Best Local Coffee Shops in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

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With 32 miles of pristine beaches, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama is the perfect location for a relaxing getaway. Home to a collection of fresh seafood restaurants and a variety of indoor/outdoor activities, it’s no surprise that the Gulf Coast is a popular destination. However, one thing that may surprise you is that Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is a haven for delicious coffee. During our recent visit to the Gulf Coast, we set out on an adventure to experience the best coffee in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and we can 100% attest that this stretch of coastline does not disappoint.

best coffee in gulf shores

When it comes to local coffee shops, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offers a number of awesome options which we will cover throughout this post. Forget chain coffee shops such as Starbucks and instead, indulge in a collection of vibrant, relaxing coffee shops that epitomize everything there is to love about this part of Alabama.

best coffee in gulf shores and orange beach

We have been fortunate to visit a number of local coffee houses in both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, and the difficult choice is picking which is our favorite because every one has a unique characteristic that makes it an appealing place to visit.

buzzcatz coffee cupcakes

Best Coffee in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Let’s take a look at the best coffee shops in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. We have visited the Gulf Coast on numerous occasions and only on our recent trip did we decide to explore the coffee scene.

our coffee gulf shores

We spoke to several locals and they admitted that they were unaware of several of the newly opened coffee shops and we look forward to hopefully encouraging more folks to visit these awesome spots during their trip to the coast.

  • The Southern Grind Coffee House
  • The Happy Pappy
  • Beach Girl Coffee
  • Our Coffee
  • BuzzCatz Coffee and Sweets
  • Foam Coffee

From The Southern Grind Coffee House that perfectly represents the nautical theme we associate with the coast to Foam Coffee which has an open-air, relaxing ambience to it, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach has a collection of coffee shops that could quite easily fit into any other destination that celebrates the coffee scene.

happy pappy coffee

For a destination that is all about the beach, backcountry trails and other outdoor activities, there is something quite magical about the coffee shops in this area, making this the perfect destination for a long weekend getaway, even if the weather isn’t cooperating. As always, this is by no means an exhaustive list of coffee shops in the area and we strongly encourage you to post your recommendations in the comments section below.

The Southern Grind Coffee House

Have you ever visited a coffee shop and immediately felt at home? That’s the feeling you get the moment you walk into The Southern Grind Coffee House. Whether you are visiting the location at The Wharf or along the coast on Perdido Beach Boulevard at Hotel Indigo, you can be sure that you will leave having experienced an amazing coffee shop. Both locations are on the Orange Beach side, but even if you are staying in Gulf Shores, the short drive is well worth the effort…you will not leave disappointed!

southern grind coffee house orange beach

From a variety of delicious espresso beverages and accompanying flavors, to a wide menu offering breakfast and lunch options, The Southern Grind offers a diverse collection of items to satisfy every tastebud.

southern grind coffee house

When you think about Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, or any destination on the coast for that matter, you will likely think about seafood, boats and a general nautical theme. The Southern Grind perfectly represents everything there is to love about this theme with the decor, and turquoise colored vibe throughout the design elements in the shop.

southern grind coffee house the wharf

“The House of Turquoise” as it is known among locals and visitors alike never fails to satisfy every customer that walks through the doors. While staying at the condominiums by Young’s Suncoast overlooking The Wharf, we took the short stroll to The Southern Grind on several occasions to enjoy a Salted Caramel Latte, Vanilla Creme and even a decadent “southern style” breakfast.

southern grind coffee house breakfast

There is nothing quite like southern biscuits and gravy, topped with fried eggs or a Hawaiian roll breakfast sandwich to start the day.

You never know what unique array of gifts and home décor you will find in our old antique boat. 

