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Keyboard Cover – Product Review

Keyboard Covers are quickly making an impact on the computing world. With many different designs and customization options out there it allows for everyone to have that unique personalization on your Macbook. For me the Keyboard Cover is more about protection, making sure the keyboard is free from dirt and grime. I do have a Union Jack design which allows me to look stylish and have peace of mind.

The variety of designs range from the stylish aforementioned to the more user-friendly keyboard shortcuts which can prove to be very useful, especially if you are a newbie to the Mac world. Switching over from an avid Windows user to a Mac user can be a tricky transition, so having a handy keyboard cover that highlights those all important ‘Copy and Paste’ functions is very beneficial.


There are several companies that makes different types of keyboard covers which allows them to range in pricing. I saw one on Amazon for $2.00. I paid $9.99 for my keyboard cover, which I still didn’t consider to be too bad, I personally just preferred this design better.

The Pros

  • Protection for your keyboard
  • Removeable/washable
  • Stylish
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Backlit keyboards are not affected
  • One size fits most Macbook keyboard

The Cons

  • Sometimes difficult to see some of the keys depending on design
  • Can feel different (depending on the person)


This is a great way to show off personal style and to also be protecting your computer at the same time. With many different companies making this product it doesn’t matter which one you buy from because you can shop around to find great deals that won’t break the bank! If you have been considering this product visit Keyboard Covers for more information about this product.

*In no way was I compensated for this review, this is solely my personal opinion/experience*

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Merlin John

Monday 31st of July 2017

The keyboard cover looks awesome and is there any other design in stock? I would like to buy one for me and make my laptop unique like yours. Also big thanks for sharing this awesome picture and wonderful page of information with the public. louvre museum private tours

Sam @

Saturday 22nd of February 2014

this is pretty cool - i would be interested to see which keys would wear out first!

Heather Boothman

Saturday 22nd of February 2014

I thought the same thing, so far so good. I haven't had any trouble with mine, would be nice if the company offered a warranty for that. :)


Saturday 22nd of February 2014

Damn I'm not a Mac user but I love gadget like this... One day they might do it for my little laptop. Do they also adapt to each type of keyboards? (For example my French keyboard is Azerty when yours is probably Qwerty so does it just not cover letters?)

Heather Boothman

Saturday 22nd of February 2014

If you want to purchase a Mac they can actually create your keyboard that way, and then just search for a keyboard cover that fits your needs. KB Covers actually has covers for different languages as well as designs.

Jeff Johns

Friday 21st of February 2014

Cool! My first thought was that it would feel too weird on my fingers, but I suppose I'd get used to it!

Heather Boothman

Saturday 22nd of February 2014

It does have a different feel but it's different for everyone. After a couple of uses you get accustomed to the feel.


Friday 21st of February 2014

That's exactly what I found Jeff that at first it was a little awkward to get used to but you soon adjust to the different feel. My main negative aspect is that whenever you press the buttons, you don't hear the noise of pressing the buttons which actually may be a positive for many folks. Heather likes this aspect but we are all different but it looks really cool and the main thing is that it keeps your prize possession clean!!