Best Coffee Shops in Clarksville, TN – Local Spots Not to Miss

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It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, starting the day with your favorite espresso is a must and there is no better place to do this than one of the local coffee shops in the area. While most destinations have chain coffee options, you will not only help the local economy but also likely sample something much better by visiting one of the local favorites. Our recent trip to northern Tennessee was no different as we headed there with the goal of discovering a collection of the best coffee shop in Clarksville, TN.

amsterdam local cafe clarksville tn

A coffee shop is more than just a place to grab a morning coffee. For us, we think coffee shops are a great place to hang out, perhaps catch up on some work, or just relax with your favorite drink as you plan the rest of your day. Coffee shops offer a setting that epitomizes a particular aura that’s inviting and cozy for visitors and locals alike. It’s here that you frequently can chat with locals to learn more about the hidden gems in their hometown.

Whether you prefer a simply black coffee or perhaps a creative concoction with your preferred flavors and desire to enjoy the creative aesthetics by the local barista, the selection of local coffee shops on offer in Clarksville offers all of these options and more. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to enjoy coffee while visiting Clarksville, and we hope you will be inspired to check these out during your next trip to Tennessee.

best coffee shops in clarksville tn

Best Coffee Shops in Clarksville, TN

From lattes to pour-overs, mochas to iced frappes, the options for experiencing your favorite caffeine beverage are endless across Clarksville. We were fortunate to visit several, though we cannot return to experience more as our short visit clearly showed that this town has an abundance of awesome local spots that are worth exploring.

founding frothers coffee clarksville tn

While Clarksville is home to some of the nation’s iconic chain coffee shops such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Dutch Bros, it’s the local scene which allows this area to set itself apart from even larger cities across the state of Tennessee – we really were that impressed by the variety on offer! The following is a list of local coffee shops we visited but again, there are plenty others that deserve to be on your radar.

  • The Amsterdam Local Cafe
  • Sanctuary On Main
  • Founding Frothers
  • Miss Lucille’s Coffee Shop
  • Plumb Line Coffee
  • The Thirsty Goat

The Amsterdam Local Cafe

For those of you that love the European vibe in a coffee shop, there is no better place to start during your visit to Clarksville than a trip to The Amsterdam Local Cafe. Everything about this coffee shop epitomizes a stereotypical European experience, with the decor throughout and the relaxing atmosphere creating an environment you won’t want to leave.

amsterdam local cafe clarksville

Whether you are paying a quick visit to pick up your favorite espresso, or perhaps prefer to stay a little longer to sample one of the seasonal delicacies, The Amsterdam Local Cafe is a place you can experience all of the above and much more! The Belgian Biscoff Latte in either hot or iced is a sweet treat to die for, and with the baristas showcasing their creativity with the carefully prepared beverages, you cannot help but admire the drink before you take a sip.

amsterdam local cafe clarksville tn

For those looking to catch up on some work, take advantage of the ample seating throughout the interior, plus the outdoor space is equally inviting and will surely entice you to stay a little longer than you may have initially intended. The eclectic menu offerings provide ample options for all palates, so whether you are planning a visit for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

amsterdam local cafe biscoff latte clarksville tn

Take a moment to contemplate sipping on your favorite espresso along the canal banks in Amsterdam, and as you open your eyes, you realize that you are not too far from that experience in this Dutch inspired coffee shop in the heart of Clarksville, Tennessee!

amsterdam local cafe clarksville tn

Sanctuary on Main

One of Clarksville’s most unique coffee shops can be found at Sanctuary on Main. Originally known as “Yoga Mat”, this location has transformed into an eclectic coffee shop offering great local sourced coffee made with house-made syrups and a variety of homemade bakery items. Visitors can enjoy a specialty latte such as “The Bees Knees” (Cinnamon & Wild Honey), or “The Flower Child” (Wild Honey & Lavender), but don’t worry, for those that prefer a caffeine free option, there are plenty of alternative creations available.

sanctuary on main coffee shop clarksville tn

While this location has transformed into a coffee shop for locals and visitors alike to relax, the original yoga classes can still be experienced in the adjoining room. Those attending yoga sessions are asked to observe “Mouna”, the art of silence, to truly embrace the experience and work on both physical and mental wellness.

sanctuary on main clarksville tn

Nestled in the heart of downtown Clarksville, this historic building is the perfect venue to enjoy a quick yoga session before grabbing a refreshing drink and planning your day exploring the local area. The building itself epitomizes the history surrounding the area, with the craftsmanship and decor offering a remarkable reflection on the 190 year old architectural masterpiece.

