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Are you a frequent traveler that is always looking for the best flight deals? Do you get tired of spending hours researching Google Flights, Skyscanner, Expedia and other travel search engines trying to find the cheapest airfares? Are you prepared to pay a small premium to quickly find cheap plane tickets? If the answer to all of these questions (or any of them for that matter) is yes, we think we have found the perfect solution that accommodates all of these. Let us introduce you to FlyLine flight subscription, an organization focused on providing consumers with access to the very best deals that you will never be able to find through traditional search methods.

flyline booking service

When you think about having to pay for a flight subscription membership, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is an added cost that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Unfortunately, airlines make it increasingly difficult to find the best airfares and thanks to FlyLine, they make this a seamless experience that eliminates the need to spend hours researching the world wide web.

flyline flight subscription

Whether you travel for business, pleasure or both, everyone can benefit from FlyLine’s service. But before you make a decision on whether this service is right for you, let’s dig a little deeper and find out exactly what you can expect from this service.

What is FlyLine’s Flight Subscription Service?

If you have used any of the aforementioned travel search engines to locate the best flight deals, I am sure you have probably realized that these corporations must benefit when you purchase through their service. Search engines are paid by OTA (online travel agencies) and airlines to market these airfares and in turn, the consumer will always incur some of this fee that is charged by the originating airline/service.

flyline flight subscription service

If you are familiar with any form of sales, you will realize that products can be purchased at “cost” price but are then marked up so that a profit can be made – it’s simple economics but the consumer is the one who always pays the price (quite literally!) FlyLine offers members a service that will eliminate the majority of these additional costs and allow them to purchase the very best flight prices available.

flyline benefits

With a mission as follows, it’s easy to see that they are focused on achieving a service that will help every type of traveler.

We’re on a Mission to help people spend less and travel more.

FlyLine Subscription Flight Service

FlyLine’s search and booking engine makes it easy for members to find the best deals on the market. The concept of “virtual interlining” is what makes FlyLine so unique. For those of you that spend hours trying to book separate flight connections, you will know that frequently the best way to capture a great deal is to mix and match your airlines. FlyLine’s service does all of the leg work for you and utilizes virtual interlining technology to make a single booking.

flyline airlines

If locating the best flight savings intrigues you, FlyLine’s service is something you will want to check out. When airlines publish their flights to the Global Distribution System (via the Airline Tariff Publishing Company), FlyLine offers the wholesale rate (zero markup) to members. The real benefit to members is when you combine the virtual interlining with this wholesale pricing because you create huge savings.

Hop! Skip! Save!

FlyLine Subscription Flight Service

As the above slogan goes, get ready to hop from airline to airline to obtain the lowest price, skip the fees and markup, and save up to 60%!

FlyLine Membership Plans

Dependent upon how frequently you travel will likely determine which of FlyLine’s membership options is the best option for you. With two options to choose from, there is something for every traveler. Let’s take a quick look at the breakdown and benefits of each membership option.

flyline membership plans

Basic Membership Plan

The “Basic Membership Plan” offers the following features and will likely be the perfect option for the infrequent traveler that is looking to purchase a couple of amazing vacation deals each year (plus still have a couple of others available if you are wanting to take a long weekend getaway over a holiday):

  • Flight Search and Book
  • Automatic check in
  • Up to six (6) bookings per year
  • Deal alerts

Premium Membership Plan

But for those of you that travel the world like we do, perhaps you need something with a little more flexibility…hence, the Premium plan is likely going to be your preference. With UNLIMITED bookings, the phrase “the world is your oyster” is certainly applicable here because the opportunities to explore all 197 countries is endless. In addition to the above benefits that you gain with the Basic Membership Plan, you also gain the following perks as a Premium FlyLine member:

  • Flight Search and Book
  • Automatic check in
  • UNLIMITED bookings per year
  • Deal alerts
  • Companion account

***Enjoy a 14-day free trial with zero obligations to purchase either package and you will quickly find out why we are so excited about FlyLine’s potential.***

FlyLine vs Competitors

The pessimist inside you may be thinking that you can still find better deals elsewhere. To be 100% transparent, FlyLine’s booking engine isn’t always the best deal out there. When you look at the statistics, the data shows that FlyLine will generate the best deal available – 70% of the time with international flights and 40% of the time with domestic flights.

