CabinZero Backpack – How to Enjoy the Perfect Weekend Getaway?

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Have you ever fallen in love with a product that you can well and truly claim has changed the way you travel? We have enjoyed using a variety of travel products, many from leading brands in the travel industry while others are from up and coming organizations looking to thrive in this saturated market. However, nothing can quite compare to the experience we have enjoyed with the amazing CabinZero backpack!

cabinzero backpack

And we are ready to share our experiences with you and after reading this post, we are convinced that you will be raring to ditch your other travel bags and add a CabinZero backpack to your collection.

Long gone are the days where you need to think about checking luggage along with finding that perfect carry-on to handle a change of clothes and all those valuable tech gadgets. With the CabinZero Backpack range, you can enjoy all of these in requirements in one bag…it’s that simple!

cabinzero backpacks

Our CabinZero Experiences

We have been using our CabinZero backpack for a little over two months on a variety of trips, ranging from day trips to long weekend getaways. We have posted product reviews before on our site after one experience but after using these bags on our weekend in St Louis, we knew that we had found something special.

cabinzero backpack

Rather than giving a typical review after a one-time use, this product deserved better and instead, we opted to use this on trips to Louisville, Dallas, Nashville and our biggest test to-date, an international trip to the Canadian national parks of Banff and Jasper over the Memorial Day weekend!

We are actually the proud owners of TWO CabinZero backpacks, notably the larger 44-liter and the smaller 28-liter option. Both are perfect for a weekend getaway and together, they provide an ideal combination for us to explore the world one weekend at a time!

cabinzero backpack

But what makes CabinZero so different to anything else in the market? Let’s take a look at why this brand is creating such a cutting-edge product and how you will quickly fall in love with the perfect companion for your next weekend getaway!

CabinZero Brand

Forget Samsonite, forget The North Face and forget all of those other high-profile brands that have a myriad of products waiting to capture your attention! Take a moment to focus solely on one brand that will change how you travel…WELCOME TO CABINZERO!

cabinzero backpack

It all started in 1993 when founder and current CEO, Neil Varden, headed on a journey or as refers to it “an epiphany” to India to explore and to find himself. Armed with a large backpack, his 6-week journey took him all around but after returning to the UK, he quickly realized two things. Firstly, he had to return to India and secondly, he needed to find a better bag.

Varden returned with a smaller bag and this time experienced India for six months but yet again, his return to the UK revealed a very similar pattern…another trip back to India was needed but this time, with the “perfect” bag!

cabinzero backpack

As we fast-forward to today, we can see how the CabinZero brand evolved! Varden developed a cost-effective solution that would not only satisfy the nomadic traveler but also the every-day traveler looking to head on a weekend getaway aboard the low-cost airlines that are dominating the international market.

Now is also a good time to mention where the name CabinZero comes from?

Cabin Sized = Zero Hassles. CabinZero. Neat huh?

After using two CabinZero backpacks for our recent travels, it’s fair to say they have 100% achieved their goal.

Socially Responsible Brand

Before indulging in the vast array of colors, designs and product lines offered by CabinZero, I want to touch on an important aspect of this brand – social responsibility. All too frequently we hear about brands that offer low-cost solutions across a variety of needs but at what cost “behind the scenes?”

cabinzero backpack

CabinZero is the epitome of a socially responsible brand on a number of fronts.

  • No Sweatshops – All factories are hand selected by Varden and he, along with his senior management team, frequently visit them to ensure high working standards are in place. All of the factories used are also part of an internationally recognized scheme that is socially responsible ensuring that no sweatshop conditions are experienced.
  • Quality and Safety – All products are inspected for quality throughout the production lifecycle and final shipment inspections are conducted by CabinZero staff in China or Vietnam. A stringent quality and safety check is a critical component in ensuring that customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases.
  • Reducing Environmental Impact – Although it’s critical for all CabinZero products to pass regulatory tests, the real benefit in reducing the impact on the environment is the creation of high-quality, durable products meaning that consumers don’t have to constantly throw away bags and replace with new ones.

These are the three key components that CabinZero strives to address with everything they produce but it’s also interesting to note that this brand is committed to supporting charitable organizations in less economically developed countries while maintaining high ethical standards.

Classic 44L CabinZero Backpack

Let’s take a look at our first CabinZero backpack, also known as Heather’s backpack given that she generally takes more clothes! Regardless of whether you are male or female, the 44-liter option is an ideal choice for everyone given that it can accommodate so many items.

cabinzero backpack

Heather is a huge proponent of the vibrant purple color and why not!! It’s gorgeous and makes it easily identifiable in the cabin, especially if there are other backpacks in the overhead space. But the CabinZero backpack is more than just a gorgeous color.

cabinzero backpack 44 liter


Here are some of the key characteristics that make this our new favorite backpack.

  • Global Luggage Tracker – Powered by Okoban, there is a built-in global luggage tracker making this safe, secure and creating a worry free product that will give you piece of mind as you travel the world!
  • Lockable Zippers – You can easily add your own lock to increase the security of this backpack.
  • 10 Year Warranty – The CabinZero brand offers a 10-year warranty on all their backpacks…and for a quick LIKE of their Facebook page, you can increase this to 25 years!

