog posts are frequently updated to ensure we are providing the latest information to our readers. We know that attractions and experiences are always changing and we have created these posts with first-hand knowledge of visiting the destinations across the globe. We hope you will be inspired to visit these amazing places and expand your wanderlust.