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2018 review

2018 Review – How to Transform Tragedy into Happiness

Every year since we started our blog we have put together a year end post reviewing our travels over the last 12...
2017 year in travel

2017 Year in Travel – How We Maximized Our Time on...

Every year we take time to reflect on the last 12 months and this year is no different. As each year goes by, we...
is it safe to travel

Is It Safe to Travel Anywhere in the World Right Now?

What is the world coming to? We thought that the atrocious attacks of 9/11 were the pinnacle of terrorism but the reality is these...
Love For Travel

How My Past Has Shaped My Love for Travel

I have thought long and hard about even writing this article, going back and forth on if I am ready to put this out...
memphis riverfront

Your Everyday is a Treasure for Others

Today we went to Memphis, TN and made a stop just off I-40 at the Tennessee Visitor Center. Being about an hour away from...