However, the best thing about this service is that if FlyLine isn’t the best deal, the booking engine will still show the cheapest price, meaning that you can book with confidence knowing that you are saving the maximum amount possible. Here are three key statistics that may help convince you that FlyLine is the best flight subscription model out there:

  • Average savings of 10-15% on domestic multi-carrier bookings
  • Average savings of 20-60% on international bookings
  • Fly over 250+ airlines with FlyLine

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples that may convince you that FlyLine is a subscription model that is well worth making a small annual payment for. To reiterate, for domestic US flights, this isn’t always the best option in terms of being able to find the lowest prices – but regardless, you can be assured that you will see the best deal regardless of whether there is a savings from the wholesale cost!

Example Domestic USA Flight Comparison

We decided to put together a search for a return flight from Nashville (BNA) to Los Angeles (LAX) from March 6 to March 11, 2020. We did a direct comparison between FlyLine and Skyscanner and arrived at the following results.

  • FlyLine
    • Quickest – $238 (3 hours 50 minutes)
    • Cheapest – $177 (11 hours 1 minute)
flyline flight comparison nashville to los angeles
  • Skyscanner
    • Quickest – $357 (4 hours 19 minutes)
    • Cheapest – $182 (15 hours 46 minutes)
skyscanner nashville to los angeles

When you look at the above figures, it’s clear that you can save $119 on the quickest flight (plus save 20 minutes) by utilizing the “virtual interlining” technology. There is a $5 savings on the cheapest airfares but looking at the length of time you will be traveling, I personally would rather pay the extra $60 to connect between BNA and LAX in less than 4 hours.

Example International Flight Comparison

However, for international flights, this is where you are really going to reap the benefits as a FlyLine member (basic or premium). Our home airport is Memphis and I will admit that this is one of the most difficult airports to find great deals.

We frequently have to travel to Chicago, Atlanta or Dallas to find optimal international airfares but thanks to FlyLine, we are now able to find some awesome deals from MEM. We did a search from April 22 to April 29, 2020 for Memphis (MEM) to London, England and found the following results…again, comparing FlyLine with Skyscanner.

  • FlyLine
    • Quickest – $811 (11 hours 45 minutes)
    • Cheapest – $661 (14 hours 3 minutes)
flyline memphis to london flights
  • Skyscanner
    • Quickest – $1387 (11 hours 14 minutes)
    • Cheapest – $781 (12 hours 26 minutes)
skyscanner memphis to london

There are substantial savings on economy seats when you book this trip through FlyLine. When I initially looked at the results on FlyLine for this trip, I saw the $661 but then noticed the flight from Memphis to London was going to take over 24 hours. While I personally don’t mind spending time in airports, I realize this isn’t going to be feasible for everyone.

If you scroll down the first page of results, the deal that really stands out is $680 (12 hours 31 minutes). Yes, the flight back from London takes 20 hours but you are leaving in the morning and arriving in Memphis on the same day – a compromise I would be willing to take for this huge savings.

flyline memphis to london


FlyLine is a flight subscription service that is focused on providing members with the best possible flight deals…and based on our experience so far, it works! As you can see from the aforementioned examples, there are savings out there and thanks to the amazing technology that FlyLine’s booking engine utilizes, it does all of the hard work for you and finds these epic deals.

We would argue that FlyLine is the perfect companion for every type of traveler, regardless of the frequency you hop on a plane. Thanks to the two membership options, you can purchase this annual subscription with the peace of mind that you will always be finding the best available airfares.

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  1. Thanks for this write up. We’ve been considering Flyline, so we appreciate the info. Since we live in AA’s HQ city, all roads seem to lead to their terminal, but just maybe we can still save some. And with airlines doing less and less to earn our loyalty, playing the field with a service like this seems smart. Still not sure we’re going to pull the trigger, but we feel much more inclined to now.

  2. Thanks a lot for such an interesting and throughout guide. Our team needs to travel a lot to capture a lot of different landscapes. We’ll benefit greatly from your various and precious tips on our upcoming trips so thank you again 🙂 Lara


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