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How do you envision the future of travel media in the next few years? Whether we reach the virtual reality predictions of Mark Zuckerberg, only time will tell but the immediate future is all about shooting amazing videos. Photography alone frequently fails to do a destination the justice it deserves, so we are always looking for different ways to encourage our readers to travel the world. Thanks to GoScope, this is all about to change!

We are also delighted to be offering an awesome giveaway at the end of this post, so be sure to keep reading and enter for a chance at winning an awesome product from GoScope!

The World of Videography

We have been looking into some devices that would help put a little perspective into the location we are exploring. We recently purchased a GoPro Hero 3+ which has great video quality (up to 4k resolution) and allows us to delve into the world of videography! With the quality and compactness of the Hero 3+, what a great way to walk our readers through our travels…literally!

The next step was to find accessories that worked well for all the road trips and adventures that we find ourselves in. Have you looked at the myriad of GoPro accessories available? It’s an incredibly daunting task with so many options, each providing something unique to the user. We stumbled across GoScope who have great reviews and very innovative products, so we are delighted to be checking out some of their amazing products.


Let’s first take a look at the history behind GoScope and find out what inspires them to make such amazing adventure products.

Who is GoScope?

GoScope is a company dedicated to making sure that your GoPro adventures are top notch. Having lightweight products makes it easier for you to carry all your necessities no matter where you end up. The rugged design of all the product lines makes them a perfect companion to your GoPro.

I often look at my life in awe and wonder how I arrived to where I am today.

Creighton Baird is an adventure stuntman and brand ambassador for GoScope. The quote above typifies how awesome it is to be able to experience such adventure and then share all of this with followers around the world. This is what GoScope is all about; helping adventure seekers to maximize their potential and achieve their goals of pushing themselves to the limit while seeking thrill of a lifetime experiences.

We may never reach the extreme stunts that Baird performs, but it is certainly an inspiration to see how a company like GoScope are encouraging users all around the globe to push themselves to the limit.

Boost Plus Telescoping Pole

One accessory that is a must when it comes to a GoPro is an extension pole. I want to reiterate that this is an ‘extension pole’ and NOT a selfie-stick, though of course it is useful for capturing those candid shots and creating everlasting memories.

Many companies produce extension poles; however, the GoScope Boost Plus pole is very unique. This pole is a straight design, which allows you to have more control over the angle by positioning it differently with a quick turn.

goscope boost plus extension pole

For those of you with multiple GoPro cameras, you can mount two at a time, which is a pretty cool feature to have if you are looking to capture all angles of a video experience.

It’s all about the shot!

The GoScope Boost Plus is a telescoping pole that extends out to 40”. It has a remote clip for easy access, a sure handle grip for security, and of course stability.

goscope boost plus pole

Weatherproof in saltwater, freshwater, and snow, the Boost Plus is a great pole to have within your accessory stash. The compact design makes this an essential accessory to take on all your travels.

Revolution Buckle

Another must have is the Revolution Buckle that allows you to rotate the GoPro 360 degrees securely. This complements the Boost Plus nicely; having the option of a 360-degree view, you can position the camera and have the potential of adjusting the view anywhere.

goscope panoramic views

One of the best things about this buckle is that you don’t need any other mount once you have this! No need to go through the arduous task of re-mounting your GoPro or struggling to find the best angle.

goscope boost plus pole

The beauty of the Revolution Buckle is that with the flick of your wrist, you can have any view you would like. In turn, it makes the potentially difficult decision-making process a very simple task!


  • Extends to 40”
  • Easy grip handle
  • Sturdy design that is built to last
  • Remote Control clip
  • Locks into place for added security
  • Revolution Buckle is the only mount I use


  • Steep price at $54.95 for the GoScope Boost Plus pole


GoScope is a company that molds itself on quality and stability. There are several other accessories that GoScope offers to make traveling with a GoPro easy and convenient. Having a great product with you while traveling is key to capturing those priceless memories.

***WIN – GoScope Boost Plus Pole***

Would you like to win your very own GoScope Boost Plus Pole? We are delighted to announce that we are giving away a GoScope Boost Plus Pole to one lucky winner and someone will be walking away with an amazing product that will help shoot those amazing videos.

Entry into this giveaway is for US residents only, but entering could not be any easier. Just follow the simple rules below and you could be the proud owner of a GoScope Boost Plus Pole!

Deadline for entries is Friday, August 14th and the winner will be announced shortly after.
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