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Texas may be renowned for being home to Dallas (city and TV show), the Longhorns, George Bush and much more, but did you also know that there is an awesome local coffee shop scene in a number of locations across the state? During our recent visit to Texas, we headed to Austin for a conference and after exploring more epic street art in Austin, we headed north to the city of Waco to experience not only the iconic Magnolia Market at the Silos but also the coffee shop scene. If you love coffee, you will want to keep reading as we check out the best coffee in Waco, Texas.

magnolia market silos

Local coffee shops are appearing in pretty much every destination around the world and certainly for good reason. Not only do they offer locals and visitors alike the opportunity to sample local coffee, it is also the perfect “hangout” spot for folks to gather, catch up on work or simply socialize with friends and family. Whether you are a fan of chain establishments such as Starbucks or you prefer to visit local coffee houses, you can be sure that most locations you visit will have somewhere that you can find that perfect “Cup of Joe”!

waco street art

Texas is a state renowned for many things but coffee is probably not one of the first things you think about when associating the Longhorn state. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will be convinced to head to the vibrant city of Waco and check out some of the most distinctive and unique coffee shops that we have stumbled across anywhere in the world.

dichotomy coffee and spirits

Let’s take a look at Waco’s coffee shop scene and find out why it didn’t take us long to fall in love with the best local spots.

Best Coffee in Waco

Home to the Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco Mammoth National Monument and of course, the various locations that iconic TV series Fixer Upper is associated with, you could be forgiven for thinking that Waco is a city with plenty of things to experience without needing to check out a variety of local coffee shops.

bru artisan coffee sign

But what better way to keep you energized than by visiting a couple of local coffee houses that provide delicious espresso beverages, unique characteristics that make them so aesthetically pleasing and cool spots to relax with friends or your favorite book.

Waco has several local coffee shops and just like any other destination, it’s an ever-changing landscape. Here are the coffee shops we visited and which we consider to be the best in Waco.

  • Common Grounds Waco
  • Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits
  • BRU Artisan Coffee Works
  • Cafe Cappuccino
  • Pinewood Coffee Bar
  • Magnolia Press

Whether you prefer coffee shops that roast their coffee in small batches or perhaps you love the experience of a French press, this collection of locations in Waco offers something for every preference. From seasonal lattes to traditional Americano’s and much more, you can be sure your personal favorite will be available at one of these awesome local spots.

common grounds mugs

Common Grounds Waco

Waco is home to Baylor University and with that is a large student population that frequently find their way to Common Grounds coffee shop. With two separate locations across the city, Common Grounds is a hip, vibrant coffee shop offering decadent and creative espresso infused beverages.

common grounds waco menu

The main location can be found on South 8th Street, just a short walk from the Baylor campus and offers the perfect spot to catch up on school work or relax among friends while enjoying a friendly ambiance and delicious coffee.

Head outside around the back to sit on the balcony overlooking a space that has been transformed into a live music stage and amphitheater style seating around the edge. Renowned as the “premier music venue in Waco,” this is the perfect area to enjoy local musicians while indulging in a variety of beverages and freshly baked pastries.

common grounds music venue

The infamous “secret sauce” (no one quite knows what goes into this “syrup” but be sure to ask locals and I’m sure they will give you a few ideas!) is one of the popular reasons for visiting Common Grounds, so be sure to ask for a drink with this included. I opted for the Caramel Coffee Crunch but perhaps the legendary Cowboy Coffee which can only be found at Common Grounds will be too tempting to resist.

common grounds caramel coffee crunch

Before you leave Common Grounds, be sure to take a selfie in front of the Waco sign at the top of the coffee shop. This is frequently known as one of the best locations to grab a selfie or simply take a picture of this iconic coffee house.

common grounds waco coffee shop

Check out Common Grounds Waco for further details on menu options and upcoming live concerts.

Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits

If you visit coffee shops with the intention of spending quite a bit of time there, one of the best spots in Waco is the wonderfully named Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits, located in the heart of the historic downtown area. This urban environment offers a “vintage-chic” space with plenty of seating to relax while enjoying one of the perfectly hand-crafted beverages.

dichotomy coffee and spirits waco

One of the main benefits of visiting this coffee shop is that it is combined with a cocktail bar, creating the perfect combination for everyone to enjoy dependent on personal preference.

dichotomy definition

Whether you are looking to sample the delicious cookie butter latte (seasonal favorite for sure!) or perhaps visit Waco’s premiere spot for indulging in your favorite cocktail, Dichotomy is undoubtedly one of the best places for all your needs.

best coffee in waco

The coffee house side of Dichotomy offers all of your traditional favorites but it’s those seasonal concoctions and the locally inspired “1885” drink that are likely going to intrigue you. How does a Dr. Pepper combined with espresso, served over ice sound? If this doesn’t sound too appealing, we can assure you that any beverage that you choose here will be meticulously prepared and you won’t leave disappointed.

dichotomy coffee cookie butter latte

The cocktail bar epitomizes everything there is to love about Waco’s speakeasy neighborhood with the local menu here reflecting this – perhaps the Pre Prohibition Old Fashioned or the Dichotomy Old Fashioned will spark your interest. Regardless of your taste, the cocktail bar is the perfect transition after a long day catching up on work in the coffee bar space.

Check out Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits for details about the coffee shop and cocktail bar menus along with much more information on this historic location.

BRU Artisan Coffee Works

Have you ever visited a coffee shop that is located primarily in a vintage elevator? We hadn’t either until we experienced BRU Artisan Coffee Works just a short walk from Dichotomy Coffee & Works.

bru artisan coffee works

Who would have thought that a former elevator could be transformed into a coffee bar, creating the perfect space for the baristas to create their perfect masterpieces for all coffee and tea drinkers.

bru artisan coffee works waco

Take a moment to think about a traditional coffee shop setting before you walk into the historic Praetorian Building in downtown Waco. The moment you enter and see the friendly barista waiting to take your order, you will realize that any preconceptions of a coffee shop are completely reversed at BRU Artisan Coffee Works.

bru artisan coffee bar elevator

BRÛ serves espresso made from locally roasted beans right here in Waco


The difficult choice will be deciding what to order because although coffee is a prevalent choice here, the wide variety of teas on offer (including seasonal specialities such as apple pie flavor!) are likely going to be too tempting to resist.

bru artisan coffee works

With seating available inside and outside, BRU Artisan Coffee Works is certainly a place with a very European feel to it. But even the most iconic European coffee shops would struggle to compete with the uniqueness of this place.

bru artisan coffee works indoor seating

It’s one of those spots that you won’t forget given the distinctive features that make this so appealing (in addition to delicious coffee and tea!).

bru artisan coffee works elevator shaft

Cafe Cappuccino

Downtown Waco is a hub for coffee shops with several located within close walking distance. Instead of picking one, why not visit all three because each one is unique and worthy of a visit! Next stop on your downtown adventure is Cafe Cappuccino which is the perhaps the best option if you are looking to enjoy breakfast or lunch to accompany your preferred espresso.

cafe cappuccino waco

When it comes to extensive latte and cappuccino options, Cafe Cappuccino is certainly one of the best in Waco with a plethora of menu options to make your decision incredibly difficult. Whether you have a sweet tooth or simply want to enjoy delicious coffee, Cafe Cappuccino has something for everyone.

From a butter rum latte to a gingerbread seasonal favorite, the list is almost endless…just like the bottomless cup of coffee which is also an option for the traditionalists visiting. The downtown location is one of three scattered across Waco (Uptown and Hewitt neighborhood locations are also available).

Check out Cafe Cappuccino for menu details of beverages, breakfast and lunch choices.

