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Have you ever dreamed of spending at least one night in a luxury hotel but then realized that the cost is way out of your budget? Don’t worry, we have found the perfect opportunity for EVERYONE to experience the ultimate 5-star luxury getaway thanks to Hotwire’s amazing “Million Dollar Sale” in Las Vegas. Just take a moment to let this sink in…5 star hotels in Las Vegas for only $50 per night!!

5 star hotels in las vegas

That’s right, think about all those amazing hotels on the Vegas Strip and now contemplate spending a few nights there as you prepare for the upcoming holiday season! All those dreams are about to become a reality folks. Let’s take a look at what this deal is all about…

Visit Las Vegas in December 2017

When you first read this title, you could be forgiven for thinking that this was one of those stereotypical “click-bait” style posts just to grab your attention! Well, part of that last statement is true…it’s meant to capture your attention but it’s anything but click-bait. It’s the truth and we hope you will take advantage of it.

las vegas december 2017

We have been fortunate to visit Las Vegas, Nevada on several occasions and we LOVED every minute of it. Vegas is home to the glitz and glamor of the Strip but also a number of other reasons that should inspire you to visit. Hotwire’s incredible Million Dollar Sale that is good for travel between December 8 and December 28, 2017 will have you scrambling to book flights or alternative methods of transportation to visit Vegas.

5 Star Hotels in Las Vegas for $50?

Could you imagine anything better than relaxing in a spectacular 5 star hotel on the Las Vegas Strip in the middle of the holiday season? We’re sold! Christmas is undoubtedly our favorite time of the year and combining this with a Vegas getaway is definitely an appealing thought.

bellagio fountains

Here are some numbers that will put this deal into perspective! The average retail rate for five-star hotels in Las Vegas in December is a whopping $432 per night (does that answer the opening question I posed on this post as to why many of us never experience five-star luxury?).

luxury hotels in las vegas

Now imagine spending only $50..that’s right, $50 for the same hotel and experience! This isn’t a watered down experience where you get just the bare essentials, you will enjoy everything you would if you paid that full price. Plus the best part is you save more than $350 per night per room.

Why Hotwire?

Still think this deal is too good to be true! Hopefully we can alleviate some of these legitimate fears by sharing a little information on Hotwire. Many of you may already be familiar with this “one-stop” booking service that has been around for the last two decades since jumping on the travel scene in 2000.


Hotwire has partnered alongside thousands of airlines, hotels and car rental companies to not only help sell their remaining inventory but also offer great deals for travelers around the world. The concept of “hot” rates is Hotwire’s philosophy as the otherwise unused inventory can be offered to consumers at incredible rates while also offering the hotels/airlines etc an opportunity to sell their remaining spaces.

Hotwire partners with leading, premium name brands across the globe that normally may not offer discount pricing and ensures that this is one of the only places that travelers can find such amazing deals…just like these $50 five-star hotels in Las Vegas in December!

Travelers Love Luxury

When was the last time you resisted the temptation of a “luxury” item when it was offered to you at an incredibly low rate? Let’s be honest, it’s rare! What’s even rarer is actually finding opportunities to stumble across these luxury experiences at a rate that a regular traveler can afford.

las vegas luxury

Prior to releasing this amazing deal, CITE Research conducted the “Luxury & Holiday Travel Survey” within the United States on behalf of Hotwire. The survey was focused on identifying travel habits within a dataset of 1,000 adults, 18 and older. Some of the key findings included the following:

  • Younger Generations Love Luxury – I’m not going to lie, I LOVE luxury!! It’s just not always realistic to book first-class airfares or stay in five-star luxury hotels. An interesting fact from this part of the survey though is that millennials, 34 and younger are nearly three times as likely to have stayed in a five-star hotel during the last five years than their 55 and older counterparts.
  • Sticker Shock Remains an Obstacle – The high-cost of a five-star hotel is understandably the number one reason why folks don’t stay in high-end luxury accommodation options! If we don’t think we can afford it, why even consider them?
  • Holiday Away from Holiday Season – It may sound strange but 58 percent of the survey takers indicated that they needed a break away from the hustle and bustle of holiday season! A getaway to Las Vegas for $50 per night sounds like the perfect tonic right?

These were just a couple of the findings but it’s certainly an eye-opener and definitely inspiration for Hotwire to offer their “Million Dollar Sale” in Las Vegas!

Million Dollar Sale – Which Hotel?

Who doesn’t love a little spontaneity when it comes to travel? Ok, so maybe when it comes to hotel bookings, you are not quite as flexible or willing to throw all your eggs into one basket. However, if you were told that for $50 you would be guaranteed a five-star hotel, I’m sure that’s a pretty good selling point.

las vegas strip

After going through the booking process and selecting the five-star luxury hotel in Las Vegas for $50, you will receive a booking confirmation along with the name of the hotel!

How to Book with Hotwire?

So…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? If you are new to Hotwire, don’t worry because here is a brief overview of the steps you should take.

1. Visit Hotwire and Search for Las Vegas Hotels

hotwire las vegas

2. Pick one of the “Hot Rate” 5-Star Hotel Deals on the Las Vegas Strip for $50

las vegas five star hotels

3. Go through the booking process and receive the name of the hotel with your booking confirmation.


Hotwire has put together an incredible deal with their Million Dollar Sale! It’s expected that these hotels will sell out quickly so don’t wait and think about it, just book. For $50, it’s worth trying to figure out the logistics of getting to Las Vegas later.

Five-Star Hotel…Las Vegas, Nevada…$50 PER NIGHT!!

We are raring to head back to Las Vegas and explore not only the Strip but also some of the other attractions in the vicinity such as Red Rock Canyon. These next few weeks over the holiday season are the perfect time to visit and take advantage of this amazing deal.

las vegas

Remember, this deal is only valid for travel between December 8 and December 28, 2017. Again, don’t wait to act on this deal because this will sell out quickly!!

Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by Hotwire, Inc.

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