The Southern Grind Coffee House
southern grind coffee house decor

If you are looking for the perfect place in Orange Beach to catch up on work or enjoy reading your favorite book, The Southern Grind is perhaps the best place in town to achieve this. The difficult part will be avoiding the temptation to browse the decor that is available for purchase but should you avoid this, you will enjoy the perfect setting while indulging in delicious coffee.

southern grind coffee

For more information on both locations at The Wharf and Hotel Indigo, check out The Southern Grind Coffee House website.

southern grind coffee house wharf

The Happy Pappy

The newest coffee shop to open in Gulf Shores is the wonderfully named Happy Pappy’s Coffee House. After opening their doors to customer in early October 2019, this coffee shop has immediately captured the attention of locals and visitors alike, not only because of the gorgeous interior but also through the delicious coffee that is served by the resident baristas.

happy pappys coffee house gulf shores

Located in the midtown area of Gulf Shores, this new construction has a spacious interior with plenty of seating ranging from an area with a sofa to a variety of tables and chairs throughout the modern space. With plenty of windows offering a myriad of natural light, Happy Pappy’s is definitely going to continue to grow as a popular social spot for folks to enjoy a latte while catching up with friends.

happy pappy's coffee house

If you are looking for the signature drink at Happy Pappy’s, consider sampling the frozen hot chocolate. Heather couldn’t resist the temptation and she indicated it was just as good as the barista suggested it would be.

happy pappy's coffee house

I enjoyed a caramel latte and with a plethora of fresh pastries to choose from, there is definitely a wide menu to satisfy everyone looking to enjoy a late morning snack or early afternoon tea.

Coffee and Friends make the perfect blend

When I read the above quote on an ornament shaped like a coffee mug, I immediately realized the philosophy Happy Pappy’s is trying to adopt. They are creating the perfect social space for friends and family to enjoy coffee and I am convinced they have already achieved this. Given that they are such a new coffee shop in the area, it will be interesting to see how they grow in the near future.

happy pappys coffee house gulf shores

Beach Girl Coffee

For those of you looking to enjoy a quick visit to a coffee shop, Beach Girl Coffee is likely to be your best option. Serving a variety of espresso and non-coffee beverages through Gulf Shores’ only drive through coffee shop, Beach Girl is the perfect place to visit if you are heading out of town or simply want to grab your favorite drink before heading on to your next adventure exploring the area.

beach girl coffee

Offering a mixture of standard and seasonal drinks, Beach Girl Coffee caters to every visitors need. Whether you are looking for a Pumpkin Spice Latte or perhaps a frozen smoothie, there are plenty of options on the menu at affordable prices. Heather couldn’t resist the cotton candy smoothie and I enjoyed an iced white chocolate latte. The location combined with friendly service creates the perfect environment for a quick coffee shop visit.

beach girl coffee gulf shores

Serving freshly roasted coffee, every beverage at Beach Girl Coffee is individually handcrafted and meticulously created to satisfy every customer that passes through the convenient drive through location.

beach girl coffee

I think Beach Girl Coffee could consider adding a “seated area” outside this location and a walk-up window, as I truly believe more people would enjoy hanging out here while enjoying the plethora of drink options.

beach girl coffee gulf shores

Our Coffee

Our journey around the best coffee shops in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach continued when we visited Our Coffee, located inside Tambo’s Surf Shack in Gulf Shores. In terms of location, this may not be the usual spot where you would expect to find a coffee shop but after walking inside this surf and dive shop, we immediately fell in love with the coffee house.

our coffee gulf shores

If you are looking for the perfect Instagrammable coffee shop, look no further than Our Coffee. With a variety of gorgeous decor, including a swing with the turquoise wall as the backdrop, Our Coffee is a vibrant, hip environment for coffee connoisseurs to enjoy their diverse espresso offerings.

our coffee decor

Our goal with our coffee is to pour love into our super rad beach community.

