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Whenever you think about things to do in Dallas, Texas you are probably not considering visiting a furniture store and getting excited about it. Well, when you have never visited an IKEA before and are looking for anything relating to modern day furniture or household goods, this store certainly provides a delectable array of products and overall experience that will make you want to return.

Hence the reason for this post on what makes the ‘IKEA experience’ such a memorable one that will make you want to return here sometime in the future.


Located in Jonesboro, Arkansas our access to IKEA is limited to say the least. Looking at the map of US locations, our proximity to both Atlanta and Dallas are the closest warehouses and either option is at least 7-8 hours away driving. So after embarking on our long journey south across the Texas border, we decided that we wanted to make the most of our experience at IKEA. However, what we didn’t realize is that we would be visiting here three times over the three day Memorial Day weekend!

Yes, that’s right we visited IKEA on three separate occasions while staying in the Dallas region. Why? Well a couple of reasons though the primary one surely has to be because of the enjoyment level we had whilst spending time in this store. The first two times we visited, we were pushed for time so decided to venture back on Memorial Day before heading back to Arkansas.

For first time visitors to IKEA, I would certainly recommend that you consider making a list of anything that you may need for your home. On entering the showroom and marketplace, you will be surprised at just how much variety there is at IKEA. It may be wise to take measurements of spaces for furniture and most importantly ensure there is sufficient room in your car as everything comes in flat-packed boxes. That’s another story altogether though because you better be prepared to hone your handy-man skills in order to piece together some of the wonderful pieces of furniture IKEA has to offer.


Whenever you first enter the store in Dallas (specifically IKEA is located in Frisco which is one of the northern suburbs of the Dallas metro area), you have the choice of either going to the showroom or marketplace. If you are a returning visitor and know exactly what you want to purchase, you will likely go direct to the marketplace and find your item before heading to checkout. However, for the newbies out there and anyone who wants to seek some guidance on how to decorate your home Swedish style with beautiful décor, head up the escalator to the showroom and take part in the experience before your very eyes.

Our first encounter inside the showroom was in reality one of just pure awe. Where on earth do you start looking around what appears to be the size of an airport hangar? The best thing about IKEA’s layout is that it is perfectly designed to take you on a guided tour around your own home. Starting out in the living room with an array of sofas, loveseats and sectionals you have the opportunity to sit in comfort while also viewing the various room exhibitions that are on display. Every piece of furniture that you can possibly think of is in this showroom and the best thing is that everything is decked out with IKEA pieces that can be purchased on the same day. The room settings are built entirely from IKEA products, and will give you inspired ideas for furnishing, lighting and decorating your home.

Every item is tagged with the Swedish style names along with an article number and a location tag which indicates where in the marketplace you can purchase this. You can also collect a pencil and form that provides space to make notes so you can remember every item you want. The organization within IKEA is of an extremely high standard. After passing through a myriad of rooms furnished with living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and office furniture you can head down an escalator to the marketplace.


Alternatively, before heading down for the second leg of your journey you may be better advised to sample the delectable cuisine at the IKEA restaurant. Whether you are looking for a light buffalo chicken wrap or baby-back ribs, there is something here for everyone at a very reasonable price. We were fortunate that we visited over the Memorial Day weekend as they had a special where you could ‘Eat for Free’. You paid for your meal and then if you spent at least $150 in the store, you would receive reimbursement for the value of the meal. A great little incentive that I am sure worked wonders for IKEA.

The marketplace is where your credit card can begin getting a real hammering! Wandering through the masses of products with your cart and just going on a ‘shopping frenzy’ picking up some real bargains to furnish your new look home is certainly an appealing attraction in IKEA. Everything that you spotted in the showroom can now be purchased. The market hall is just what it sounds like: many different specialty shops gathered together.

IKEA is more than just a shopping experience. Evident throughout the infrastructure and design of these superstores, IKEA provides an overwhelming experience that certainly helps frame your outlook on design and décor. Whether you are just looking to furnish a 250 sq/ft. apartment or a brand new house, there is something here in IKEA that you will like.

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