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Whether we like it or not, technology is advancing at a rapid rate of knots making it near impossible to keep up with the latest gadgets available to us. If you are a frequent traveler like us, you will understand how important it is to have an organized list of in-flight essentials.  Do you take your iPad or iPhone with you? Perhaps you prefer a MP3 player to listen to your favorite music or a Kindle to read your favorite book?

Whatever device you choose to take, they need charging and at 35,000 ft that is not always easy! However,  thanks to TYLT there are a few products that I can highly recommend trying especially if you are heading on a long haul flight in the near future.

tylt in-flight essentials

Trendy Travelers

From charging cables to earphones, TYLT has an array of products available and certainly their marketing strategy is focused on the ‘trendy travelers’ around the world. Even the packaging that TYLT uses to sell their products is very different and unique to anything else on the market. Vibrant bright colors that collaborate perfectly with the trendy names TYLT uses to identify each of the product lines make them a company that really focuses on a specific target market. However, the beauty of these products is that anyone can use them and certainly reap the benefits!

We are inclined to innovate. Our goal is to connect to you and to your devices. Our focus is innovation in the mobile world.

TYLT was created in 2011 and immediately set out to focus on high tech products while providing exceptional value to their targeted customers. As you hear about how TYLT identified their market in between  the computer and mobile device, you can immediately reference this with our concept of in-flight essentials. Mobile phones and tablets are no longer focused on call hungry devices, rather their primary focus now is data intensive applications that make it difficult to keep these devices fully charged.

We have used a variety of TYLT’s products and I am delighted to say that each of these has made a difference while traveling and helped continue our philosophy of remaining tech savvy travelers! Let’s face it, we all want to look cool when we travel (ok so maybe not everyone agrees but after you see the following products, it will make you a cool individual even if you don’t know it!)

Energi 2K

The Energi 2K battery pack is a must-have when heading on your next flight! Why? Well, this product rapidly charges your device and can almost double your battery life. A built in USB port allows for the charging of most smartphones. Not all flights provide access to charging ports, so it’s essential to have an external battery pack to keep all your devices connected.

tylt energi 2k in-flight essentials

I love the design of the Energi 2K product. Simply plug this in and allow it to fully charge before your next flight. After that…well this battery pack does the rest and before you know it, your smartphone will be fully charged and ready to go! There is no need to worry any more about your device going dead and another great aspect of this is the compact design, making this a perfect travel companion.

TYLT Energi 2k Battery Pack

If you don’t think the Energi 2K will provide enough charging capability, there are additional model on this same product line that offer multiple USB outlets and extra charging power.


So you have the battery pack with the Energi 2K but now you will need a cable to actually charge your device. Of course you could always use the standard cable that you get with your iPhone or other smartphone, but if you are like us you are always misplacing them!

tylt syncable duo cable

The Syncable-Duo is the perfect companion for the Energi 2K if you have a device with a lightning cable. Not only does this cable have a lightning adapter, it also has a built-in micro-USB outlet that may come in handy for your other devices. I know there are a myriad of lightning to USB cables on the market but the Syncable-Duo really has a nice, solid feel to it.

tylt syncable duo in-flight essentials


All set with your devices fully charged? If you have both of the above products, you should be ready to go. Perhaps you are reading your favorite novel and want to listen to some soothing music in the background. Don’t worry, TYLT has you covered with the awesome Tunz Stereo headset/headphones. Although this pair of headphones is designed for the active athlete, they are a perfect option when traveling as they are comfortable, lightweight and offer a secure fit.

tylt tunz headphones

The Tunz headset is boxed with three active gels that provide comfort options for all users. The multi-functional design of the Tunz makes this a perfect option for everyday use as they include a microphone emphasizing the hands-free technology we all expect.

tylt tunz in-flight essentials

I love the sound that the Tunz headphones provide. The rich bass alongside the crisp clarity generated from these headphones certainly make these a viable option in an otherwise saturated market.

tylt tunz headphones


Is there anything worse than those free headphones that airlines provide you? If you don’t use headphones very often, you probably don’t notice the difference but let me tell you – those free headphones are awful! You decide to bring your brand new pair of Tunz headphones with you only to find the outlet on the plane will not fit the standard headphone jack!

tylt n-flight adapter

TYLT has every angle covered thanks to the N-Flight airplane headphone adaptor. On our recent trip to Europe, we found the N-Flight to be a life-saver. Taking a transatlantic flight with those standard airline headphones would have been a disaster but thanks to the ingenuity of the N-Flight adapter, we were able to enjoy the flight with our very own headphones! Trust me, this helps the 8 hour flight pass much quicker.

tylt n-flight headphone adapter


Technology is everywhere you look so finding affordable yet trendy products to take on your next flight is not always the easiest task. Thankfully, TYLT thrives on the trendy traveler and each of the products I have reviewed here really do make a difference.

The beauty of this selection of products is that they all work effectively together. The Tunz headphones and N-Flight adapter are a perfect combination, while the Syncable-Duo and Energi 2K ensure you are never left with a device bereft of charge! I am now officially a HUGE fan of TYLT and cannot wait to sample many of their other products that I am convinced will continue to revolutionize how we travel the world.

What are your in-flight essentials? Are you a ‘trendy traveler’ when it comes to technology gadgets?

*Disclosure of Material Connection: A Brit & A Southerner was not financially compensated for this post. We received free samples from TYLT for consideration of review purposes only. This is solely our personal opinion/experience*

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