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Why the Millenium Memories Experience by Hilton is Amazing?

Do you love New York City? Of course! Do you love scavenger hunts? Who doesn’t love a little mystery with the hope of finding something epic! Do you want to stay in a luxury hotel at an affordable rate? Let me think about that….YES, YOU DO! We have the perfect opportunity for you that we just experienced recently in the Big Apple. The Millenium Hilton Hotel in Lower Manhattan has recently announced their Millenium Memories package which offers visitors the answer to all three of the above questions.

millenium memories package

This post is not going to be your stereotypical hotel review, rather we are going to focus on highlighting our experience creating our very own #MilleniumMemories while exploring this area.

lower manhattan new york city

Why Millenium Hilton?

Let’s start by saying WE LOVE NEW YORK CITY! It’s the ultimate 24-hour city of the world and I know this phrase has been coined many times before but it’s so true. We have stayed at a variety of hotels throughout Manhattan but always found something negative with them either with location, price or amenities.

millenium hilton new york city

However, earlier this year we decided to stay at the Millenium Hilton in Lower Manhattan and had the best experience. The moment we heard that they had a new package known as ‘Millenium Memories’ to entice visitors to explore this neighborhood, we were raring to head back and stay again.

millenium memories package

To give you a very brief look at why this is the perfect hotel to stay while visiting New York City, perhaps the view overlooking Ground Zero and the brand new One World Trade Center will convince you.

millenium hilton new york city

If not, check out some of the gorgeous suites available along with a business center, fitness room, and amazing swimming pool. Breakfast is served either in the restaurant as a buffet or as room service and we were really impressed by the variety available.

millenium hilton breakfast

But all of these are ‘expected’ benefits of staying in a top-notch hotel in New York City right? That may be the case but what sold the Millenium Hilton for us is the location. We always hear the phrase ‘Location, Location, Location’ when it comes to finding the perfect real estate for an organization.

millenium hilton

The Millenium Hilton on Church St has hit the jackpot with easy access to Fulton Center, a transit center and retail complex offering easy access to a variety of subway lines to get anywhere else in Manhattan or across the Brooklyn Bridge.

millenium hilton new york city

The Millenium Hilton on Church St has hit the jackpot with easy access to Fulton Center, a transit center and retail complex offering easy access to a variety of subway lines to get anywhere else in Manhattan or across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Millenium Memories Package

So what’s the Millenium Memories package all about? The idea is that visitors are enticed into opting for this package with the opportunity to save 20% on their final night stay at the Millenium Hilton.

millenium memories package

Not only do you get to save money but you can have a whole bunch of fun at the same time. After checking-in, you will receive the following items:

  • Drawstring bag with Millenium Hilton printed on the front;
  • Millenium Hilton charger to ensure your devices are fully charged;
  • Millenium Hilton selfie-stick to help capture those memories;
  • Free, premium in-room WiFi ($16 value).

You will be given detailed instructions on 5 iconic landmarks located around Lower Manhattan and your job is to head out and explore to find each one before capturing a selfie as directed. Take crazy pictures, unique snapshots and most importantly have fun.

millenium memories new york city

Once you have taken each of the five images, be sure to tag them on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the #MilleniumMemories hashtag.

millenium memories

After completing this task, simply show your ‘tagged’ photos to Guest Services at check-out and you will qualify for 20% discount on your final night (please note, a minimum two-night stay is required to be eligible for the discount).

Scavenger hunt + selfies = savings

Don’t worry, if you get sidetracked and only manage to tag one image, you can still qualify for a 10% discount.

millenium memories package

Our #MilleniumMemories Experience

We want to share our experiences exploring Lower Manhattan and specifically highlight where you can find the various locations listed on the scavenger hunt. We will also give you a few ideas of other spots you may stumble across as you wander around this part of Manhattan.

explore lower manhattan

The beauty of walking around New York City is that you never quite know what is around each corner. Beauty awaits you everywhere, so we encourage you to book the Millenium Memories package and start exploring!

