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Coffee Around the World


Are you a coffee connoisseur? If you are, welcome because you are in the right spot to learn all about the best coffee shops across the globe. If not, don’t worry because you are still in the right spot as you can learn about how to appreciate the myriad of espresso concoctions that expert baristas create in local (and some chain) coffee shops.

When you travel as we do, by exploring the world one weekend at a time, it’s critical that we have plenty of caffeine to keep us full of energy to make the most of our time in a destination. We also find that local coffee shops are a great way to learn about hidden spots around the location we are visiting that locals can be found. Plus, is there any better place to catch up on work than a vibrant and trendy coffee shop?

We hope you enjoy our collection of coffee shop posts and we would love to hear about your favorite spots in the comments below!

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