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Whether you are a firm believer in the myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day or prefer to just have something light, we definitely like to start our day with enough to provide energy to keep us going throughout the day.

During our recent trip to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama we were fortunate to sample three amazing spots for breakfast that are far from the chain stereotypes you associate with American breakfast cuisine. So hopefully after reading this post, you will feel the need to take a trip to this stretch of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico and sample some of these delectable delights for yourself!

I love to start the day with a good old full English breakfast so anywhere that offers something comparable to this, I am eager to try it out. However, I also love variety and trying new options at breakfast is definitely something we try to include on our travels. Breakfast in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach was a huge success for us, so we want to share with you our experiences from the three restaurants we sampled and perhaps encourage you to try them for yourselves.

Brick and Spoon

On our first day in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, we made the trip from our accommodation at The Beach Club by Spectrum Resorts to Orange Beach to sample the wonderfully named Brick and Spoon restaurant.

breakfast in gulf shores

On the outside, Brick and Spoon is aesthetically appealing with a rustic design and ample parking for visitors. The moment you walk in though, you are presented with a gorgeous décor and a relaxing atmosphere perfect for any meal of the day.

We were greeted by an extremely friendly waitress who took our drink orders and immediately gave us a recommendation on an appetizer (wait, an appetizer for breakfast…oh well, we were on our travels so why not sample something a little different!).

breakfast in gulf shores

Let me introduce you to our breakfast starter – Bananas in Pajamas! If the name alone doesn’t tempt you, just take a moment to consider the ingredients that make up this appetizer. Crispy banana eggrolls served with fosters sauce and yes, I can confirm that they tasted just as good as they sound. They are incredibly sweet so be prepared to have your choice of main course catered to this as you likely won’t need anything else to help your sugar rush.

breakfast in gulf shores

Are you sold already on this amazing restaurant for breakfast? If not, let me share with your our main courses that I am sure will seal the deal! Heather opted for the Killer Creole Omelet that incorporated a nice blend of the Gulf mixed with some hearty ingredients that produced an awesome looking dish. Shrimp, onions, peppers, cheddar cheese and topped with hollandaise sauce were all used in this omelet. A side of pomme frites and salad provided a perfect energy boosting start to the day.

breakfast in gulf shores

Despite having a hard time making my choice, I eventually went for the Caribbean Scrambler. Jerk chicken, pineapple, onion, cheese and topped with mango salsa. Words cannot describe how amazing this was.

Even though we didn’t sample the well acclaimed Bloody Mary bar, I would certainly recommend trying this if you have any desire to try one for the first time or you have fond memories of this drink.

breakfast in gulf shores

You even have a menu on your table that allows you to customize the exact Bloody Mary you want, ranging from the various vodkas you can choose to the different vegetables and meats you want to be incorporated into your breakfast drink. I am not at all a fan of tomato juice, therefore I chose to give this a miss!

Brick and Spoon is the perfect way to start your day! Combine the atmosphere with the amazing cuisine on offer and you have the perfect breakfast restaurant in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Here is the full Brick and Spoon breakfast menu: Brick and Spoon Menu.

Fiddlefish Seafood Cafe

Another great option in Orange Beach is Fiddlefish Seafood Cafe. It is appropriate to assume that this well-named location along the Orange Beach coastline is reputed as having great seafood cuisine, but what may be surprising are the excellent breakfast choices that are on offer.

I have to admit that Heather and I were a little hesitant prior to visiting Fiddlefish simply because we were not able to find a breakfast menu anywhere online, but we remained open-minded and headed there to start our second day in the area.

breakfast in gulf shores

This café has a real ‘diner’ type feel to it in terms of décor but with an added hint of elegance with the designs on the wall, iconic to the Fiddlefish brand. Walking inside we immediately felt at home, probably because of the warm welcome we received from our waitress and also as we were the only two in the restaurant.

breakfast in gulf shores

If you visit Gulf Shores and Orange Beach in November, you will likely find this a common occurrence as restaurants and attractions are very seasonal in terms of how much business they receive. Please don’t let the number of visitors inside Fiddlefish Seafood Café sway your opinion, instead head inside and allow your experience to reflect your review.

breakfast in gulf shores

The breakfast menu offered a sufficient variety and I immediately opted for what I would refer to as an English breakfast, though this did have a stereotypical American feel to it with sausage, eggs, potatoes and toast. Heather picked out the ‘Scrambled Up’ breakfast bowl containing eggs, potatoes, peppers and sausage.

breakfast in gulf shores

Both of our choices were huge success stories and walking out of Fiddlefish, we were both surprisingly impressed by the quality and in particular the service we received.

breakfast in gulf shores

Tacky Jack’s

Our final morning in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach saw us venture to Tacky Jack’s, which is a chain throughout this stretch of Alabama. There are three different locations in Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. As we were heading home after breakfast, we opted for the Gulf Shores location which had ample seating both indoors and outside on a deck overlooking the marina.

breakfast in gulf shores tacky jacks

The first thing you notice here is the fun-filled atmosphere and décor throughout the building. Everything here is extravagant, colorful and a really entertaining spot not only for breakfast but also at any time of the day.

breakfast in gulf shores tacky jacks

Yet again we were spoiled for choice with breakfast options but we decided on the breakfast burritos and wheelhouse pancake. Heather’s burrito was filled with eggs, sausage, cheese, sour cream and of course salsa!

breakfast in gulf shores tacky jacks

I added whipped cream and strawberries to my pancake and the moment our waitress brought our meals, I sat for a second looking in awe at the size of the pancake. The pancake was literally bigger than the plate and after adding the fillings, I was ready to devour this sweet beauty!

breakfast in gulf shores tacky jacks

Here is the full breakfast menu for Tacky Jack’s in Gulf Shores: Tacky Jack’s Menu.


There you have our three recommended ‘breakfast hot-spots’ in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. All three of these options are equally great and each one has a different variety on their breakfast menu.

Determining which one of these is most suitable for you is essentially tastebud preference, but I would highly encourage to try these the next time you head to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. If your experience is half what we encountered, you will be thankful for trying these great restaurants!

Disclaimer – We would like to thank Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for hosting us on this trip. These are solely our personal opinions/experiences and we were not financially compensated for this post. 

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  1. Bananas in pajamas – that’s such a cute name for a breakfast dish! I’m glad you were able to find some great food to start your day!

  2. Oh I love a good brekkie when you’re out and about. Acts as a liner for the rest of the day and keeps you functioning at 110%. Great pics good write up.

  3. OK I’m not a big banana person but the Bananas in Pyjamas (which, lets be honest, is just way cool to say) look AMAZING.
    I would also like to thank you for the breakfast food craving at dinner time…maybe pancakes..haha

  4. I think it is hard to pick the best breakfast option – although I am leaning towards the breakfast burrito. I live in Australia so the other breakfasts look similar but that one is a bit different, and when I travel I love to try other country’s specialties! Thanks for sharing!

  5. The Brick Spoon looks delicious… gourmet Southern comfort food! Yum! I’ll take that appetizer for breakfast. I don’t typically think of Alabama as a culinary destination, but this post has definitely changed my perception.

    • It was delicious but then again all three places were so you couldn’t really go wrong! The Brick and Spoon had some really cool, unique varieties of dishes though.

  6. Those are great places! You did miss one though a mom and pop place called Kitty’s Cafe in Gulf Shores, it is where we locals go for great breakfast. I’ve lived down here for a little over a year now and it’s a favorite of mine.

  7. YUM! Breakfast is my favorite meal and these places look awesome! We’re headed to Gulf Shores really soon and will try to check these out. You’ve done a nice job on your blog! Keep up the great work


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