Pinewood Coffee Bar

For those that love the genuine taste of freshly roasted coffee, there are not many better places to visit than Pinewood Coffee Bar located along Austin Avenue in Waco.

pinewood coffee bar

Transformed into a coffee shop from a former dental office, Pinewood may not be the first place you think about visiting to sample delicious coffee. When you hear that Pinewood is focused on two concepts – coffee and hospitality, you quickly realize that this is a coffee shop worth visiting to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee while embracing the atmosphere inside this location.

pinewood coffee bar

It’s all about creating a family friendly experience Pinewood. Everything from green coffee farmers, to the local baristas and extended to the patrons that visit this location are taken care of to the best of Pinewood’s ability. No detail goes untouched and this is apparent as you walk through the door and admire the quirky yet detailed decor that creates the perfect environment for visitors to enjoy their favorite coffee.

When I say quirky, the layout of tables and chairs surrounds the central bar area which is perfectly located to ensure everyone’s attention is on the focal point of this coffee shop – the bar where all of the magic happens to create these delicious drinks. It’s no surprise that Pinewood Coffee Bar was featured on the shortlist for the best coffee in every state 2019 courtesy of Food+Wine.

The adjacent Pinewood Public House offers yet another perfect location to enjoy both a coffee and a beer later in the day. The patio area in between is the perfect spot to enjoy the best of both locations.

Check out Pinewood Coffee Bar for more details on this popular spot in Waco.

Magnolia Press

A visit to Waco wouldn’t be the same without experiencing an area of the city that has evolved in recent years. Thanks to Joanna and Chip Gaines and their infamous TV show, Fixer Upper, Waco is now home to the amazing Magnolia Market and accompanying locations. In fact, Waco is home to a myriad of locations all affiliated with the Magnolia brand.

It’s fitting that our final recommendation for coffee shops in Waco is of course, associated with Magnolia given that Joanna Gaines has proudly opened the Magnolia Press coffee shop.

We believe that there’s a familiar and worthwhile pause waiting for us in a good cup of coffee.

Magnolia Press Coffee Co.

Magnolia Press epitomizes everything there is to love about Joanna and Chip Gaines. Joanna’s creativity in decorating homes is certainly on show as you enter the doors to this coffee shop. The vibrant, friendly, airy atmosphere is the perfect coffee shop environment.

Get ready to enjoy the perfectly manicured “French press” and you will soon realize why the name Magnolia Press came to fruition through the idea of creating a space where people can relax, slow down and enjoy their coffee.

Enjoy a fresh selection of pastries while indulging in your chosen coffee and admiring the beautiful architecture and design throughout this coffee shop. Check out Magnolia Press Coffee Co. for further details on opening hours, seasonal menu items and much more.


With cities such as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin, it’s no surprise that Waco frequently sits in the shadow of some of these larger destinations in the state of Texas. But that should take nothing away from a location that is rapidly growing, largely due to the impact of the Magnolia brand.

magnolia market

However, visitors to Waco should also be inspired to explore the awesome coffee shop scene and we hope that you are intrigued to experience some of the best local establishments across the city courtesy of our recommendations. As we mentioned, coffee shops are constantly evolving and with the inclusion of the recently opened Magnolia Press, it proves that this landscape is always changing.

bru artisan coffee works menu

We are always excited to hear feedback and suggestions on other local spots to find the best coffee, so please don’t hesitate and leave your comments below. We look forward to returning to Waco in the near future and experiencing more of these epic coffee houses.

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  1. You guys hit our favorites: Common Grounds and Dichotomy. With a former Baylor Bear in the family, we spent plenty of time at Common Grounds! But away from campus, we love the vibe at Dichotomy. There are a couple spots we missed, though. Maybe time to head south for a cup!

    • We figured this would be something you guys would appreciate! We are looking forward to heading back to experience Magnolia Press also as it recently opened but definitely Dichotomy and Common Grounds are great choices…then again, all of these spots in Waco are awesome! Next time maybe we need to have a group trip to Waco to experience the coffee scene again!


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