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Kelty Women’s Lorraine Backpack – Product Review

When we started traveling I carried my luggage and my handbag, but I quickly figured out that it was hard for me to fit my Macbook, Camera and other personal items all in one bag. I discovered the Kelty (Women’s Lorraine) Backpack and immediately knew I had found something that would fit my needs!

At first I was a little apprehensive but I grew fond of the idea of toting my backpack everywhere rather than struggling with either my handbag or camera bag. With just enough compartments and the fact that this easily stows under the seat on the plane, this backpack is a great fit for me. The vendor carries a variety of different styles, both in terms of size and color schemes to meet any of your needs. I am confident that any of the Kelty backpacks will suit you and would strongly urge you to consider this brand when searching for a new travel companion.


This backpack provides sufficient interior space for a weekend getaway or even longer trip. It allows travelers to stylishly blend into any environment and I am adamant that this backpack will soon become your favorite travel companion.

Complete with a TSA-ready laptop/tablet sleeve helps you quickly pass through airport security, there is also a handy exterior pocket that allows you to store an extra jacket or bike helmet that are readily available rather than having to dig through all those deep backpack pockets that you normally associate with them! It is made from a very durable polyester blend that makes this backpack the ultimate travel accessory for anyone planning on purchasing one in the near future .

The Pros

  • TSA-approved laptop sleeve
  • Fleece-lined media pocket
  • Organizer panel
  • Side Compression Straps
  • Dual water bottle pockets
  • Helmet carry
  • Extremely lightweight

The Cons

  • There is nothing wrong with this product


Whenever you are looking for a backpack of any sort several things come to mind: Price, Durability, and Functionality. This company is dedicated to travel needs and stands by the product. At first glance the bag may not be fashionable for some however the purpose that it serves is to create a lightweight bag that travelers can carry all of the essentials plus more easily and this backpack meets all of my needs and I hope you will give them a try. For the full range of Kelty products, check out their website here.

*In no way was I compensated for this review, this is solely my personal opinion/experience*

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Michele Morrone

Sunday 1st of August 2021

The best Lorraine women backpack. Thanks for sharing

Lisa Schofield

Sunday 8th of January 2017

I am a frequent flyer and I go travelling on my business trips a lot. Yet sometimes I am on vacation with my daughter and we both love pink backpack with fashionable design. Do you have any good recommendation on this? Thank you for your post and please keep it up.


Wednesday 5th of November 2014

So how has this done as far as durability? I know Kelty's are made to last but I also know this one is made from a thinner material than the big camping backpacks. Does it seem like it'll hold up? If you pack it full does it feel like the seams aren't going to hold? I'm looking for something that's going to last me for years and can handle lots of travel(airports, trains, buses, you name it).

Ashley @ A Southern Gypsy

Monday 24th of March 2014

This looks like a great backpack - what size is it or did I completely miss that? I'm planning on only traveling with my 38L backpack and a messenger bag for important items and camera equipment.


Monday 24th of March 2014

Ashley, this is just a 30L backpack so maybe a little smaller than what you were looking for! But it's a great lightweight option especially for the shorter, weekend type trips.

Constance - Foreign Sanctuary

Monday 24th of March 2014

Sounds great and very useful when traveling!! I love how it is functional and can keep you super organized while traveling!! Thanks for sharing!