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If you have visited St. Louis before, you will know that one of the main attractions there is the zoo and certainly for good reason. We have experienced the zoo in St Louis on numerous occasions, not only because of the wide variety of animals on display but because of its main attraction for many visitors – free admission!

During our recent visit to St. Louis Zoo, we decided to shoot a few videos to put together a montage summarizing the experience inside what we both consider to be the best zoo in the world. Obviously we can’t speak for every zoo because we have only visited a select number, but I would argue that anyone who visits the zoo in St Louis would be impressed and not leave disappointed.

st louis zoo

Video Summary

From the Lichtenstein Penguin Cove to the African elephants strolling around their near natural environment, St Louis Zoo has a myriad of wildlife for visitors to explore. We spent almost three hours inside the zoo and could quite easily of spent a full day here. Whether it’s a full family day out or simply you and your better half spending some time exploring Forest Park, St. Louis Zoo is an attraction not to be missed.

zoo in st louis

What are your favorite animals in a zoo? As you watch our video you will likely gain a better idea as to what our favorite animals are…a little clue, the introduction may just give it away!

zoo in st louis

Frequently zoos are the topics of controversy because of the poor quality of environments in which the animals have to experience. I am 100% convinced that the animals at St. Louis Zoo are well taken care of and as you walk around the animal exhibits you will notice just how content the animals are. Of course there is nothing quite like the natural habitats that the animals are used to in their homeland, but those zoos that make every effort to recreate the landscapes generally are those that get my full appreciation.

zoo in st louis

Another great reason to visit St. Louis Zoo is the location within Forest Park. If you read our post on how to find cheap attractions in St Louis, you will notice that Forest Park has a multitude of reasons to encourage you to spend time here. The St. Louis Art Museum has a number of free exhibits along with seasonal options that may intrigue you, while the World’s Fair Pavilion is a pretty spectacular venue overlooking the fountains directly in front and beyond across the park.

Comments and Feedback

Please share your comments and thoughts on St. Louis Zoo. While we believe this is a great zoo, we would love for you to share other zoos around the world that you have experienced so that we can hopefully check them out in the future.

Are you ready to go on a journey with us to St. Louis Zoo and experience all of the wildlife on display?

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  1. I went to the University of Missouri many years ago and most of my friends were from St. Louis, but somehow I missed the zoo. You sure hit a day with active big cats. Nice idea with the video.

    • Thanks Rhonda, yes we picked a great time to go when all the animals were pretty active! We have found the middle of summer is when many of the animals are quieter so going when it is a little cooler (Fall) is a perfect time.


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