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When you think about top European destinations, what are the first places that spring to mind? Whether it’s London, Paris or Rome I am sure there are plenty of spots that we can all agree on being iconic European hotspots. If you need a reminder or perhaps just want to admire some gorgeous images of Europe along with finding a few hidden gems along the way, keep reading!

Top European Destinations on Instagram

Rather than giving you a typical ‘Guide To…’ we wanted to incorporate something a little different with this post and focus on Instagram pictures to tell a story about why you should consider visiting some of the following top European destinations.

From Paris to London plus a few hidden gems ‘off the beaten path’, Instagram is a great way to depict these beautiful, historic destinations around Europe. Whether they are original images or perhaps a hint of filter thrown in there to emphasize the rich composition of these gorgeous landscapes, as travel bloggers we are focused on promoting the inherent beauty within the location.

top european destinations

We are delighted to collaborate with some of our favorite travel blogging friends from around the world and after seeing this selection of breathtaking Instagram images…well, we are sure you will be booking a trip to Europe sooner than you planned!


Words will never do a city like London justice, so I think it’s only fair to let the pictures do the talking. There are some skylines and iconic panoramas around the world thprat you can never get tired of staring at, and all of London’s typical iconography certainly falls into that category.

Whether it’s the sight of Big Ben with a historic red, London bus passing by, or the Houses of Parliament standing proudly by the Thames River, this gorgeous European city will always attract visitors from all corners of the globe at all times of the year (I always emphasize there is really no high season or low season in London, especially when you think about the typical British weather…come rain or shine, London will always shine!)

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Instagram pics of London!

“London doesn’t need any explanation. It’s one of the best cities in the world, the capital of United Kingdom. On the above picture, you can see two of London’s symbols: the black cab and red phone booth.” – Karolina and Patryk from Karolinapatryk.com

Absolutely amazing sunny day in London today – great to walk and boat along the Thames to see Tower Bridge

A post shared by Philatravelgirl (@philatravelgirl) on

“A sunny day in June with my 11-year old niece, I was showing her how to frame a photo and look for a different angle. This was my example of Tower Bridge in London – adding layers to the photo.” – Suzanne Wolko from Philatravelgirl.com


If you thought that London is iconic in terms of top European destinations, perhaps Paris is as popular especially when you think of those idyllic landscapes with the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees. That’s before I mention those quirky yet quaint shots of locals sampling the finest baguettes in the hidden realms of the Parisian arrondissements.

Here are a few of our favorite images from Instagram and their accompanying stories.

I think it's time for me to pay Paris another visit. #travel #europe

A post shared by Lies Veldeman (@nonstopdestination) on

The spiral staircase inside the pyramid at the Louvre

A post shared by Philatravelgirl (@philatravelgirl) on

“Inside the Louvre, the spiral staircase to the glass pyramid is an example of stunning architecture – it’s one of my favorite pieces of art before even stepping into the galleries. It’s a new art that ushers you into the historic art of the world.” – Suzanne Wolko from Philatravelgirl.com

“We highly recommend attending a service at this beautiful church. It’s a truly spiritual experience and the acoustics which the choir starts up are the best we’ve ever heard.”Jen Seligmann from The Trusted Traveller

“When the Louvre closes, there is a separate little entrance to the Pyramid just beside the main entrance. Go in, and there is a mezzanine platform where you can stand and watch the Museum closing down in the twilight – Magic.” – Jo Karnaghan from Frugal First Class Travel


Having spent a couple of days in Barcelona and literally falling in love with this city, we would encourage everyone to take some time and book a trip here! If the rest of Spain is half as beautiful as Barcelona, I can certainly understand why this is such a popular nation for tourism.

Exploring #barcelona today. What a beautiful architectural masterpiece. #sharebarcelona #travel @visitbarcelona

A post shared by Chris and Heather Boothman (@abritandasoutherner) on

Whether you are a Gaudi aficionado or perhaps you want to take a trip to watch Lionel Messi et al. at the Nou Camp, Barcelona is a cultural melting pot waiting to be explored.

Stunning views over @visitbarcelona from Park Guell! #travel #architecture #history #sharebarcelona

A post shared by Chris and Heather Boothman (@abritandasoutherner) on

Gaudi’s influence is apparent throughout Barcelona and in many ways, his iconography here is more apparent than any other designer. Rome may have Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, but the works of Gaudi are so vibrant and prevalent that you can’t help but notice his works pretty much everywhere you walk.

I mentioned earlier that Paris’s quirky streets were a popular spot, especially for the locals but of course, Barcelona’s medieval neighborhood is also quaint and attractive. As you stroll around this part of the city, it’s just a great experience to explore the quaint alleys and cobblestone streets.


24 hours in Prague…that’s all we had during our recent European adventure! But one thing is for sure, we loved our experiences there and can’t wait to book a return trip to the Czech capital. History, culture, awesome cuisine and a hint of quirkiness thrown in the mix make Prague an attractive destination.

