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If you are looking for a charming boutique establishment that epitomizes everything you associate with stereotypical British charm, look no further than The Cheshire St Louis Hotel. Whether you are inspired by British heritage or simply love reading historic literary masterpieces from across the pond, a weekend stay at The Cheshire St Louis offers the ultimate experience to inspire all of the British genes inside you.

the cheshire st louis

Having recently spent an awesome weekend in St Louis exploring an ‘alternative’ side to the Gateway City, we are ready to share an in-depth review as to why The Cheshire is the perfect accommodation option if you prefer a boutique experience rather than a traditional chain hotel that I’m sure we are all familiar with.

the cheshire st louis

Forget the modern era of technology and trendy decor and instead, take a look back at the grandeur and historic culture that the British people can be proud of.

the cheshire st louis

The moment I heard about this hotel, I knew we had to stay here to see how well the hotel had adopted the British-inspired theme…we didn’t leave disappointed! Let’s take a look at why The Cheshire St Louis is an alternative hotel that you can’t help but fall in love with the next time you head to the Gateway City!

st louis gateway arch

The Cheshire St Louis Information

A visit to St Louis offers the opportunity to experience a myriad of amazing attractions, ranging from the iconic Gateway Arch to the historic Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. However, for those of you that are frequent visitors to the city or perhaps you just prefer to explore off the beaten path St Louis, we strongly recommend staying at The Cheshire St Louis as it provides the perfect setting to experience something a little different to the norm.

the cheshire st louis


The Cheshire St Louis is conveniently located next to Forest Park which offers easy access to many of the city’s iconic attractions. If you are unfamiliar with St Louis, one of the best FREE attractions in the city is St Louis Zoo, located in the heart of Forest Park. What better way to experience a day here than being able to avoid all of congestion and parking difficulties and take a leisurely stroll through the park and experience this attraction.

st louis zoo

If you are looking for something to do in the evening conveniently located to this hotel, why not check out the Hi-Pointe Theatre that dates back to 1922. Alternatively, for those of you looking to catch up on some work or simply enjoy your favorite espresso, I love the style of the Starbucks that is situated next to The Cheshire Hotel.

hi-point theatre st louis


6300 Clayton Rd,
St. Louis, MO 63117


The Cheshire Inn St Louis

Tudor Revival Style Architecture

Walking around the outside of the hotel, if you are familiar with the black and white Tudor Revival architecture that I personally associate with Chester, England you will immediately realize why this hotel is named “The Cheshire Inn.”

the cheshire inn st louis

This architectural movement dates back to the 19th century when timber wooden framing was used and painted black in conjunction with white panels in between the frames. This vivid style is very apparent in the design of The Cheshire St Louis hotel.

chester architecture

Although historians have later revealed that this style of architecture is associated with a “Cheshire specialty”, there are numerous other examples where this was used prior to the city of Chester adopting this.

chester rows architecture

Take a moment to walk around the outside of the hotel and notice the relaxing courtyard along the side of the hotel with a variety of outdoor chairs where you can enjoy your favorite beverage or perhaps enjoy a game of chess with the life-size pieces.

the cheshire st louis

The opposite side of the hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool which was in the process of being renovated in preparation for the summer season.

the cheshire st louis

As you can imagine, any British architect visiting St Louis will immediately fall in love with this hotel and that’s just from perusing around the exterior. The moment you walk into the lobby, you realize the experience is only just starting.

the cheshire st louis

A Hint of British Inspiration

Ok, so it’s fair to say this hotel is filled with a little more than just a “hint” of British inspiration. The entrance to the hotel immediately captures your imagination with a full-size red telephone box that we all love to associate with British culture.

the cheshire st louis

The classic public telephone boxes are unfortunately a dying species around the UK but this is one tradition I am sure we all want to remember.

The entrance is also guarded by a Queen’s Redcoat Guard, a stereotypical reflection on the infantry associated with guarding royal residence’s throughout the UK.

the cheshire st louis

As you walk inside, don’t worry, the British theme is taken to the next level. The beautiful ornate decor may seem antiquated to many but for the die-hard lovers of British heritage, you immediately realize you are in a dream hotel!

the cheshire st louis

Our check-in experience was smooth and the friendly concierge gave us a brief overview of the various restaurants on-site along with the obvious theme throughout the hotel – British literary playwrights, poets, and authors!

the cheshire st louis

The moment you check in, you are handed a bookmark along with the name of your room. All of the rooms follow the pattern of iconic British literary figures, so be prepared to stay overnight in the “James Bond Suite by Ian Fleming” or perhaps “Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.”

the cheshire st louis

Take a moment to walk around each floor of the hotel and admire the British inspiration that is obvious throughout. From the paintings on the walls to the carpet style and ornaments strategically placed on the sideboards, you cannot help feel like you are staying at a Victorian-style hotel in the heart of England.

