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Orlando is all about the theme parks, right? Whether it’s Disney World, Universal or Sea World, it’s a common stereotype but just how accurate is this? Despite being recent annual passholders at Disney, we have decided to start visiting this wonderful city in search of everything else that makes Orlando such a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike. I am not going to try and convince you that a trip to Orlando shouldn’t include one of these parks but we would like to share another of our passions that we have recently discovered in this part of Florida…coffee shops! That’s right, finding the best coffee in Orlando is something we have loved exploring and we want to share our findings.

best coffee in orlando

We would argue that it’s a common misconception that visiting Orlando should be all about theme parks. Disney World is an amazing place and rightfully renowned as “the happiest place on earth.” Universal Studios is everything you could wish for if you are a Harry Potter fan…but what about if you are wanting to experience the “other” side of Orlando?

ok but first coffee

Visiting a wide collection of local coffee shops across the city and surrounding neighborhoods is a great way to experience the local culture and enjoy a modern, trendy vibe that epitomizes the melting pot environment that is present throughout Orlando.

braz coffee shop kissimmee florida

Best Coffee in Orlando

While visiting every local coffee shop in Orlando is on our radar (this post will just continue to grow as we develop the ultimate guide to coffee in Orlando!), we of course have only visited a small number but we hope that you are as intrigued as we are by this eclectic selection of coffee houses that we truly believe reflect the thriving coffee scene in the heart of Florida.

best orlando coffee

If you are looking for the best things to do in Orlando that are NOT Disney or Universal, starting out with a decadent espresso or French press will give you plenty of energy to explore the city.

  • Ok, But First Coffee
  • Allegro Coffee Company
  • iCafe de Paris
  • Craft & Common
  • Holy Grain Coffee Shop
  • Braz Coffee Shop
  • Paloma Coffee Co.
  • Deeply Coffee

This is by no means an exhaustive list of local coffee spots as there are plenty others but this is definitely a great selection representing the best of Orlando’s coffee scene. As always, we are going to review these coffee shops not only in terms of the quality of coffee (and food where applicable) but also the overall atmosphere and ability to work.

We love visiting coffee houses that are spacious and provide free WiFi, so we can catch up on work and we feel this is an important aspect to consider when providing reviews of these.

deeply coffee downtown orlando

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites and hopefully you are inspired to check these out during your next visit to a city that is so much more than theme parks! We are going to review each of the following coffee shops and as always, we encourage you to share your experiences and favorite coffee shops in Orlando in the comments section below.

icafe de paris orlando

Ok, But First Coffee

Is there any better place to start than the wonderfully named, Ok, But First Coffee? Start your day the best possible way by visiting this local coffee shop located on Sand Lake Road close to International Drive. This location is famous not only for a variety of coffee options but also a diverse collection of cupcakes that once appeared on Cupcake Wars (under it’s previous name of La Sweetz!).

ok but first coffee orlando

Whether you are intrigued by the decadent looking cupcakes or simply want to enjoy a caramel macchiato or seasonally inspired S’Mores Latte, you can be sure that Ok, But First Coffee is the perfect way to start your adventure exploring Orlando. If you are looking to enjoy breakfast with a little more substance than just a cupcake or fresh pastry, there are several other options to choose from including a freshly prepared Acai bowl that is the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee.

ok but first coffee orlando

This coffee shop isn’t the largest in Orlando and so there is limited seating but you can still enjoy your coffee in the comfort of this location. If you are looking to catch up on work, this may not be the ideal spot but in terms of beverages and food, this is definitely a place worth visiting.

ok but first coffee cupcakes

Check out Ok, But First Coffee for more information on location, hours and menu options.

Allegro Coffee Company

When it comes to finding sustainable coffee shops, Allegro Coffee Company is definitely one that is worth experiencing. Located inside Whole Foods Market, this coffee bar epitomizes a brand focused on sustainability and supporting a healthy planet for all of us to enjoy.

allegro coffee

Since the 1980s, Allegro has been roasting organic coffees across various locations. Although this is not technically a local coffee shop specific to Orlando, the location here is definitely one that is worth paying a visit to while you wander around Whole Foods Market.

we remain committed to supporting a healthy planet today, and promoting the ongoing fertility of land for use by future generations.

Allegro Coffee Company

For the non-coffee drinkers, there is an eclectic tea offering available ranging from black teas to herbal teas and even loose leaf teas from across the globe. The distinctive flavors of both tea and coffee from Allegro help to create a unique experience for anyone visiting these locations. If you are in Orlando, take a few minutes to visit Whole Foods Market to see for yourself how Allegro is 100% committed to creating a sustainable environment.

Allegro Coffee Company in Orlando is not going to be the coffee shop environment where you can work or relax, rather it’s the perfect location to grab an espresso before walking around Whole Foods Market to get any groceries for your stay in the city.