Here are some of our favorite images from Prague along with some of our friends’ top picks. Are you ready to head to the Czech Republic?

“This was our first sunset upon returning to a city we had fallen in love with the previous year. What a great way to be greeted by Prague, the City of a Thousand Spires. Our passion for the city ran so deep we stayed…for another six months.” – Michael Miszczak from Just a Pack

Photo Theme: #Bridges – #CharlesBridge, #Prague

A post shared by Jen Seligmann (@thetrustedtraveller) on

“The best time to enjoy this mystical looking bridge without the crowds is as the sun comes up.”Jen Seligmann from The Trusted Traveller


“The Prague “castle” is actually a castle complex, but it houses the absolutely stunning St Vitus Cathedral!”Josie Acland from Six Year Gap Year


Berlin is home to a number of key historic landmarks and attractions, so whether you have an interest in European history or perhaps want to learn more about the East vs West divide, Berlin is the place to be!

Our recent visit to the German capital was awesome and we were fortunate to experience many of the city’s leading attractions, despite our attempt at trying to explore Berlin in a day.

Brandenburg Gate in #Berlin #visit_berlin #germany #architecture #travel #Deutschland #historic #history #instaTBN #beauty

A post shared by Chris and Heather Boothman (@abritandasoutherner) on

The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s main landmarks that attract millions of visitors every year.

We arrived at the Berlin Cathedral having already visited the German and French Cathedrals a short walk from this gorgeous building.

If you love architecture, exploring this trio of cathedrals is an awesome experience but the Berlin Cathedral is the one you should save until last…it’s definitely worth the wait!

“Street art is something I love but was left awestruck when I visited Berlin. The city has such great vibes, a raw feel and a lot of street art as well as graffiti all around! I would suggest taking one of alternative Berlin walking tours and getting introduced to some of the amazing street art and stories.”Menorca Chaturvedi from Europe Diaries


The beautiful yet somewhat controversial city of Amsterdam is one that everyone should visit at least once. Regardless of your age or interest, the Dutch capital is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

In a city where bikes are more popular than cars or people for that matter #amsterdam has made a lasting impression on us.

A post shared by Chris and Heather Boothman (@abritandasoutherner) on

A walking tour of the city will enable you to immediately recognize why Amsterdam is dubbed as the ‘Venice of the North’ but perhaps your interests lie more with the Red Light District or “Coffee” shops? It’s your decision!

Wonderful walk through the city center in #amsterdam this morning.

A post shared by Chris and Heather Boothman (@abritandasoutherner) on

Tulips at Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam – thinking Spring as it snows in Philly today

A post shared by Philatravelgirl (@philatravelgirl) on

Amsterdam is not just about the canals and bicycles. Instead, I am sure many of you would associate the Netherlands in general with another of the Dutch classic stereotypes – tulips!

“Tulips at Keukenhof were stunning in person. I’m not that keen on gardens but I was enamored by this place.  The colors, the designs, the tranquility was impressive.” – Suzanne Wolko from Philatravelgirl.com


“There are many many reasons to visit Amsterdam, but a city that’s often called “Venice of the North” and “City of Canals”, some of the best views are indeed around these water bodies.

Whether you take a boat ride or just walk leisurely along these waterways, you cannot miss the beauty of Amsterdam Canal Houses. These are easily some of the most gorgeous buildings anywhere in the world. Take some time to marvel at the soaring gables and long, sleek windows or just wonder at their skinny profile and architectural quirkiness.”Vik Vek from IamVagabond.com

“Since I was only in Amsterdam for 5 days, I spent most of the time walking along the canals and taking in all the amazing architecture. The city is so unique! I have never visited a place quite like it.”Sadie Redinger from Eclectic Trekker

Beautiful day in #Amsterdam

A post shared by C H R I S T A B E L (@wheresbelblog) on

“Despite being a major city, you’ll be surprised to find that all of the city center attractions are within walking distance of each other. You walk through the 17th-century Canal Ring, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, straight to the Van Gogh Museum, or Anne Frank House.

From 16th century houses lining beautiful canals, to coffee shops, and the Red Light District, this quirky city is a must to explore.”Christabel Lobo from Where’s Bel

Found this gentleman painting a quintessential Amsterdam scene

A post shared by Travel Addicts – Lance & Laura (@traveleraddicts) on


Beer, chocolate and of course, waffles! It could only be one city in Europe that offers all of these high-quality products en masse…that’s right folks, we are talking about Brussels.

Despite the recent security concerns about visiting the Belgian capital, we headed there towards the end of our Eurail adventure and had an awesome experience. Here are a few reasons why you should add Brussels to your European itinerary.

Most famous statue in #Brussels #mannekenpis

A post shared by Chris and Heather Boothman (@abritandasoutherner) on

The most iconic young boy not only in Brussels but also throughout Europe. The ‘manneken pis’ may be a small statue, but it certainly makes up for it in terms of stature!