Here is an overview of the route we took. You can certainly spend all day wandering around Lower Manhattan but in terms of the five specific attractions highlighted, you can expect to spend a couple of hours searching for them.

millenium memories scavenger hunt

Charging Bull

We started out early in the morning to try and avoid the searing heatwave that New York City was experiencing during our visit and headed towards Battery Park down Broadway. Our first attraction was the iconic Charging Bull which is frequently referred to as the “Wall Street Bull”.

charging bull lower manhattan

Arturo Di Modica is the artist famous for creating this bronze sculpture that stands in front of the Bowling Green Park in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan.

charging bull millenium memories

The meaning behind this sculpture dates back to the Wall Street Crash in 1987 when Di Modica wanted to create something that would help inspire economists and Wall Street gurus to celebrate the spirit and hard work of America in overcoming obstacles through pure grit and determination.

It’s this symbol of virility and courage that Di Modica saw as the perfect antidote to the Wall Street crash of 1987.

Be sure to visit the Charging Bull early to avoid the masses of tourists that want to capture that perfect candid moment with the bull in the background. We were a little late and had to deal with a number of tourists but we were still able to capture a great shot.

Here is our first picture for our #MilleniumMemories collection:

millenium memories charging bull


Click Here to open Google Maps for walking directions from the Millenium Hilton to the Charging Bull on Broadway.

millenium hilton to charging bull

Seaglass Carousel

One of the newer attractions in Lower Manhattan is the Seaglass Carousel, located in Battery Park. The idea of creating an aquatic carousel to provide a sea life experience on the traditional fairground ride was certainly something that has proved to be a hit with visitors to the park. Just a short walk from the Charging Bull, this is the obvious attraction to visit next.

seaglass carousel millenium memories

For only $5, you can take the Seaglass Carousel ride aboard one of the 30 fiberglass fish. If you prefer the simple ride, sit on the outside fish for a leisurely experience. However, for the ultimate experience, hop on the turntable which gives visitors the chance to ride while moving up and down in synchrony with the audio playing in the background.

seaglass carousel battery park

LED color lighting add to the overall effect and although we visited during the day, I’m sure this is a spectacular experience when darkness sets in and you can really see the lighting and other effects creating a memorable visit.

seaglass carousel new york city

Here is our second picture for our #MilleniumMemories collection:

seaglass carousel millenium memories


Click Here to open Google Maps for walking directions from the Millenium Hilton to the Seaglass Carousel at Battery Park.

millenium hilton to seaglass carousel

South Street Seaport

The furthest attraction on the scavenger hunt leads you along the eastern side of Lower Manhattan to South Street Seaport. This historic waterfront district is today a combination of piers, amazing panoramic views of the Brooklyn Bridge and boats offering tours of the East River.

south street seaport renovation

However, after leaving South Street Seaport, you will be left wondering what the historic pavilion once looked like, as today it is a derelict hub waiting for regeneration. The pavilion closed in 2013 with hopes that the proposed entertainment and retail center would offer a more attractive destination for visitors to this part of New York City.

south street seaport millenium memories

As we strolled around the piers stretching into the East River, we couldn’t help but admire the SS Peking boat and other vessels that docked in this area of Manhattan.

south street seaport

This is one of the attractions on the scavenger hunt where you can take a variety of selfies, dependent upon your interests.

south street seaport new york city

Whether you want an iconic image of the Brooklyn Bridge in the background or perhaps one of these gorgeous vessels, use your imagination and create an everlasting memory.

Here is our third picture for our #MilleniumMemories collection:

south street seaport


Click Here to open Google Maps for walking directions from the Millenium Hilton to the South Street Seaport.

These directions are not the shortest route but they are based on where you would go if you chose to follow our decision to visit the above attractions first.

millenium hilton to south street seaport

Fulton Center

Referred to as “The Gateway to Lower Manhattan”, the Fulton Center is more than a typical New York City subway station. It’s almost like a modern transportation hub offering an eclectic blend of retail, culinary and interactive media experiences.

fulton center lower manhattan

Just entering the Fulton Center from Fulton Street or Broadway, visitors will be wowed by the modern architecture that starts from the gorgeous ceiling, through the vibrant displays and facades on the wall and of course, the subway system itself that we all love.

fulton center millenium memories

The philosophy and ultimate goal of the architects developing Fulton Center was to create an environment where people would feel comfortable and want to enjoy their experience. All too often, subway stations are a place where you quickly visit and quickly leave. Fulton Center is anything but that.

shake shack new york city

A brand-new Shake Shack has arrived at Fulton Center on Level Two offering visitors the opportunity to experience this modern diner experience in Lower Manhattan.

shake shack fulton center

As we entered the transit center, we immediately noticed people sitting around and enjoying the spectacular infrastructure or considering their options at the various culinary locations scattered throughout the center. The highlight is the Sky Reflector-Net which truly epitomizes the modern feeling of the Fulton Center.

fulton center ceiling

This monumental sculpture embraces light and air, creating a distinctive focal point within Lower Manhattan’s urban fabric.