Find out more about Allegro Coffee Company’s sustainability initiatives along with the diverse menu offerings available in Orlando and other locations.

iCafe de Paris

Orlando has a diverse collection of coffee shops, all in unique locations with great menu options. But there is one coffee shop in particular that if you are looking solely at location can surely not be beaten – iCafe de Paris. Located in ICON Park directly under the iconic Orlando Eye, this French inspired coffee shop is the perfect place to enjoy a morning, afternoon or evening beverage with an awe-inspiring backdrop.

icafe de paris orlando eye

Whether you choose to sit indoors and admire the delicious looking crepes being handmade or perhaps prefer to sit outside on the large patio while taking in the epic views of the ferris wheel that towers 400 feet into the Orlando sky, iCafe de Paris is a coffee shop that needs to be on everyone’s radar when visiting this part of Florida.

icafe de paris orlando

The coffee at iCafe de Paris is a little pricier than some of the alternatives in Orlando but honestly, you are paying for both the drink and the experience. Although the coffee is good, I would argue the various crepe options and other desserts are a little more intriguing. Heather opted for the Bananaberry Smoothie and I enjoyed a caramel macchiato, though resisting the temptation of the crepes was the most challenging aspect of our visit.

icafe de paris crepes

If you enjoy working outdoors, iCafe de Paris is a great option given its location. However, if you enjoy people watching or admiring architecture, you may find that your attention focuses on other things than work because there is so much going on in ICON Park.

Check out iCafe de Paris and the menu options available, or simply visit and take your pick while admiring the beauty of the Orlando Eye.

Craft & Common

Take a few minutes to think about the ideal coffee shop setting…what comes to mind? For us, it’s a spacious, modern setting with a wide variety of menu options. The moment we walked into Craft & Common in the heart of downtown Orlando, we knew that we had found our ideal space.

craft & common coffee orlando

This welcoming neighborhood space has everything you need to enjoy coffee and delicious cuisine while creating the perfect work environment to catch up on e-mails, blog posts (it was for us!) or read your favorite book.

craft and common orlando

Craft & Common is all about the intricate details. From the freshly made cakes to perfectly crafted beverages, combined with the fresh, relaxing atmosphere created throughout this space by the light and airy decor, this coffee shop is everything we look for and more.

craft and common orlando florida

After reading that Craft & Common’s desire was to “create a “SoCal vibe, with a fun, social and cohesive setting,” I think it’s fair to say this has been achieved throughout the vibrant space.

Think Williams-Sonoma with an espresso bar

Lindsay Duensing, Co-Owner
craft and common

Heather is not a coffee drinker but fell in love with the Vanilla Chai while I couldn’t resist sampling the Draft Latte (Nitro cold brew, Butterscotch and half and half). The hibiscus and raspberry cake was too tempting to resist and provided the perfect late morning sweet treat.

nitro cold brew craft and common

If you are visiting Orlando, parking downtown can be tricky but there are plenty of street parking options available and if you download the ParkMobile app (available on iTunes and Android), you can pay per hour and extend your stay without having to return to your vehicle.

Check out Craft & Common’s website for details on seasonal food and beverages available.

Holy Grain Coffee Shop

Looking for a cozy, contemporary coffee shop experience? Look no further than Holy Grain Coffee Shop, located along Conroy Road in the heart of Orlando.

holy grain coffee shop

Inspired by a Brazilian owner who wanted to add a little flair along with the traditional Brazilian coffee shop experience where it’s all about a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, Holy Grain opened its doors and today offers the ultimate experience for visitors to the area.

Our passion is to serve great coffees while providing a comfortable environment for you to relax in, either by yourself or with friends.

Lilian Trevisan, Owner – Holy Grain Coffee Shop
holy grain coffee shop orlando

Sample a variety of unique, Brazilian inspired beverages or opt for a more traditional espresso but perfectly manicured and handcrafted by the local baristas. Whether you are a latte connoisseur or prefer to sample the local pièce de résistance – the Brazilian cappuccino, you can be sure there will be something on this vast menu that will intrigue you enough to visit. Heather is always excited to see a menu that offers various options outside of coffee, and the iced lavender latte was an instant hit.

holy grain latte and lavender latte

Smoothies, sandwiches and salads are available so it’s more than just a cafe where you can enjoy coffee. In fact, this place offers the perfect environment to enjoy a late morning snack or even lunch while catching up on some work and admiring the decorative pieces and design throughout this coffee shop.

Seja bem vindo e aproveite! (Welcome and Enjoy)

Lilian Trevisan, Owner – Holy Grain Coffee Shop
holy grain coffee shop

Check out Holy Grain Coffee Shop for menu details and more information on this location that was inspired by a traditional Brazilian coffee house.

