Why the Ambassador Hotel in Oklahoma City Is Amazing?

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The Ambassador Hotel in Oklahoma City is a boutique establishment that offers visitors an incredible experience while being situated in the perfect location to explore the rest of the city. During our recent visit to the Oklahoma capital, we were fortunate to stay at the Ambassador Hotel for three nights and experience everything this beautiful hotel had to offer.

ambassador hotel in okc

When you research this hotel, you may be forgiven for thinking that this is going to be an option way out of your price range because everything here suggests that this will be a high-dollar option. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the Ambassador Hotel is an affordable option in the Midtown district of Oklahoma City.

We want to share our review of this hotel and perhaps inspire you to consider booking this hotel during your next visit to Oklahoma City.

Ambassador Hotel in Oklahoma City Information

The Ambassador Hotel in Oklahoma City is part of the Autograph Collection by the Marriott hotel group. This collection specializes in providing a luxury experience for guests in a sophisticated yet contemporary style. The hotel in Oklahoma City epitomizes this style and as you approach the hotel, you notice the exterior that oozes historic elegance.

ambassador hotel in oklahoma city

The philosophy adopted by the four different Ambassador Hotels (OKC, Wichita, Tulsa and Kansas City) is as follows:

Experience our refined style of hospitality, where a devotion to the guest experience is a signature of every stay.

I think this eloquently portrays the experience that guests have when they stay at one of the Ambassador hotels. We can certainly attest to this following our time in Oklahoma City.

ambassador hotel in oklahoma city

Every time we left the hotel and arrived back, we would be greeted by one or more of the concierge staff. Whether it was just a pleasant “Good Morning”, or asking us if we needed anything, this was immediately a different experience to what you would normally expect from a standard chain hotel. But of course, the Ambassador Hotel is anything but a standard chain accommodation!


1200 N. Walker Avenue,
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Tel: (405) 600-6200


Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City

Hotel Amenities

Luxury Chauffeur Service

If you read our recent post on the best neighborhoods in Oklahoma City, you will know that the Midtown district is a booming area with delicious local cuisine options. The Ambassador Hotel is located perfectly in the heart of this district and provides easy walking access to a myriad of other neighborhoods such as Automobile Alley and Bricktown.

ambassador hotel cadillac escalade

If you want to visit another part of the city outside of your walking distance, don’t worry because the hotel offers an amazing complimentary service in a luxurious Cadillac Escalade to any location within a three-mile radius of the hotel. It’s like having your own personal chauffeur for a few days.

Fine Dining

A sophisticated, cosmopolitan style hotel wouldn’t be the same without dining options to match the overall feel of the establishment. The Ambassador Hotel in Oklahoma City certainly doesn’t disappoint in this department with two awesome options to grab some delicious looking cuisine or grab a drink to wind down after a long day.

The Viceroy Grille is a full-service restaurant located on the first floor of the hotel, offering a plethora of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

viceroy grille

This restaurant combines a casual atmosphere with upscale cuisine created by head chef, Leonard Novak. If you prefer room service, the Viceroy Grill offers a full menu also.

viceroy grille ambassador hotel

Meanwhile, if you want the ultimate experience while staying at the Ambassador Hotel, head to the seventh floor to visit the awesome rooftop bar. When you combine stunning panoramic views across Oklahoma City with a full bar service, this is a pretty cool setting to relax while enjoying your favorite drink.

o-bar views across oklahoma city

The O-Bar offers some of the best views of downtown Oklahoma City and you choose to sit either inside by the large glass windows or head outside on the patio to enjoy the evident beauty.

the o-bar views

Relax or Be Active

Whether you want to relax in one of the contemporary style chairs in the quiet lobby area or perhaps head to the gym for a few miles on the treadmill, this hotel offers both options to meet your needs.

ambassador hotel patio

An outdoor swimming pool is also available during the summer months along with a patio area with relaxing lawn chairs.

ambassador hotel lobby

I love the à la mode decor throughout the interior of the hotel. The finest details are meticulously evident through paintings, furniture, and ornaments that perfectly blend with the hotels style.