sanctuary on main clarksville tn

Founding Frothers

In the heart of downtown Clarksville, Founding Frothers is perfectly situated to capture locals and visitors looking for a quick espresso while exploring the downtown area. Themed around America’s Founding Fathers, the play on words with the name of this coffee shop is equally represented with the decor throughout the interior of this small yet quaint abode.

founding frothers coffee clarksville tn

Oil paintings, antiques, and American-themed items can be found inside, but it’s perhaps the diverse variety of menu offerings that will entice visitors to stay longer.

founding frothers coffee clarksville tn

With a selection of pastries available, the difficult choice will be which drink to pick. Whether you are intrigued by the most popular menu item, the James Madison, or perhaps you prefer a winter seasonal favorite, the available options are endless.

founding frothers coffee clarksville tn

Miss Lucille’s Coffee Shop

A trip to Clarksville wouldn’t be the same without paying a visit to the whimsical Miss Lucille’s Marketplace. Home to a myriad of booths offering local crafts, produce, and more, this warehouse is home to 52,000 square feet of pure joy, with a guaranteed something for everyone.

miss lucilles coffee shop clarksville tn

While a visit to these vendors was one of the highlight attractions on our recent post highlighting the best things to do in Clarksville, before you head inside, you need to head over to the front left corner by the entrance to try one of the decadent coffees from Miss Lucille’s Coffee Shop.


Miss Lucille’s Coffee Shop, Clarksville, TN

For those of you that have visited Music City and experienced the best local coffee shops in Nashville, you will know that two of the iconic spots worth visiting are Frothy Monkey and Bongo Java. While Nashville is only a short drive from Clarksville (less than one hour), you don’t need to worry about leaving Miss Lucille’s Marketplace as you can experience this espresso inside the coffee shop.

snickerdoodle latte miss lucilles coffee shop clarksville tn

Enjoy a Snickerdoodle or Old Fashioned, or perhaps a frozen Banana Pudding Smoothie will intrigue your tastebuds before burning off a few calories exploring the vendor’s shops.

Plumb Line Coffee

One of Clarksville’s finest locally owned coffee shops is Plumb Line Coffee located near the heart of the downtown area. Plumb Line is an espresso and slow bar that presents shots using Clarksville’s first (and only) Synesso Hydra Espresso machine. A visit to Plumb Line is more than just a visit to any regular coffee shop.

Visitors are provided a taste of the culture and country where the coffee beans were grown, creating a unique experience than any coffee aficionados cannot help but fall in love with. Recognized as a “third wave” coffee shop with visitors able to drink coffees from around the world, or you can buy a bag to take home and enjoy.

For those of you unfamiliar with the “third wave” concept in coffee shops, it is a movement in coffee marketing emphasizing high quality. Beans are typically sourced from individual farms and are roasted more lightly to bring out their distinctive flavors. Included in the third wave meaning is the emphasis on where the coffee beans are grown. Most of the growers sourced by Plumb Line Coffee are located in Third World countries.

“These are organic beans, raised without herbicides and chemicals, grown by individual farmers and not commercial entities, and harvested by hand. Special grinders are used in processing the beans”

Bill Parker, Co-Owner of Plumb Line Coffee

The Thirsty Goat

Ready to experience a craft beer garden and an artisanal coffee shop all in one location? Head over to the wonderfully named “Thirsty Goat” coffee shop to enjoy all of this and much more. As their motto goes, “It’s whatever floats your goat!” when it comes to determining whether you want to enjoy your favorite espresso beverage, or perhaps indulge in a craft beer while enjoying one of the many handcrafted pizzas on offer.

Whether you are visiting for breakfast, or perhaps want a late afternoon snack and brew, The Thirsty Goat offers a vibrant, trendy environment for locals and visitors alike to enjoy what has been transformed into a funky hangout composed of some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Don’t forget to sample one of the homemade pastries, or cream sodas…you won’t leave disappointed!


It doesn’t matter where we are traveling in the world, the availability of local coffee shops is something we cannot help but explore. A trip to Clarksville, TN was no different, and we were delighted to have the opportunity to uncover some real gems. Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list, and as with many locations, local coffee shops come and go but this is certainly a collection I would expect to continue serving locals and visitors alike in the near future.

Whether you are inspired by the European decor at The Amsterdam Local Cafe, or perhaps intrigued by the story of “third wave” coffee at Plumb Line Coffee, you can be sure there is something for everyone in one of the many amazing coffee shops in Clarksville, Tennessee.

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