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Do you ever wonder how the technological evolution of the world has taken place over the years? One word to explain this would be ‘science’! It may sound simple but the reality is that there is an abundance of underlying complexities that comprise this concept. The best way to explain this is to experience it with your own eyes and that is exactly what we did during our trip to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.

Science is everywhere around us. Just take a moment to look around wherever you are right now and consider the intricate details that go into the theories and precise functionality of everyday products. The Pacific Science Center is an amazing experience that provides you with hands-on involvement with a myriad of exhibits.

I will add that we arrived at the Pacific Science Center just after 4:00PM, so we only had very limited time to explore all of the exhibits as the center closed at 5:00PM. Even in the short time we spent there, we were able to learn, enjoy and develop a better understanding of a plethora of concepts in the science domain.

Ground Floor Experience

After purchasing your tickets, or using the Seattle CityPASS as we did, the ground floor provides a few basic scientific models such as how mirrors work or how a zip works.

Let’s take something pretty basic such as the zip on your jacket. Who would have thought that such a basic concept as a zip would be so powerful in today’s society? You may be thinking that science has nothing to do with a zip, but the interconnectedness of either side of the zip is a theory that was designed years ago and nowadays we simply take this for granted!

Explore Variety of Scientific Theories

As you move around the center, there are essentially five different buildings to explore and certainly one hour is not enough time to experience everything. Whether you have a keen interest in learning more about “Dinosaurs: A Journey Through Time” or you want to gain a better understanding of the human body in the “Wellbody Academy”, there is something for everyone.

In addition to the various buildings full of interactive exhibits, the Pacific Science Center is home to not one but two IMAX theaters. Both of these provide daily shows and are a great way to experience what you have learned throughout the center in a 3D setting.

Boeing IMAX 3D Theatre

We arrived at the Pacific Science Center just in time to capture the final showing at the Boeing IMAX 3D Theatre. Learning about the ‘Great White Shark’, ranging from how scientists are continuing to learn more about the migration patterns of the dominant shark in open waters to the free diving with great white sharks in Guadeloupe.

The movie lasted 40 minutes and really provided a captivating experience with the great white shark. I am not a huge conservationist but also realize that animals such as the great white shark are species we should respect. The lack of knowledge we all have for this shark species is probably because of the fear factor we have for them, but movies such as this are out there to provide more information and possibly make us change our viewpoints of these creatures.

A Paradise for Children

We both really enjoyed our short yet rewarding time at the Pacific Science Center but the reality is this experience is most suited to children and enhancing their overall understanding of science.

Everything throughout the building is catered to allow children to maximize their time and experience, whether it is through the hands-on exhibits or simply from the plethora of learning materials that are readily available on the walls or by displays.

Why visit the Pacific Science Center?

You may be wondering what differentiates the Pacific Science Center from any other similar experience we have encountered such as the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia? Well, the first thing I noticed when we started walking around was the number of employees available to help answer any questions.

Customer service really goes a long way to enhancing your experience and whether you have a question about a certain exhibit or simply want directions to the IMAX Boeing 3D experience, there is always someone to point you the right way! We really enjoyed our time at Seattle’s version of presenting a science center learning experience and definitely feel that you should take a trip also because you never know what you may learn!

You can view more of our pictures from our experience at the Pacific Science Center by exploring our Seattle Photo Gallery here.

Disclaimer – We would like to thank Visit Seattle for providing us with 2 CityPASS booklets for our trip. These are solely our personal opinions/experiences and we were not financially compensated for this post. 

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  1. Love everything about science. I’ve recently been to the Starmus festival in Spain to see my admired Stephen Hawking, and now I’m grateful for this recommendation, I had never heard of it before!

  2. I loved the science center when I visited Seattle. Of course, sometimes I have the mentality of a 8 year old so that probably helped somewhat. It’s super cool, and you got to do a lot for only being there for an hour.

  3. We have the Museum of Science here in Fort Lauderdale which is very similar to the Pacific Science Center. Many of the exhibits are interactive. It makes it a fun place to go with kids. The adults enjoy some of the games as well.

  4. Seattle has some very cool ports of call and this would definitely rank up there with the best of them. I am not a big science whiz but can appreciate the magnitude of science and love places that teach kids and adults alike.

  5. I’m from Seattle and I love the Science center. I have such good memories of laying on the floor of the IMAX theater when I was a kid, before I cared that I might be lying in spilled soda or gum:)

    • I have been to several IMAX theatres but this was one of the most impressive, perhaps because the Great White Shark showing was so cool!

    • Yes, I remember visiting Eureka a couple of times when I was younger! It was only about 45 mins from where I lived in Ramsbottom! All these interactive science museums are really unique and cool!

  6. I’ve never been to Seattle but after seeing this post I know that if we visit, we will definitely go to the Science Center. We love Science Museums – fun and educational at the same time!


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