ambassador hotel in oklahoma city

The Rooms

By now we have established that all the ‘add-ons’ and benefits associated with a hotel are top class at the Ambassador Hotel in OKC. But you are probably wondering about what we all associate as the main component of any hotel – the quality of the rooms!

ambassador hotel in oklahoma city

After a smooth check-in process, we headed to the fourth floor and after walking along a gorgeous hallway we entered our room and immediately realized that we were in for a great experience.

ambassador hotel okc

The bedroom was spacious, fresh and decorated perfectly to match the prestigious style of the Autograph Collection by Marriott. We particularly enjoyed the pillow on the bed depicting a variety of cities from around the world.

ambassador hotel okc rooms

I claimed that they knew travel bloggers were here but perhaps it was just a nice coincidence!

ambassador hotel room

For those of you that need to get a little work done, the desk is accompanied with an extremely comfortable chair making a perfect workspace to follow-up on emails or catch up on social media.

ambassador hotel bathrooms

The bathroom had an elegant appearance with a marble countertop combined with a glass enclosed walk-in shower. Although we didn’t spend too much time in our hotel room, it’s always nice to know that when you return to your room for the evening, you have a comfortable bed waiting for you and somewhere that you can relax.

ambassador hotel


After a relaxing experience staying at the Ambassador Hotel in Oklahoma City, we can certainly recommend this to anyone planning a trip here. The hotel’s location is one of the main reasons why this is such an attractive option for visitors in OKC.

From the rooftop O-Bar with stunning views across the city to the luxury Cadillac Escalade service, this hotel is certainly worth considering if you love boutique style accommodations.

Disclaimer – We would like to thank Visit Oklahoma City for hosting us on this trip. These are solely our personal opinions/experiences and we were not financially compensated for this post. 

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  1. Great post! I’m born and raised in Oklahoma, but living in DC now and when I come home the Ambassador often seems to play a role in our trip, either because I’m staying there, my parents are staying there to visit us in the city, or we go to that fantastic O Bar. It’s a great addition to midtown and I’ve enjoyed seeing the area grow over the years.

    • Thanks Kacy, it really is a great hotel and one that we would definitely stay at in the future when we return to OKC. Definitely agree with you on the Midtown district…plus of course the Ambassador Hotel is next door to Waffle Champion which is a must for anyone visiting the area! More on best places to eat in OKC to come though 🙂

  2. Wow the rooms are quite plush and modern, just the way I like to indulge and stay in a wonderful hotel. I love the rooftop deck and the views are stunning, would probably go there for sunset and see those nice skyline views

    • Exactly Noel!! This is the perfect spot to capture a great sunset but we actually were very fortunate to see one from the patio by the pool which I can imagine would be pretty spectacular in the heart of summer. Either way, it offers a great location for skyline views and why wouldn’t you want to relax with your favorite drink here! We were pleasantly surprised to see the rates around $150 per night which is awesome for this quality of a hotel.

    • It really is a great service Heather but I also love the fact that much of downtown OKC is within walking distance of the hotel so either options are certainly viable if you choose to stay here.

  3. I’ve been to the airport, but not out to the city. I’ve been to Tulsa though; did an overnight there. Maybe time for a visit to OKC again.
    Nice car for short trips. Is there a hotel to airport transfer? If so is there a charge or do I have to a taxi?
    So is the pool just off to the left or part of the patio becomes the pool? I was not sure from your photo.

    • Kerwin, the pool is actually behind what you can see on the photo so if you were taking a swim you would have views of the skyline from the pool! We drove to OKC from Arkansas so didn’t need to deal with the airport but it is located about 9 miles from the Ambassador Hotel. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they provide transportation service to the airport so you would be using a taxi or rental car.

  4. The building itself looks regal, and if it isn’t too expensive then I say it’s a pretty good deal. When visiting someplace, I always want to be situated in a spot where I am able to move around fairly easily. Also, that rooftop spot looks like an awesome spot I can spend an entire afternoon in. Will look for this next time I go to Oklahoma.


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