Why Are You Thankful for Being Able to Travel the World?

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It’s that time of year folks, at least for those of you living in the United States, where we all reflect on what we are thankful for. There are obvious things that I am sure we can all agree on like our health, our family and our ability to live ‘normal’ lives in comparison to others that are not quite as fortunate around all corners of the globe. But as avid travelers, we are focused on addressing a question that has been posed to us before “Why are you thankful for being able to travel the world?”

happy thanksgiving

We are delighted to collaborate with a number of our friends from around the world that also have a passion for traveling. To celebrate Thanksgiving, we are going to share a collection of our thoughts on why we are all thankful for having the opportunity to explore this wonderful world we live in. Hopefully, after reading all of these opinions, you too will be inspired to book a trip somewhere and start traveling the world.

Why Do We Travel?

We are incredibly fortunate (and I will emphasize the word INCREDIBLY!) to be able to travel as much as we do. Heather and I love what we are able to do and wouldn’t change anything but we also realize that this style of lifestyle isn’t for everyone. We work full-time jobs between 8-5 and then have a second full-time job after hours with our travel blog.

why do you travel

Our growth over the years has been exponential (or at least it has felt like that!) and the kind comments that we continue to receive on our website and social media networks just inspire us to keep traveling. But regardless of all of that, it’s our desire to explore and experience all of the amazing beauty that surrounds us that really inspires us to travel.

Why Are We Thankful for Travel?

When we sit down and take some time to reflect on our experiences traveling the world, I think ultimately for us it’s the ability to enjoy something together that we are most thankful for. It’s amazing to see all of the amazing sights around the world with a person you love and for me, I couldn’t wish to spend my travels with anyone but Heather!

why are you thankful for travel

I am also thankful for being able to learn as we travel. I would encourage everyone to travel, particularly young folks because there is nothing quite like learning a foreign language or understanding the intricacies of a culture than by experiencing this in person.

why are you thankful

To celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I want to thank Heather along with our family and friends for being supportive to our adventures exploring the world. Every year we experience something different and that on its own is enough to be thankful for! We look forward to many more years of amazing experiences as we continue our journey around the globe.

why are you thankful

Why Are You Thankful for Travel?

So you have heard our reasons for being so thankful for being able to travel the world but what about other opinions. Let’s take a look at what some of our friends from the travel blogging world have to say about this. We directed them to share why they are thankful and discuss a location that they are really thankful for having the opportunity to visit.

A Journey We Love

I’m thankful for the chance to have lived on three continents because of my full-time job. I’m also thankful for all the opportunities that traveling can give me business and personal wise. The main benefit of traveling is definitely to see new places, see how other people live, and learn more about new cultures.

why are you thankful for travel

The best place I have ever visited? Slovakia! Such a small town but steeped in history. Also, given that my husband is from that country, I’m a bit biased! I never knew that a European country could be so cheap and beautiful enough that will make me want to live there in the future!

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Gamin Traveler

I’m so thankful to have a non-stop traveling life, for 7 years now. From all these amazing trips, I have met amazing people, traveled to different places, explored various amazing cultures, learned religion and ate so much variety of delicious food. All of these trips around 85 countries has opened my mind and taught me many lessons.

Every day that you travel is a new lesson learned. I learned about the different cultures and how to respect them. Also, I was able to meet a lot of people who are still friends that I have kept in contact with until now.

lake titicaca bolivia

From all the trips I have taken, my favorite one was in South America. And I have to choose the most amazing place I have ever seen, without any doubt: Isla del Sol in Bolivia. The place is located in Titicaca Lake (the highest in the world) and for me, it is the perfect place to get lost and enjoy a magnificent landscape. Highly recommended to add to anyone’s travel bucket list!

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Two Scots Abroad

“Oh Canada!” I am so very thankful that I got to meet you. You let me eat my way around Toronto, stand for the first time on a glacier at Columbia Icefields, get wet at Niagara Falls as well as sip on tasty ice wine.

joffre lake canada

In summer, I swam in the lakes and hiked the hills of B.C’s Sunshine Coast, by winter I skied down Blackcomb (Whistler) and snowshoed around Joffre Lakes. “Oh Canada,” I’ll see you again, on a more permanent basis next time I hope!

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The World Pursuit

Besides just being fortunate enough to have the means to travel the world, I have to say that I am thankful to eat my way around the world. Every culture always has something that is so unique and needs to be tried and tasted. Never once have I eaten in a chain restaurant while traveling because there is no fun in that. I love bring able to try the different cuisines from every culture.

slovenia food

Every country has something special to bring to the chef’s table (literally and figuratively)! I just love eating my way around the world and trying the local food because it gives back to the country, instead of just eating at McDonalds which goes right into a corporation’s pockets. I can’t pinpoint just one cuisine that I love the most, but some top highlights have been the food in the Balkans, Japan, and Mozambique.

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A Pair of Passports

Being able to travel the world not only provides you with the most incredible opportunities for learning and personal growth but also teaches you to appreciate them. It teaches you about people, traditions, values, food, and culture from all over the world.

You learn to accept, adapt, and appreciate things that are different to your “norm”. And you learn to realize what you have had all along, and to appreciate that, too. That is why I am thankful for the opportunity to travel.

why are you thankful

One of the best places my husband and I have visited is Tuscany. We loved it because everyone there was so happy.

In the small villages of Chianti, pretty much everything revolved around wine. But it never seemed to be about competition – whose wine is better, who can make more – but more about the love for growing grapes and producing wine. It made us take a step back and rethink the constant need for competition that we feel as a Brit and an American. It was eye opening!

