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Pocket App – Product Review

Have you ever wanted to read articles at a later time? Have you ever forgot about an article? How many of you have been traveling and found yourself without reading material?

Look no further than a great new app that I just came across – Pocket, the most convenient way to save media and review later. A cool feature is there is no need for internet connection when viewing articles through Pocket. It seems that I am always wanting to do research or read articles when I have no access to internet. The best part is this app is FREE!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.08.43 PM

I downloaded Pocket a few days ago and already I am a firm believer that this could be a life-saver on your travels. I have downloaded Pocket on my web browser to be able to save directly from the internet (a real simple process to add the icon to your Safari browser for Mac users). They also have an option to e-mail articles, I have a couple of contacts that send me articles and I can forward that article to Pocket and it will download directly to my reading list.

I have been really bad about buying a magazine and forgetting to bring it with me on trips, however with Pocket you can access the app across all mobile devices and not just iOS. This makes life so much easier and with magazines now having digital copies I can now start saving trees which of course is what we are all trying to achieve right?

These are some additional images from Pocket:

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.08.10 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.08.22 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.08.34 PM

I would strongly suggest downloading Pocket, within 4 days this has helped me get more organized and catch-up on our fellow travel bloggers!! If you are interested in downloading this app, you can find this on the iTunes site here.

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Samantha @mytanfeet

Friday 11th of April 2014

I love pocket! I discovered this a couple years ago and I love it especially on my tablet where I don't have internet. Great review Heather!

Paul (@luxury__travel)

Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

I can see how this would be really useful on your travels - just for downloading local guides, maps, restaurant recommendations, etc. So handy to have the information at your fingertips without having to wait or pay for exorbitant roaming charges.


Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

You make a really great point here Paul. Whenever Heather first spotted this app I immediately thought of those very situations where you need a tube map, local area map etc. and you have your phone but either you don't have wi-fi or don't want to pay the roaming charges. Kudos to the designer of this app because they really have captured a part of the market that was missing I think.


Tuesday 1st of April 2014

I'm addicted to this app. I put everything in pocket, even articles that I want to read right now, I usually prefer to read on my phone. It's also good for keeping favorite posts to reference later.

Heather Boothman

Tuesday 1st of April 2014

I am too!! Its amazing!! I can't believe that I just now learned about this app!! Thanks for your support


Tuesday 1st of April 2014

Great find Heather. I am forever emailing myself articles that I find and want to read but don't have the time then and there. My inbox is full of them. Just downloaded this app and can't wait to give it a go.

Heather Boothman

Tuesday 1st of April 2014

I hope that you find this app helpful! Within a week it has helped me!! :) Enjoy

Jackie De Burca

Tuesday 1st of April 2014

Wow 100% all round and FREE, amazing! Thanks for the heads up on this very cool app, Heather. Seems like a great travel companion and organiser.

Heather Boothman

Tuesday 1st of April 2014

I think its amazing and I love how fast it syncs across my devices! Amazing!! Now that I have done this review they will probably charge.. get it FAST :) ha ha