Best Things to Do in Vilnius – How to Enjoy an Awesome Visit?

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Don’t you love stumbling across new destinations that you immediately fall in love with and find out that they far exceed any expectations you may have had prior to visiting? This is exactly what we experienced when we left the gorgeous Lithuanian capital city of Vilnius. Following an amazing 48 hours in Warsaw, Poland, we headed to Lithuania to experience the very best things to do in Vilnius. Just like the rest of our Baltic states adventure, this was a fast and furious journey around the Lithuanian capital but we certainly got value for money during our stay!

things to do in vilnius

Whether you are an avid historian or simply want to learn about Lithuanian culture, visitors to Vilnius will immediately realize that this is a city stacked full of rich history, heritage, and proud local culture.

Renowned for the myriad of baroque style architecture and the iconic medieval old town, Vilnius is a city that you will find hard not to fall in love with. Let’s take a look at how you can best spend 24 hours in this city (or longer if you are fortunate enough to have a few days in this part of Lithuania).

old town vilnius

Where to Stay in Vilnius?

Regardless of where you visit around Europe, you will never be short of accommodation options. Vilnius is no different and ultimately it’s going to come down to three different components – budget, location and hotel style/preference. We think that we have found a hotel that satisfies all three of these but it’s always personal preference and we are slightly biased given that we had an amazing one night stay there.

The Panorama Hotel is situated in the Old Town of Vilnius next to the Gate of Dawn and the Town Hall Square ensuring that guests are in the perfect location to explore the very best of the medieval city.

Did I mention affordable? That’s right, you can stay here for approximately $40 a night!! And finally, hotel style…well, it’s a contemporary style hotel and offers spacious rooms and an excellent breakfast buffet. What more do you need when visiting Lithuania?

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Things to Do in Vilnius

You have to embrace the history and gorgeous medieval architecture when you explore Vilnius. The majority of our time in Vilnius was spent exploring the “Old Town” and honestly, this is the best part of the city to experience.

best things to do in vilnius lithuania

I’m sure many of you that are familiar with Vilnius or at least have heard of the Lithuanian capital will know about the stereotypes of Eastern (Northern) Europe. Many of these are negative and associate the Baltic nations as being “underdeveloped.” This is far from the truth and we hope to dismiss all of these stereotypes by sharing our experiences in Vilnius.

vilnius lithuania

Here are some of the landmarks, attractions, and experiences that we encountered during our rapid tour of Vilnius:

  • Gates of Dawn
  • Church of St. Anne
  • Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral
  • Vilnius Cathedral
  • Cathedral Square
  • Three Crosses
  • Old Town Architecture

Let’s take a look at which each of these spots is significant enough to spend time exploring during your visit to Lithuania.

what to do in vilnius

Gates of Dawn

The Gate of Dawn, also known as Sharp Gate, is a city gate that dates back to the early 16th century. This monument is iconic throughout Vilnius primarily because of its religious affiliation and the intention of artifacts on these gates to prevent attacks and guard the city.

gates of dawn vilnius

Today, this is frequently referenced as the entrance to Vilnius’ Old Town but regardless of your religious affiliation, this is an architectural masterpiece that you cannot help but appreciate.

vilnius old town

Church of St. Anne

If you love gothic architecture, you are in for a real treat when you start exploring Vilnius, particularly when your eyes catch glimpse of the incredible Church of St. Anne. Dating back to the year 1500 when construction was completed, this place of worship was allegedly found by the one and only Napoleon Bonaparte, who claimed to have wanted to take this back to Paris in the palm of his hand.

church of st. anne vilnius

The reality is of course, very different but we can all live in Napoleon’s dream!

The church of St Anne is a masterpiece of the late Gothic period. (Vilnius Tourism)

The vivid colors of the red brick are stereotypical of a flamboyant gothic style architecture and this is perhaps the best example across Europe of this particular style. It is an iconic building in Vilnius, not only because of the unmistakable sight of the facade but also because of the importance for locals and visitors alike that want to visit this church to worship.

church of st anne

We caught a glimpse of the inside which consists of a baroque style architecture but the real beauty here is when you take a stroll along the street and admire the exterior of the Church of St. Anne!

church of st anne vilnius

Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral

The Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral is one of the oldest towers in the city and offers gorgeous panoramic views of the Old Town for those interested in climbing to the summit. Standing at 52 meters (170 feet) in height, it towers above the Cathedral Square and is a popular attraction for visitors.

bell tower vilnius cathedral

Aside from the spectacular views, the history of this Bell Tower is what makes this such an attractive landmark. The tower originally formed part of Vilnius’ 13th-century defensive wall, before transitioning to a belfry in the 16th century. For a small admission fee, visitors can climb the staircase to the summit and appreciate the very best of Vilnius.