Trying to capture a selfie with the Sky Reflector-Net in the background isn’t the easiest task especially with the light shining through and your camera wanting to focus on that rather than your face.

fulton center sky reflector net

However, be sure to take some time to enjoy this experience because this really is a beautiful construction and certainly a place we love to visit. We actually visited a couple more times during this trip to New York City and enjoyed lunch and ice-cream at Shake Shack!

Here is our fourth picture for our #MilleniumMemories collection (as I mentioned, this was tough with our phone trying to capture this with the light):

fulton center millenium memories


Click Here to open Google Maps for walking directions from the Millenium Hilton to Fulton Center.

millenium hilton to fulton center

The Oculus

The final stop on our journey around Manhattan was a case of ‘saving the best until last’. The Oculus is a gorgeous ultra-modern structure designed by Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava.

oculus new york city

Dubbed as a “mind-boggling glass and steel structure”, the Oculus has been transformed into a mall that just recently opened (August 16, 2016) and a mass transit station for the World Trade Center.

oculus interior

Located directly across from the Millenium Hilton and by the One World Trade Center, this breathtaking structure offers a perfect companion to the towering skyscraper and has become one of the most photogenic landmarks across Lower Manhattan.

millenium memories

Calatrava designed the Oculus to evoke the impression of a child releasing a dove from their hands. The interior of the structure is just as impressive and it’s no surprise to hear that this is the new ‘selfie-magnet’ attraction across New York City.

oculus millenium memories

We were fortunate to have a hotel suite on the 49th floor overlooking the Oculus from a ‘birds-eye view’, with the World Trade Center and Hudson River offering the perfect backdrop.

oculus and ground zero

We strongly encourage you to request a room overlooking this part of the city, you won’t regret it!

Here is our final picture for our #MilleniumMemories collection. I personally think we saved the best attraction for last:

oculus millenium memories

Other Lower Manhattan Attractions

As you wander around Lower Manhattan, don’t be fooled that the attractions highlighted above are all there is to see! In fact, you could easily spend several days walking around exploring this neighborhood and still feel like you need a return visit for more. Here are some of the other top attractions that you can explore in the region.

Wall Street is undoubtedly an iconic location in the Financial District with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and The Trump Building at 40 Wall Street being two of the most iconic buildings here. A unique contrast in architectural styles for sure but definitely a place you should experience before continuing your journey.

titanic memorial lighthouse

Meanwhile, a short walk from here offers visitors the opportunity to explore the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse which was built to commemorate those that died in the 1912 tragedy.

south street seaport

A variety of restaurants can be found in the nearby South Street area, including Smorgasburg which offers a trendy dining experience.

south street seaport

The Bowling Green Park along with Battery Park offer a moment of respite from the urban setting of New York.

bowling green park

If you love visiting museums, there are a variety in Lower Manhattan offering a historical perspective on the city. The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian and the Museum of Jewish Heritage are two of the most informative museums here.

Did I fail to mention the small matter of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island…that’s right, it’s in Lower Manhattan!


Ok, so surely you are sold by now that Lower Manhattan is THE place to explore during your next visit to the Big Apple! The Millenium Memories package is definitely the best way to experience this part of New York City. Staying at the Millenium Hilton is not only a great choice for exploring Lower Manhattan, it also offers convenient access via the nearby Fulton Center to access every other neighborhood across the city.

millenium memories package

A 20% saving for your final night stay at the Millenium Hilton is surely the final selling point that will convince you to purchase this package! We created our own amazing memories courtesy of the #MilleniumMemories package and you can too.

We would love to hear from your experiences and why you are inspired to check this out during your next visit to New York City. Our guide to New York City will also give you plenty of other reasons to visit the Big Apple!

Disclaimer – We were guests of the Millenium Hilton and received a complimentary #MilleniumMemories package in return for consideration of a blog post. The views contained within this post are entirely our personal opinion/experience and we received no final compensation for this.

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