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Welcome to the ‘Big D’, also known as the gorgeous city of Dallas, Texas! We headed to Dallas for the holiday weekend ready to explore the heart of this city and find out exactly why this is such a huge attraction for tourists from all around the world. Of course, what better way to experience Dallas, than by using our trusty friends at CityPASS who have yet again delivered an awesome package deal! Dallas CityPASS offers huge discounts, entrance to amazing attractions and to top all of this, an incredibly convenient service that you HAVE to try.

citypass dallas

Using the CityPASS tickets is not our first rodeo (pardon the Texas pun there!), as we have encountered amazing experiences in Seattle, New York City and Houston. Added to this a plethora of other cities scattered across North America, and you have a great service that is continue to expand on a rapid basis.

What is CityPASS?

In a nutshell, CityPASS is a booklet of admission tickets to a number of top attractions around some of the biggest cities in USA (and Canada now with Toronto included!) Each city around North America offers something very unique and provides a perfect experience to leave visitors wanting so much more.

The identity of each city can be seen through the purchase of a CityPASS, not to mention the myriad of benefits on offer including the following:

  • Huge savings – the more attractions you visit, the more money you will save! You can save up to 50% on the city’s attractions!
  • Skip the ticket lines – no need to worry about the long lines anymore! Be treated like a VIP as you whisk your way to the front of the line.
  • CityPASS booklets are valid for 9 consecutive days after the first day of use. So there is no need to try and cram everything in one day or weekend.
  • CityPASS booklets can be purchased online or at a variety of locations within the host city!

Dallas CityPASS – What is included?

Dallas may be famous for being home to the Dallas Cowboys and authentic cuisine such as barbecue and Tex-Mex, but thanks to the CityPASS you are now able to experience some of the leading landmarks and attractions that make this city a great option for a getaway.

Here are the attractions that are included in the Dallas CityPASS experience:

  • Perot Museum of Nature and Science
  • Reunion Tower GeO-Deck
  • The Sixth Floor Museum
  • George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum or Dallas Zoo

Of course choosing between the two attractions where there are options is one of the toughest choices you will have to make! But don’t worry, the CityPASS booklet includes discounts to these options as well so you can experience all five attractions if you so desire.

citypass dallas experience

I am going to share with you our experiences at the attractions we opted for. We visited all of these in two days which was definitely ample time, but you could quite easily enhance your experience by just visiting one per day dependent on your schedule.

The Sixth Floor Museum

Heather is a huge JFK fan, so as soon as she found out that The Sixth Floor Museum was included on the Dallas CityPASS experience, she made sure this was the first place we visited! This self-guided tour includes an audio experience that guides you through the history of JFK, from the moment he was elected the 35th President of the United States to his tragic death that took place outside the very location you are touring.

citypass dallas sixth floor museum

Standing inside the sixth floor of the book depository where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly pulled the trigger on those fatal shots that struck JFK as he was passing through Dealey Plaza provides an incredibly poignant experience.

citypass dallas dealey plaza

The recreation of the spot where Oswald shot JFK is a worthwhile experience, yet at the same time listening to the detailed commentary really makes you wonder about the truth of what actually happened?

sixth floor museum citypass dallas

Will we ever find out the ‘real’ truth to JFK’s assassination? Perhaps touring The Sixth Floor Museum will give you a better judgement to decide what you consider to be the truth behind this dark subject!

the sixth floor museum dallas

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

After a morning relaxing under the quiet ambience generated at the arboretum, we headed back downtown Dallas to explore the more upbeat and ‘hands-on’ experience at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. This is the perfect spot for all the family to learn everything there is to know about the world we live in.

perot museum of nature and science

From an earthquake simulator experience, to watching a tornado form and generate a vortex, this is undoubtedly a hub of nature and science not to be missed. We have been fortunate to experience these types of museums in a number of other cities, and each one provides their own unique twist on the learning experience of science.

citypass dallas perot museum of nature and science

What better way for kids to learn lifelong theories and knowledge, than by getting involved with this great hands-on experience.

earthquake simulation perot museum of nature and science

The CityPASS also includes a free movie in the 3D Hoglund Foundation Theater, a National Geographic Experience. A number of seasonal movies are available, both short and long and we opted for the Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet 3D show which was really cool and provided an insight into how these prehistoric creatures roamed the landscapes in Alaska.

Reunion Tower GeO-Deck

I LOVE skyscrapers and tall structures, so the moment I found out that Dallas’ very own Reunion Tower GeO-Deck was included in the CityPASS, I was pretty excited. We saved this experience for last and it was well worth the wait.

reunion geo-deck tower dallas

I will say that the hardest part was actually finding your way to the tower. We parked downtown in close proximity to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and The Sixth Floor Museum ($6 parking for all day is available directly behind the Spaghetti Warehouse and TGI Friday’s on N. Record St.) and we could see the Reunion Tower a short distance away. However, it took us a while to realize that you cross the railway lines, you have to head underground accessible through Union Station.

reunion geo-deck citypass dallas

The short journey up the elevator took us to the observation deck and stunning 360 degree views of downtown Dallas and surrounding area (you can view up to 13 miles away).