John & Brooke Davis, Co-Owners – Our Coffee

Pay an extra $2 to take home one of the Our Coffee mason jars which you are served with any iced or frozen beverage. The selection of seasonal favorites, including the Maple or Pumpkin Spice lattes in Fall are definitely worth experiencing.

our coffee

Our Coffee have created a relaxing atmosphere in this space to either read your favorite book or catch up on work. The blend of nautical, natural and eco-friendly decor works well in this coffee shop and creates an idyllic location for those focused on sustainable travel.

our coffee gulf shores

BuzzCatz Coffee & Sweets

Is there any better combination that delicious coffee combined with freshly prepared pastries and other sweet treat delicacies?

buzzcatz coffee and sweets orange beach

BuzzCatz Coffee & Sweets are solely focused on creating the optimal experience for visitors by creating delicious, freshly baked sweet treats, ranging from traditional cupcakes, scone and cookies, to local favorites including the BuzzCatz poptart.

buzzcatz coffee and sweets

Local chef, Kimberly Asbury, is the pastry chef and general manager at BuzzCatz and has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Her focus is to create anything that people truly enjoy and it’s no surprise that many of her masterpiece pastries are some of the most popular along the Gulf Coast.

best coffee in gulf shores and orange beach

Visitors to the Gulf Coast will know that experiencing the best places to eat in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach epitomizes the local tradition of having an “unforgettable dining experience.” BuzzCatz perfectly continues this tradition by uniquely serving a collection of pastries and espresso infused beverages that inspire visitors to return time and time again.

buzzcatz coffee and sweets

So, the million dollar question is…what do you order at BuzzCatz Coffee & Sweets? The simple answer is anything! You really cannot go wrong with any of the menu items and it’s purely personal preference. From the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to the salted caramel scone and cupcakes, you will leave satisfied regardless of what you order.

buzzcatz chocolate chip cookies

Perhaps the cinnamon rolls or southern inspired biscuits will tempt you but the difficult decision will be knowing when to stop ordering…why not just try a little bit of everything!

For details on what you can expect to find, check out BuzzCatz Coffee & Sweets website for more information.

buzzcatz coffee and sweets

Foam Coffee

Do you love clean, spacious, airy coffee shop environments? If the answer is yes, Foam Coffee in Gulf Shores is likely going to jump to the top of your bucket list of coffee shops to visit along the Gulf Coast. As you enter this local establishment, you immediately notice the bright, open environment, combined with plenty of seating and a counter with a cool looking menu board behind it.

foam coffee gulf shores

Foam Coffee is all about perfecting the details when it comes to creating your preferred beverage. Whether you are opting for a Fall classic, such as the Bourbon Caramel Cortado, or perhaps sticking with a more traditional flavor, you cannot help but admire the barista carefully manipulating your preferred milk choice into the cup. The end result – a decadent concoction that could easily compete with the best coffee options among the competitors in the area.

foam coffee gulf shores

With plenty of breakfast options to choose from, Foam Coffee is more than just a coffee shop. But for those of you wanting to hang out in a welcoming atmosphere with your favorite latte, this is certainly one of the best choices in the area.

foam coffee interior

Check out full details on Foam Coffee to learn more about seasonal menu offerings.


Before starting out on this adventure to explore the coffee scene in Gulf Shores and Orange, I honestly would never have guessed that this area would have so many awesome options for those that love local coffee shops. After visiting six unique coffee shops in both locations, we are 100% convinced that this is a thriving area and it wouldn’t surprise me if more local establishments decided to open their doors in the near future.

happy pappys coffee house

We love visiting coffee shops to not only experience the best local roasts in the area but also to relax and use the space to catch up on blog work. Aside from Beach Girl Coffee which is the perfect spot to just grab a drink while on the go, each of the other coffee shops have unique characteristics that make them an appealing environment to visit and spend several hours enjoying the atmosphere while sampling delicious beverages and fresh food.

buzzcatz coffee and sweets

I don’t think it’s fair to pick a favorite given that we feel all of the aforementioned coffee shops are worth visiting and we are already excited about our next trip to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to experience each and every one of these again.

best coffee shops in gulf shores

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