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Welcome to our Reviews section of A Brit and A Southerner. Each of the following sections highlight a key component of the travel industry. We all want to have pleasant hotel experiences, find useful products and enjoy delicious cuisine on our travels so we hope this will be beneficial for you.

If there are any other review categories you would like us to start featuring, please reach out to us at [email protected] or visit our Contact Us page.

Hotel Reviews

We are by no means professional hotel reviewers and feel that we provide a fair judgment based solely on our experiences. If there are hotels around the world that you would recommend, please let us know!

Travel Tech 101

One of the most difficult aspects of travel is determining what to pack! Well, we are trying to make life a little easier on you by providing a range of product reviews that will help you choose those key items that you have to take with you in order to make your travel experience more positive.

Introducing our Travel Tech 101 series, we bring you the latest and greatest gadgets and travel products in the world of technology!

Restaurant Reviews

There are so many different cuisines around the world that sometimes it is difficult to know exactly where to visit in order to sample the best options, yet at an affordable price. We love trying new food (Chris is a little picky especially with Asian cuisine) so we want to share our experiences at some of the restaurants, bistros and local cafes we have sampled around the world.