The GeO-Deck provides a really cool interactive experience that is very different to other comparable towers and structures we have climbed. You can use the touch-screens to view, navigate and explore everything you see in front of your very eyes.

downtown dallas reunion geo-deck tower

Head outside to really enhance your experience! The views overlooking Dallas are stunning and we were able to pinpoint a number of attractions we have experienced (of course noticing those on the Dallas CityPASS journey!)

reunion tower views

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

*** UPDATED 2019 – This attraction is no longer included in the Dallas CityPASS but is still definitely an attraction worth experiencing while in the Dallas area***

Exploring a botanical garden and arboretum was really not something I considered to be an entertaining attraction, prior to visiting Dallas. However, how wrong could I be!! Spending a leisurely Saturday morning wandering around the 66-acre Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden certainly swayed my opinion and I would strongly encourage you to consider visiting this attraction when you next head to Dallas.

dallas arboretum and botanical garden

This is the ultimate attraction for nature lovers and I think this is the perfect spot to visit for relaxation because the moment you set foot inside the grounds, the vibrant colors and gorgeous aroma generated by the floral extravaganza will immediately give you positive vibes!

citypass dallas arboretum and botanical gardens

An array of gardens combined with a beautiful collection of man-made water features, including some pretty cool waterfalls and fountains, make the Dallas Arboretum a perfect spot for a romantic getaway or perhaps a fun-filled family picnic on one of the lawns overlooking nearby White Rock Lake.

dallas arboretum and botanical garden


Dallas CityPASS lived up to all the hype and expectations I had prior to visiting the Lone Star State. We experienced four amazing attractions and each provided a very different reflection on the city of Dallas. Whether you opt for these four, or consider the George W. Bush Presidential Museum and Dallas Zoo as options, there is enough here to warrant purchasing a Dallas CityPASS booklet.

citypass dallas texas

I am delighted that CityPASS have continued to prove their worth as they continue to expand their portfolio of North American cities. Exploring any city for the first time can be an extremely daunting task when you have no idea where to start, and this is where CityPASS really benefits visitors as they pinpoint a city’s key landmarks and ‘must-see’ attractions.

We had a really awesome time exploring Dallas and I can’t wait to return in the near future to perhaps check out some of the off the beaten path locations. However, for now I am delighted to recommend the Dallas CityPASS ticket and hope you will be inspired to check this out for yourselves!

If you are interested in seeing more pictures from our experience with CityPASS in Dallas, check out our photo gallery here: Dallas, Texas.

Disclaimer – We would like to thank CityPASS for providing us with 2 Dallas CityPASS booklets for our trip. These are solely our personal opinions/experiences and we were not financially compensated for this post. 

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  1. It’s lovely isn’t it a CITYpass? They have them everywhere in Europe too. I’m going to have access to one when I’m in Budapest and can’t wait to see (and make use of) all the freebies and discounts (Hey, Dutch will be Dutch 😉 )

    • The CityPASS deals across North America are awesome. It’s great to see cities around the world adopting a similar system because it’s a great way for visitors to experience the top attractions, plus receive great discounts on them.

  2. I really enjoyed reading about Dallas and some of its sights, I’ve never been. The Sixth Floor Museum sounds interesting, and to be standing in the spot where history was altered must have felt surreal.

  3. I love city passes! They are a great way to save up while exploring the city! I recently took the Berlin city pass for 5 days, which amounted to buying the day ticket for 5 days, but it additionally offered lots of discounts!

  4. We have used City Passes while in Europe, most recently while in York,(thanks to York Tourism Board for ours) but never in the US. Hmmm…. I wonder why? Thanks for the reminder that we should be using them here too.

  5. Wait…you were in Dallas and we didn’t meet up? I’m only mildly offended because we weren’t here…we spent the long weekend exploring also! Glad you liked our home base area. So much to do and see! Next time you’re headed this way, let me know – would love to share a coffee and talk story about travel and stuff. Maybe we can even get you back into Fort Worth for some local flavor that is very different than Dallas. Meanwhile, congrats on all of the hard won success with the blog – it’s looking great!

  6. I’ve never used a City Pass, but I know they’re a more economical way to see a city’s main attractions. It seems we’re never in one city long enough to take advantage. I’ve been to Dallas only on a short business trip, but now I want to go and visit some attractions.

  7. I’ve been meaning to visit Dallas as it’s only 3 hours drive from where I live. I definitely want to see the 6th Floor Museum and the Perot Museum. I wasn’t so sure about the Tower, but now that you’ve raved about it, I think I’d enjoy it after all.

    • I may be a little biased Michele because I love tall structures, but the Reunion Tower really is pretty cool and well worth the admission price, regardless of whether you are paying alone or via the CityPASS. Definitely recommend heading over to Dallas – it was a 6 hour drive for us from Arkansas but definitely well worth it for the three day weekend!

  8. Everything is good… we managed to visit to all the places listed in the CityPASS. Dallas Museum of Art DMA is among the best spot we like. Thanks to Viator for the cheaper rate on the Dallas CityPASS.

  9. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary by touring Seattle. The City Pass allowed us to visit the attractions we wanted to see at half the price. We used all the tickets in the pass and thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

  10. I have no words to praise the blog it is very informative. I have no idea about the Dallas. In fact i have heard about it first time and really looks nice. I will go there after finishing the boston niagara falls tour. I am very excited for my this journey it is quite nice. I hope I will come back with lots of pleasant memories.


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