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Social Media is everywhere these days. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…the list is never ending! All of them are bustling with people posting new information, news, and the next big event. However, sometimes all this information is a bit much. Sometimes you just want a community to tell you about a specific thing. So, what if there was a social media platform dedicated solely to travelers? Don’t worry, we have found the perfect solution that we now consider to have the potential to become the best social media platform for travelers!

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That’s right, imagine a social platform that tells you about unique travel destinations other people don’t know about. Or how about a site which lets you know all the secret destinations near the town or city you’re currently staying in? That would be one of the best social media platforms ever, right? A travel-based social media platform.

It may sound crazy but all of the aforementioned “mainstream” platforms are great for sharing travel advice and ideas but the reality is, travel is just a very small percentage of the topics that are covered!

Enter Pepo, because Pepo is exactly that. We can well and truly attest that this is a platform that has the potential to be the future of social media for travelers and “hopefully” we can inspire you to consider checking this out for your next global adventure.

pepo best social media platform

We are delighted to collaborate with our friends, Cez and Agness, from eTramping who have been using Pepo for quite some time and conjunction with our own thoughts, we hope you will find our review beneficial.

What is Pepo?

So what exactly is Pepo all about? First of all, you may be curious about the name itself. Well, Pepo is all about “people” and “passion” and connecting both of these together. The brand wanted a short, fun and constant reminder of people connecting with other like-minded individuals that share a passion for travel.

People + Passions = pepo

Pepo is an online social media platform which is all about sharing insider travel tips and helping others to have the same awesome experiences you have had. It helps to bring people together so that they don’t just experience things by themselves. Instead, it means that they can share and compare them.

best social media platform for travelers

The site allows for people to post almost anything, from pictures to writing, to live videos, links and more. There are even a bunch of pretty awesome filters which you can use. Are they as good as old-fashioned Instagram? We’ll talk about that later…

What Can You Do on Pepo?

We already covered a few of the features above (and we know you’re dying to hear about those photo filters), but first, we’re going to talk about contributing as a member yourself. Pepo is based on the contributions of its community (like pretty much all social media platforms), which means that what you write is important. Without a community, Pepo is nowhere near as good.

So, what can you do?

Users can ask questions and reply to others’ posts. It is also possible for users to send private messages to others. These features are completely free. That’s right, you won’t have to spend a penny (or a cent, or whatever currency it is where you are). Oh, and the photo filters? There are hundreds of them available, and yeah, they’re not too bad.

pepo ask questions

The moment someone responds to a question or reacts to one of your tips, you will receive a notification! It couldn’t be easier to keep up with all of your community and followers that are “hopefully” inspired by your content.

pepo notifications

What can you Create on Pepo?

Another thing you can do on Pepo is creating your own channels. If you see something which hasn’t been covered previously or want to share your own content, it’s really simple to start your own channel. If you do decide to create your own channel, you can customize its look and style almost entirely. You can also create multiple channels if you wish, perhaps one dedicated to sharing your experiences around the world and others focused specifically on a destination.

pepo channels

We love being able to take full control of posts and how we interact with our audience and it definitely makes this one of the best social media platforms for us. It’s certainly much easier than some other social networks out there. What’s also great is that as channel creators, we’re able to host live Q&As and give advice to users who ask us questions directly. It’s a really good way to learn more from them and share our experiences.

The Community

We’re not going to give you a social media channels list for Pepo, but needless to say, we’re not the only people on there. The site is buzzing with loads of different groups and individuals for almost anywhere under the sun. People are able to join as many channels as they want, so there’s no shortage of opportunities to explore. You’re also able to lock in a couple of tags. So, if you’re interested in budget travel and getting the most out of your money, simply select the tag and filter your results accordingly.

pepo tags

Not just that, but all the content you find on Pepo is almost guaranteed to be exclusive and unique. A lot of Pepo’s big community groups are full of members who are committed to sharing content, exploring what others post, and being a part of something. Even the smallest and strangest places in the world seem to have something going on!

pepo tips

If you’re the type of person who likes to share what’s going on in real time (live), then Spotlight is awesome. It’s basically the live video feature, but you can use it in several different ways. This includes sending it as a question to another channel host.

Perfect for Short Gaps

Pepo is perfect for those short gaps of time where you have nothing else to do. For example, if you’re waiting at the airport, or sitting on a train heading from point A to point B, or waiting for a friend to shop up. The posts and content are short and snappy, and pretty easy to navigate.


In fact, just by looking down the main page we’re able to find something we like. You see, when you sign up to Pepo, you do have to tell them a few things. That includes up to 6 things you’re interested in and one location.

beijing airport

We found location-based content to be the best when we’re traveling. We hook into the local Wi-Fi, startup the Pepo app on our phone, and have a look for things to do around us. We almost always find something which is worth it.

coffee shop

Why not head into your favorite coffee shop around the world and start browsing Pepo…we are convinced you will find something to experience that you didn’t know about before!

Keep Things Brief (But Not Too Brief)

What’s really great about Pepo is that it’s basically just a big, giant travel guide. It’s packed with hints and tips for how to make your way around the world and experience seriously awesome things. It’s not just insider tips which you can find, but there are also new experiences, and you can even ‘ask the experts’.

pepo share tips

Travel guides are usually long and cumbersome though. We remember when we headed to China with a certain big, blue book in our backpack. It took up so much space (and weight). Yet now, with the power of the internet (and the amazing community behind Pepo), there is a social media platform for sharing local tips and creating awesome experiences.


All in all, Pepo is definitely one of the best social media platforms we use and we highly recommend it for travelers. Pepo is not going to replace your mainstream social media networks but we are convinced this has a unique market that can continue to grow in the future. We are relatively new users to Pepo but we are excited about the potential of this app and hope you will consider using it too!

Be sure to follow us, A Brit and A Southerner, on Pepo along with our friends at eTramping and hopefully we will soon see you all interacting with us on this great new social media network.

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Chris Boothman
Chris Boothman is the co-founder of A Brit and A Southerner. Born near Manchester, England, Chris moved to USA in 2006 where he soon after met his wife and travel partner in crime, Heather. They have since embarked on an amazing journey of travel as they challenge others to follow in their paths of working full-time but also being able to travel frequently! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Chris at [email protected]


  1. Being someone who travels a lot on work, this is certainly a unique App and one that takes away the clutter and focuses on the traveling aspect only. The fact that is works on community interaction is the best feature and Pepo is like one place where people can not only share but
    also ask questions. Brilliant idea and would love to see the App go mainstream.

  2. Pepo is super fun to use when travelling. We got pretty addicted to sharing our daily adventures on our Pepo channel (Etramping). Awesome to see you there! Besos from Poland!!

  3. PEPO is a Great App!! I have been using since 2 months and really it’s providing some amazing features. I have tried other apps such as “Trell: Best Wanderlust App”. But in comparison of image quality, features PEPO is best for use.


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