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When it comes to popular English holiday destinations, the English Riviera is renowned as being one of the best areas to enjoy the gorgeous summer weather, breathtaking scenery and stereotypical experiences that you would generally associate with mainland Europe and the Meditteranean. However, for visitors to the UK, this part of the country may not be the first region to consider exploring, primarily because places such as London, the Cotswolds, and even the Lake District are likely going to be more popular. We would argue that camping in Devon is an experience that should be on everyone’s radar.

camping in devon

The English Riviera, comprising of South Devon’s iconic coastal towns of Torquay, Brixham, Paignton, among others, is the perfect base to explore idyllic landscapes throughout this part of the UK. From rolling hills to spectacular ocean landscapes, it’s no surprise that this area is a hot commodity, particularly for British tourists who prefer to argue that you don’t need to leave the UK to enjoy the perfect holiday during the summer.

ross park ipplepen devon

Whether you choose to follow our recommendation of “roughing it” (by the end of this post, you will realize that the phrase “roughing it” is hardly applicable here given the nature of the Devon campsites!) or opt to stay in a luxury hotel overlooking the Torquay seafront, we hope that the English Riviera will be on your radar for a future visit to the UK! It’s certainly a place dear to our hearts and one that we always look forward to returning to.

Where to Stay in Devon?

Ok, so you have decided to follow our lead and start planning a trip to Devon. The English South Coast is home to a myriad of accommodation options, ranging from local bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels with breathtaking scenery. However, we would argue that you should ignore all of these options and instead, consider staying in one of the amazing caravan/campsites scattered across the county.

where to stay in devon

Just like the rest of England, Devon is home to various caravan parks, all perfectly manicured with a variety of amenities to meet all of your needs and certainly enticing you to book a long weekend getaway or extended vacation there. Although Devon is spoiled for choice when it comes to campsites, we have a real soft spot for one site in particular – Ross Park Caravan Park!

Ross Park has been created to give a relaxed ambiance for people who appreciate beautiful rural surroundings (

Throughout this post, we will be highlighting some of the best reasons why Ross Park Caravan Park is the ideal place to stay while exploring South Devon. We can 100% attest that in terms of comfort, location, affordability, aesthetic appearance and overall “luxury” camping experience, this campsite is a place you cannot go wrong.

ross park caravan park

Park Hill Farm,
Moor Road,
TQ12 5TT

Tel: 01803 812983 
E-Mail: [email protected] 

How to Find the Perfect Tent?

Before you venture across the globe and arrive in the UK, you should consider what type of tent you will reside in for the duration of your visit. A number of questions should be asked prior to purchasing a tent:

  • How many people will be in the tent?
  • How much time do you plan on spending in the tent?
  • What are the likely weather conditions during your holiday?
  • How comfortable are you putting up a tent? Do you prefer the “quick pitch” style of a tent?

These are just some of the very basic questions you need to ask yourselves before heading into the market! Don’t worry, there are plenty of styles, brands and budget-friendly options to choose from. In fact, it’s fair to say there will be something for everyone.

camping in england

Given that it’s just the two of us, we opted for a Coleman 4-person tent with “Fast-Pitch” functionality. This provided extra room inside the tent but at the same time meant that we were able to put this together in less than 15 minutes and that included at least 5 minutes of putting the pins around the bottom to keep everything in place.

camping in south devon

With a plethora of leading adventure and tent brands out there, you won’t be short of options and ultimately it’s going to come down to personal preference and your budget. We strongly encourage you to check out websites such as Dick’s Sporting Goods if you are based in the States or Add Nature if you are in mainland Europe as both offer a diversified collection of tents to suit everyone’s needs.

devon camping

Tent Life in Devon

Regardless of whether you are choosing to spend just a couple of nights or perhaps a week-long stay in Devon, you can be sure that your experience at Ross Park will be relaxing and comfortable (well, as comfortable as it can be when you sleep in a tent!). A large field is available for tents and there are several hook-up points for electricity if you choose to really enhance your experience. After pitching your tent in your chosen spot, why not head out and start exploring the rest of the caravan site?

ross park caravan park ipplepen devon


Let’s start with the bathrooms. Ok, so a bathroom experience may not seem like something worth promoting on a campsite but after you step inside the individual bathrooms at Ross Park, you will know why we are so excited about them.

ross park bathrooms

They are unlike anywhere else we have visited and offer the perfect “home from home” experience to ensure you stay fresh and clean.

ross park ipplepen amenities

Caravans and Storage

As you walk around Ross Park, you cannot help but notice the number of touring caravans that are scattered around the campsite. Many of these (including my parents) will reside here for several weeks and utilize this as the perfect base to enjoy a summer holiday.

ross park caravan park devon

For those of you that live in the UK and choose to purchase a caravan, if you come to the decision that Ross Park is the ultimate getaway spot, you can even store your caravan on the property, making it even more convenient to enjoy multiple holidays there.


Exploring the English Riviera is likely the main reason you head to South Devon but for those of you that prefer to enjoy a truly relaxing getaway and don’t want to venture away from the campsite all the time, you can enjoy a variety of amenities “on-site”.

ross park campsite devon

Directly behind the bathroom complex is a games room, outdoor bowling alley, table tennis table and even an enlarged “Connect 4” board!

camping in devon uk

For those of you that prefer to dine with a little more luxury than just a camping stove, head over to the New Barn restaurant and fully serviced bar. A large tropical conservatory is attached to the restaurant and offers the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a relaxing meal from a diverse menu.

new barn restaurant ross park


Camping in England is unlike anywhere else in the world. For anyone that has never experienced this, trying to tell them that camping around the UK can be a luxury experience is hardly believable. However, we hope that you agree with us that a campsite like Ross Park epitomizes this “luxury” environment and definitely is something worth considering when booking a trip to the UK.

ross park camping devon

For only £20 per night, you can enjoy a plethora of awesome amenities and Ross Park is perfectly located to explore the very best of the English Riviera. The concept of camping may not be for everyone but we would argue that South Devon is the perfect place to at least try it for the first time…you never know, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how much you enjoy the experience!

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  1. This summer has been perfect for camping in the UK the idea of which usually just makes me cringe. I’ve actually only been to Devon once but would love to explore more in the area and camping is always great fun! Ross Park looks like a great option to stay! Thanks for a comprehensive review!


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