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Vacations With Mom

I’m thankful to my mom for introducing me to travel at a young age and continuing to be my travel partner. Travel in and of itself brings me such joy, seeing the stunning sights of the world and connecting with people from all different cultures. Travel encourages compassion, understanding, and it highlights the interconnectedness of us as people. And for me, travel has also been a way to deepen my relationship with my mom and create lasting memories.

why are you thankful for travel

She’s now in her late 80s and can’t take elaborate solo trips anymore. However, I’m able to give back and help her to continue to fulfill her wanderlust. I’m thankful that I can give her the gift adventures she wouldn’t be able to have otherwise. And the smile on her face is the best part of all.

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Roar Loud

We are thankful for travel because it brought us perspective. Our best adventure to date was our trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was a year of planning and preparation in the making. At the point when we finally reached the summit, we were overcome with the emotion and exhaustion from the trek. We also had the realization that “we got this”. Everything just seemed possible and not so overwhelming after that moment.

mount kilimanjaro

As amazing as that moment was for us, the real benefit was being able to experience cultures that you can’t learn about any other way. To us, the experiences we have when we travel are worth more than anything we could possibly buy. There is no other way to truly know about this world than to see it with your own eyes, and we intend to see as much as we possibly can!

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I am thankful for being able to travel as I understand that not everyone can travel and it is quite difficult for many people. I am lucky to have an American passport as well as a job that allows me significant time off, which is not a given in the United States. I love traveling because it gives me the opportunity to learn about cultures that I only know from stories and to experience them for myself.

why are you thankful

Often, stereotypes are prevalent when we learn about other countries and it is quite powerful to hear from a local how things really are. I think the biggest benefit of traveling lies in opening yourself to rewriting your opinions of a country (after learning about its history/culture), learning about the lives of others elsewhere in the world, and pushing yourself to become a more compassionate person who is respectful of other cultures.

I fell in love with Jordan after spending time with Jordanians who showed me modern-day Bedouin life out in the desert. It was incredible to experience the Wadi Rum desert as well as get a taste of life as a Bedouin after our guide’s family shared their lunch with us.

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SKJ Travel

While I am thankful for seeing the amazing sights around the planet to satisfy my own curiosity, my own desire for adventure, what I have come away with as the biggest benefit to traveling is the empathy it cultivates for people in very different circumstances and cultures than my own. I’m not such an idealist as to think world peace is a realistic state for this planet, but the first baby-step has to be accepting, through understanding, all global citizens.

why are you thankful

I often talk to non-travelers who fear or disrespect the cultures I’ve visited. They say, “Why on earth would you travel THERE?” Their attitude creates division, pitting us “you vs. me.” It angers me, but I also feel pity for those people who haven’t experienced the soul of the world. This is what empathy offers you — the soul of the world. And it’s the gift travel has given me.

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A World to Travel

People call it passion, talent, hard work. Nonetheless, without support from your closer ones, without enjoying health and a comfy life, without some good luck and overall the privilege we all share for just being able to read this on the internet, it would not be possible to live a life of travel as I do.

Therefore, first of all, I am thankful to my family and friends that educated me with respect and love for other cultures and continue supporting my steps every day. And secondly, I am thankful for the life I was chosen to live because it never stops giving me new challenges and experiences worth living.

jordan desert

Sleeping under the stars in the Jordan desert, working in the French Alps in Winter, diving in South East of Asia, living it up all Summer long from festival to festival, volunteering in Iceland or stepping into minimalism by chance are just some of the things I will cherish forever.

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Drink Tea & Travel

We have always loved traveling, discovering new countries, learning about new cultures, and diving head first into new experiences. But this year, we are especially thankful for our travel lifestyle!

Last year, we quit our jobs and left the 9-5 lifestyle behind in an attempt to turn our love for travel into a sustainable lifestyle. We have just passed our 1-year “nomadaversary” and we are thrilled to be able to say that we see this being a new way of life and not just a gap year.

why are you thankful

Traveling the world has allowed us to share so many incredible experiences together, to learn from different cultures, and to create lasting memories all around the world. We’ve let go of possessions, learned to live on a budget, and been able to adapt to new environments, be it living on a dive boat in Indonesia, traversing across the United States in a camper van, road tripping across Romania, or house sitting in Costa Rica.

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Thank you to all of our guests for collaborating with us. Whether you are inspired to travel the world like us or perhaps just dream about one day having the opportunity to explore one of these amazing destinations, there is clearly a lot to be thankful for.

why are you thankful for travel

Traveling the world is undoubtedly a luxury that many people don’t have. We still maintain that many people simply choose to remain within their shell and it’s purely a choice whether they decide to travel or not. Of course, not everyone is quite as fortunate but for those of you that have “a choice”, take a moment to think about where you want to spend your hard earned cash. All those dining out experiences or that new iPhone would go a long way to paying for a vacation somewhere.

On that note, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Do you appreciate life more when you travel?


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Chris and Heather! I am thankful for travel as it enabled me to meet my Canadian partner (Jean Robert) 7 years ago in New Zealand!

  2. Wow what a unique post to show how everyone is thankful for the ability to travel! I’m thankful for the ability to travel because without it, I would not have moved completely alone to Germany to teach English & travel, which eventually led me to my now husband! 🙂 #WeekendWanderlust

  3. Great to see so many people that are grateful for being fortunate enough to travel because I think it’s so easy to lose sight of that. Being able to visit cool new places, have amazing experiences and eat wonderful food is definitely a blessed life. Totally agree that travel is a great way to learn about the world. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  4. I’ve always loved to read since I was a youngster. That was how I traveled the world — through the words on the page. Now, I find it incredible that I’ve been able to experience so many of those things I’d read about in real life. I feel so blessed. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!


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