Technical Specifications

Volume: 44L
Weight: 760 grams (approx)
Dimensions: Fits 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Composition, Outer: Waterproof polyester, Lining: Polyester

Our Thoughts

We love how spacious this bag is and regardless of your desire to pack everything but the kitchen sink, we are confident that the 44-liter backpack will accommodate all of your needs. When we first opened the bag, we didn’t realize quite how much we could pack into this bag but we were quickly astounded at just how much we could fit inside the space.

cabinzero backpack

Another feature that I really love about this bag is the simplicity. We have used a variety of bags that have different sized pockets and compartments and although you may think this will help keep you organized, it can actually have the reverse effect because you have no idea where anything is.

I realize that this is a catch-22 situation and everyone has different but I challenge you to consider the CabinZero backpack as a viable alternative to those products with multiple pockets.

cabinzero backpack 44 liter

Classic 28L Cabin Sized Backpack

For those of you that already have the larger backpack, perhaps you will be intrigued by the smaller version that we have been fortunate enough to enjoy over the last couple of months. It is very comparable to its larger counterpart but marketed as an “ultra-light” option that can still accommodate your travel needs.

cabinzero backpack 28 liter

The 28-liter CabinZero backpack is the perfect bag for everyday use and also for short weekend getaways. Combine this with the 44-liter, and you have the perfect setup for a longer vacation without having to worry about carrying a number of larger bags.

Technical Specifications

Volume: 28L
Weight: 600 grams (approx)
Dimensions: Fits 39 x 29.5 x 20 cm
Composition, Outer: Waterproof polyester, Lining: Polyester

Our Thoughts

Why is the 28-liter the perfect companion to the larger 44-liter version? Well, it’s the ideal backpack to carry around as you explore on your travels while you can leave your larger backpack in the hotel with all of your clothes. You can easily fit your DSLR camera, laptop, iPad and other tech gadgets with you and still have plenty of space for a waterproof jacket, umbrella and of course, anything you choose to purchase on your travels.

cabinzero backpack

We also think this bag is trendy and modern, particularly because of the vibrant color scheme available but with a variety of colors to choose from, all travelers can benefit from this 28-liter backpack.

Another great benefit of this smaller backpack is that you can take this as your second carry-on item. On our recent trip to Canada, we took both CabinZero backpacks without any issue because the smaller version can simply slide under the seat in front of you…it’s that convenient!


We LOVE our CabinZero backpacks! It’s such a simple concept but the appearance, quality, and affordability make these great options for all types of traveler. In our opinion, there are just not enough superlatives to describe how awesome these backpacks are.

cabinzero backpacks

I know we all frequently read reviews where someone promotes a product and I will be the first to admit that I am generally very skeptical about these. However, we challenge you to check this backpack out for yourself and you will quickly realize why we are so positive. We literally found ZERO negative aspects about these backpacks.

Whether you opt for the larger 44-liter or the compact 28-liter option (or why not both!!), we are convinced that these backpacks will quickly rise to the top of your packing list and ensure that your next weekend getaway is the perfect experience. The concept of packing can be a hugely frustrating, time-consuming and difficult process…not any longer, thanks to the CabinZero backpack product line that is helping transform the way we can travel!

Disclaimer – CabinZero provided us with two backpacks in exchange for consideration of a blog post. The views contained within this post are entirely our personal opinion/experience and we received no final compensation for this.

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Chris Boothman
Chris Boothman is the co-founder of A Brit and A Southerner. Born near Manchester, England, Chris moved to USA in 2006 where he soon after met his wife and travel partner in crime, Heather. They have since embarked on an amazing journey of travel as they challenge others to follow in their paths of working full-time but also being able to travel frequently! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Chris at [email protected]


  1. Hi Chris,

    The purple color was an eye-catcher for me. Factor in the thing can fit in tight spots, but gives you ample storage, and you have a winner indeed. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  2. We are sooo tempted by these bags! Typically, we love the organizing aspect of bags with lots of pockets but…. We don’t usually “out-organize” ourselves to the point where we can’t find things. Instead, we find that things don’t always fit in those nice little pockets. We haven’t made the jump to a backpack like the Cabin Zeros, but we are definitely looking at them. Even more with your review! Thanks guys! #WeekendWanderlust

    • Honestly Rob, we absolutely LOVE them!! I’m sure they are not for everybody and it’s really going to be dependent on the style of bag you like but for us they are convenient, lightweight and make packing so much easier for us. The 44-L is a great size for a larger backpack but still small enough for a carry-on which is the perfect combination. The 28-L is ideal for carrying around while you are out and about. We say go for it!! Try one out, I don’t think you will regret it πŸ™‚

  3. Interesting! I’ve been looking for something for myself and the kids to use. They don’t like suitcases, even if they have wheels, but we needed something for them to use for weekends and camps and these might be just the perfect thing! Plus they look good enough for me to use as well.
    Anything that makes traveling easier and packing less onerous! Thanks for sharing this info.


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