Milan may be renowned as one of the top fashion capitals of the world, but even if you are not interested in a little retail therapy, there are plenty of landmarks and historical remnants that will make exploring this Italian city worthwhile.

But for those that are planning a trip to Milan with a little extra space in your suitcase, even the shopping mall is pretty spectacular!

“Gloriously restored in time for Expo 2015 in Milan, the centrally located Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II, is one of the world’s oldest shopping malls.”Nancy Besharah from Luxe Travel Family

“The Duomo di Milano is Milan’s magnificent cathedral and one of the largest in the world. If you visit the Duomo, head up to the roof via an elevator or the 919 steps to the top – the view is incredible!”Nancy Besharah from Luxe Travel Family

#Milan #Duomo #Architecture 🙌🏼

A post shared by Aimee White (@eemia_) on

“What struck me the most about Milan is that there wasn’t many skyscrapers. I took this photograph stood on the rooftop of Milan Duomo, and I love the amount of sky you can see! The statue is almost waving upwards as if she too is enjoying the view.”Aimee White from Twenty Three and Travelling


There are not many cities around the world that can boast as much gorgeous architecture as Budapest.

There are unlimited spectacular views of the city especially as you climb to the UNESCO site of the Old Town so be sure to visit all parts of Budapest to truly appreciate everything this gem has to offer.

Stunning Chain Bridge in #budapest #hungary #architecture #beauty #travelphoto

A post shared by Chris and Heather Boothman (@abritandasoutherner) on

The Chain Bridge is one of the many bridges in Budapest that crosses the Danube. Spectacular, historic and a must-see attraction.

The Budapest Parliament is stunning! #budapest #hungary #parliament #architecture #history

A post shared by Chris and Heather Boothman (@abritandasoutherner) on

The Budapest Parliament building is one of the most impressive examples of Hungarian architecture.

Entrance to Vajdahunyad #Castle in #budapest #hungary

A post shared by Chris and Heather Boothman (@abritandasoutherner) on

The entrance to Vajdahunyad Castle, located in City Park is a great spot to explore and get away from the main tourist attractions in Budapest.



Did we save the best until last? Many would argue that we did because Rome is such an iconic city across Europe. Regardless of your viewpoint as to where Rome lies in the hierarchy of beautiful European destinations, I am sure you will agree that there are certain attractions here that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime.

Unfortunately, when we visited Rome the Trevi fountain was under renovation but thanks to Charles McCool who captured this shot soon after it reopened.

The Roman ruins are an amazing collection of historical remnants that are worth exploring. We experienced the Forum and Colosseum before heading to Palatine Hill to marvel over the views across Rome.

Inside the Colosseum in Rome at sunset with City Wonders.

A post shared by Lies Veldeman (@nonstopdestination) on

The Colosseum really needs no introduction, but this shot was pretty perfect timing by Lies Veldeman to capture the sunset dropping behind this iconic landmark.

Ponte Sant'Angelo in Rome.

A post shared by Lies Veldeman (@nonstopdestination) on

#rome #italy #iloverome #travelblog #ForumRomanum #romanforum

A post shared by Happiness And Things 🌴✈️❤️☀️ (@hapnthings) on


If you have never visited Europe, hopefully this selection of breathtaking images will convince you that you need to book a trip as soon as possible. If you have experienced Europe, well these images will simply reiterate what you already know. Visitors to these European cities are spoiled for choice.

We want to thank all of our awesome travel blogging friends for contributing their Instagram pictures. We encourage you to follow all of them as they continue their travels around the world and you never know what image may pop up on your Instagram feed next!

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  1. I read somewhere that people now choose destinations because they want to take selfies there (with the attraction as a background). So the Instagram view of the world is taking on quite a different meaning….

  2. So many iconic photos and so many that simply tell the story of the city. I found myself going “I have that shot” and then found I repeated myself many times over. Great post putting all of these together #weekendwanderlust

  3. Did I miss it or wasn’t Paris included? I don’t know if I would have included Brussels in this list. Personally I find it rather underwhelming… I think that there are other cities more worthwhile a visit: Bologna in Italy, Copenhagen in Denmark, Hamburg in Germany, etc. All are more lively.

    • Paris is the second city on the list after London. We visited Brussels recently and had a great time there but of course we all may have different interests.

      I agree with your other city recommendations, there are just so many to choose from!

  4. Instagram is fast becoming my preferred social media, it’s so quick, easy and post of all beautiful. There are some gorgeous photos here, we really are spoilt in Europe. I’ve been to all these places except Berlin and lived in 4 of them. Next stop Berlin! Thanks for hosting #weekendwunderlust I haven’t been here for a while, but good to be back.

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  6. What an amazing set of pictures!! I love the London ones (because I get patriotic like that!) and your photo of the Charles Bridge in the mist in Prague is incredible! Thanks for sharing #WeekendWanderlust

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  8. Gorgeous pics and considering I’ve only been to 2 of the places you’ve listed, I think I definitely need to start making a plan!!


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