the cheshire st louis

British Literary Themed Rooms

Take a moment to think about all of the British literature you know and then contemplate an author or book that would be perfect for a travel blogger? Before visiting St. Louis, I have to admit that Heather and I discussed several different authors we were inspired by and which themed room we would love to stay in.

gullivers travels the cheshire st louis

When we were handed the room key to Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” it all made perfect sense. We couldn’t have picked anything better to associate our travel blogging lifestyle combined with the British heritage running through my veins!

the cheshire st louis

Swift may not be in the top echelon of iconic British authors such as Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen or Lewis Carroll, but The Cheshire St Louis certainly did a great job picking out Gulliver’s Travels for us!

the cheshire st louis

Opening the door to our suite, we were greeted by a spacious living area full of decor and paintings associated with Gulliver’s Travels. Of course, a themed literature room wouldn’t be the same without a copy of the book and we immediately noticed this on the table waiting for us to enjoy Swift’s historic story.

the cheshire st louis

One of the most eye-catching components of our room was the gorgeous windows that opened up to a view of the courtyard I referenced earlier. The elaborate design of the windows combined with the intricate details throughout the room made this the perfect accommodation option for us.

the cheshire st louis

Waking up and being able to open the windows and catch a glimpse of Forest Park was definitely a selling point of this hotel but ultimately it’s the overall experience that will make you want to stay at The Cheshire St Louis.

the cheshire st louis

The bathroom was relatively small but contained everything you would need for a refreshing start to the day. We were ready to head back downstairs and enjoy breakfast in the quaint nook area by the reception.

the cheshire st louis hotel

Fine Dining at The Cheshire Hotel

Whether you are looking to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at The Cheshire St Louis, you can be assured that there are plenty of options available.


As I mentioned earlier, for those of you that just need your morning Starbucks, the Seattle-based chain is located on the other side of the parking lot to the hotel.

cheshire breakfast nook

However, for those that prefer to sample a more authentic breakfast experience, why not enjoy the complimentary breakfast selection offered by The Cheshire?

the cheshire st louis

A wide variety of hot and cold delicacies are available every morning while you can also enjoy your morning caffeine with a sampling of Kaloi’s Coffee.

the cheshire st louis

If you are like us, you will likely head out to explore the city of St Louis shortly after breakfast but if you are planning on relaxing around the hotel throughout the day, why not check out one of the following restaurants for lunch or dinner.

fox and hounds tavern

The Fox and Hounds Tavern is located inside The Cheshire St Louis hotel and offers a stereotypical British style pub experience with a delicious looking menu.

This cozy pub is a re-creation of a gathering room in an English home

Whether you are intrigued by the sound of “Liverpool Wings”, “Bristol Sliders” or of course, “Coventry Fish and Chips,” there are various options all with a British themed name to salivate over. If you prefer to just head downstairs for a beverage, sample a “yard of ale” or perhaps an Irish, Scottish or American whiskey while relaxing by the cozy fireplace.

fox and hounds tavern

Advertised as a “sleek and exciting basement pub,” Basso is an alternative option located next to The Cheshire Hotel offering traditional wood-grilled Italian cuisine such as pizza, pasta or lighter options if you prefer to just enjoy the Italian inspired environment.

basso restaurant st louis

Meanwhile, the newest option available for those staying at The Cheshire is Boundary, “a brasserie-influenced menu of classic comfort foods.” From delicious looking seafood dishes to home comforts such as Mac and Cheese, this restaurant is sure to have something that will help satisfy your appetite.

boundary st louis restaurant

This eclectic blend of dining options just reaffirms the decision to stay at The Cheshire St Louis…you certainly won’t go hungry while staying here!


Ready for a stereotypical British experience? The Cheshire St Louis Hotel is the ultimate experience inspired by the rich British heritage we all love to associate with the royal family. I love the theme throughout the hotel and if you are looking for an accommodation option in a great location, I don’t think you will be disappointed with The Cheshire Hotel.

the cheshire st louis

Regardless of your hotel preference, it’s fair to say this is a unique experience that we strongly encourage you to consider. It may not be for everyone, particularly those that are interested in a modern or trendy option, but this is one experience that will long live in your memory.

the cheshire st louis

We look forward to staying at The Cheshire St Louis again in the future and this has quickly jumped to the very top of our favorite hotels in the Gateway City!

the cheshire st louis

Are you ready to book your stay at the Cheshire St Louis? Click here to check current prices and availability.

Disclaimer – We would like to thank The Cheshire Inn for hosting us on this trip. These are solely our personal opinions/experiences and we were not financially compensated for this post. 

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