Braz Coffee Shop

With the way technology is going, it’s not going to be long before we see fully automated restaurants and coffee shops. Braz Coffee Shop in the neighborhood of Kissimmee, Florida (just south of downtown Orlando) has made the first step at achieving this with the introduction of Jibo, a robot that sits on the counter and learns all of your actions and movements.

braz coffee shop orlando

Through the use of artificial intelligence, this coffee shop adds something different to the traditional experience you expect in these types of locations. Braz Coffee Shop itself offers visitors a diverse menu to choose from, whether it’s a traditional espresso or something a little more complex.

braz coffee shop in kissimmee florida

The “bubble waffles” are a popular choice while the frap”e”ccino’s are equally delicious and the caramel mixed with ice cream and espresso was something I couldn’t resist. With indoor and outdoor seating available, this coffee house offers the perfect environment to relax with friends or if you are flying solo, it’s a quiet, cozy space to read your favorite book and send some e-mails.

braz coffee shop

Coffee is undoubtedly the mainstay item here but that should take nothing away from the various cuisine options available here. Delicious looking waffles, bagels, paninis, omelettes and sandwiches are all available, making Braz Coffee Shop a great location to visit at any time of the day.

braz coffee shop pastries

The selection of freshly made pastries are incredibly appetizing and the tough choice is going to be what to order. Perhaps your new friend Jibo can help make this choice a little easier!

jibo braz coffee shop

Check out Braz Coffee and Tea for details of the widespread menu along with the location in downtown Kissimmee.

Paloma Coffee Co.

If you love exploring the ritzier neighborhoods of a city, the area of Windermere in western Orlando is a spot you will want to spend some time exploring. Renowned as being an upper-class community, home to various celebrities including PGA golfers, Windermere is also an area where you will find a bright, local coffee shop by the name of Paloma Coffee Co.

paloma coffee co orlando

Located in the heart of the quaint and quirky historic district, Paloma Coffee Co. is one of the more aesthetically pleasing coffee shops in Orlando. The bright, vibrant colors inside the coffee shop provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy a morning espresso or perhaps you prefer to sit at the bar peering out of the front window to watch locals and visitors alike exploring the neighborhood.

paloma coffee co. windermere

From a variety of teas to your regular coffee offerings, Paloma Coffee Co. represents the traditional coffee shop setting but focuses on quality. The meticulous nature at which tea and coffee is prepared by the barista is certainly a focal point here, so regardless of personal preference you can be sure you will enjoy a perfectly manicured beverage among a friendly atmosphere and relaxing environment.

paloma coffee co. orlando

Paloma Coffee Co. is definitely a location where you could spend a few hours catching up on work or having a conversation with friends, while enjoying a delicious latte (or two!)

Deeply Coffee

It’s probably no surprise to hear that downtown Orlando is home to a plethora of awesome coffee shops. Deeply Coffee was another experience that we immediately fell in love with as we walked through the doors and admired the large, open-air setting offering plenty of seating options.

deeply coffee

The menu may be relatively small but don’t let that fool you – you will be rewarded with an amazing experience regardless of which beverage you choose.

deeply coffee

Heather was sold by the seasonal Hot Apple Cider and when you see how this is served, well…this just adds another layer to the quality of this drink. Every last detail is meticulously addressed while the artwork on my latte was definitely one of the better designs I have seen.

apple cider deeply coffee

Deeply Coffee has a real Apple-esque feel to the interior with maple tables and stools, but it’s definitely the creativity of the baristas and focus on presentation that really helps set this coffee shop apart from its counterparts in Orlando.

deeply coffee orlando

Simple, elegant, crisp, relaxing…all words that I would use to describe both the architecture and decor throughout Deeply Coffee. When you combine this with appetizing coffee and tea selections, you have created the perfect coffee house and we 100% attest that we feel like Deeply Coffee has achieved this.

deeply coffee orlando

Disney Springs…Starbucks

Does the heading look a little out of place among a collection of local coffee shops in Orlando? Don’t worry, I am not going to start recommending a myriad of Starbucks locations across the city (though there are plenty) but I am going to give a special mention to a unique location at Disney Springs.

disney springs starbucks

If you are planning a trip to experience the best things to do at Disney Springs, we would argue that adding a trip to the Starbucks there should be on your radar. Unlike your regular Starbucks, this has a diverse, customized menu with a variety of options to choose from.

disney springs starbucks menu

I really think that if more Starbucks adopted this approach, they would be on to a huge winner. Yes, there is the secret menu at Starbucks but why not advertise these awesome concoctions?

thanksamillion frappuccino disney springs

Check out the #Thanksamillion Frappuccino to celebrate Disney Springs’ one million followers. A standard strawberries and creme Frappuccino has been taken to the next level by adding a confetti cookie and topped with blueberry whipped cream. A variety of other specials are frequently available and this gives the local baristas the opportunity to show their creativity and develop the next magical Starbucks beverage.


Coffee shops are quickly becoming one of our favorite experiences when visiting a new city. Having spent a lot of time recently in Orlando, we decided it was time to highlight the diverse options available across the city…and yes, there are plenty to choose from!

orlando coffee

Whether you love visiting coffee shops solely for sampling the best coffee in the area or perhaps you want to find the perfect space to allow your creative juices to flow, Orlando is home to a variety of options that will surely meet everyone’s preferences. We quickly fell in love with both Craft & Common and Deeply Coffee, both located in the downtown area but this again was our own personal preference.

craft and common downtown orlando

All of the above coffee shops are worth visiting and we would love to hear your feedback on other coffee shops that we may have missed in Orlando. We cannot wait to return and explore more of the coffee shop scene! As we always tell people…there is way more to Orlando than just Disney World!

i love coffee

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