vilnius bell tower

Vilnius Cathedral

The Cathedral Basilica of St Stanislaus and St Ladislaus of Vilnius is an incredible landmark in the heart of the Old Town. Although the original cathedral dates back to the mid 13th-century, the current construction was completed in 1783.

vilnius cathedral

The neoclassical style is epitomized throughout the design and in 1922, this cathedral was granted the title of “Basilica” by Pope Pius XI.

vilnius cathedral

Many key figures in Lithuanian history are buried underneath the cathedral, notably, the remains of Vytautas The Great, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, and King Alexander of Poland. The interior of the cathedral is breathtaking and well worth taking some time to explore.

vilnius cathedral lithuania

Cathedral Square

In terms of public life in Vilnius, there is no other place more iconic than Cathedral Square for locals to pass through and interact among themselves. This is a regular location for military parades, religious festivals, and other public events.

cathedral square vilnius

It is not only the most lively and important location in Vilnius but is also one of the most significant and widely known among visitors to Lithuania.

best things to do in vilnius lithuania

In addition to being the location of Vilnius Cathedral and corresponding Bell Tower, Cathedral Square is home to a number of monuments depicting iconic figures in Lithuanian history. The bronze monument of Gediminas, for example, represents one of the first rulers of Lithuania.

gediminas tower

Gediminas’ Tower was closed due to renovation during our visit but this is yet another iconic landmark close to Cathedral Square.

Three Crosses

The Hill of Three Crosses is an unmistakable sight on top of a hill overlooking the city of Vilnius. These are not just a spectacular sight but also a reflection and representation of national identity and resistance to the occupation. They were initially placed in this location in memory of seven Franciscan monks who were murdered in pagan Lithuania.

three crosses vilnius

History suggests that these crosses were first constructed in the 14th century yet were destroyed in 1950. Located in Kalnu Park, it’s fair to say that it’s a challenging ascent to reach the summit but once you arrive at the Three Crosses, you cannot help but appreciate the breathtaking views across Vilnius.

Old Town Architecture

Be sure you spend plenty of time just allowing yourself to get lost around the old streets of Vilnius. There are so many charming “back streets” that you can wander down and admire the gorgeous architecture.

vilnius architecture

Hop inside a coffee shop such as Caffeine Roasters and enjoy one of your favorite espresso beverages while interacting with locals who we found to be an incredibly friendly bunch.

caffeine roasters vilnius

If you are fortunate enough to visit Vilnius at Christmas, you can enjoy the Christmas markets where local vendors sell their homemade products. This is a great place to buy souvenirs as they are cheaper than souvenir shops scattered around the Old Town.

vilnius christmas markets


After spending an amazing day in Vilnius, our Baltic state adventure continued on to the Latvia where we spent another epic 24 hours in Riga. You will see many similarities among the Baltic cities, Tallinn included but each one has unique characteristics local to that nation.

bell tower vilnius

Vilnius is a city full of character and a rich history. You could easily spend several days exploring everything this city has to offer and we look forward to having the opportunity to return in the future to explore in more detail.

vilnius lithuania

Have you visited Vilnius or anywhere else in Lithuania?


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    • Hi Raul, you will love Lithuania! The beauty of this country aside from the inherent beauty is that it is so close to many of the other Baltic States and with the awesome Lux Express bus service (and I mean, this is 100% luxury with onboard wi-fi, touchscreen TV’s and leather seats!) taking you between places like Vilnius and Riga (Latvia) for only 5 Euros (that’s right, only 5!!!), it’s definitely a part of Europe we look forward to returning to sooner rather than later.

  1. Vilnius reminds me a little of Prague’s old town. I think I would like to visit. Would it be suitable for a solo female traveller who is also vegetarian?

    • Hi Neha, I completely agree with you that Vilnius has a similar feel to Prague! Both are amazing cities and we LOVE them both. I can 100% tell you that Vilnius would be appropriate for a solo female traveler. Neither of us are vegetarian so we don’t have the expertise or recommendations on places to eat but I am pretty confident that there will be plenty of restaurants to choose from that serve a variety of vegetarian dishes.

      EDIT…I actually just did some research on vegetarian restaurants in Vilnius before submitting this comment and have found a number of them throughout the city (both Old Town and the more modernized areas).

  2. I’ve never been visiting Vilnius and I wonder how it felt like to be there. Btw, Canada is a beautiful place to visit too. I hope you’ll get a chance to venture the place. However, you might need a visa or permit before entering the country. Anyhow, I’m gonna bookmark this for my future reference and love to share it.

  3. Presidential palace is also great place to visit in Vilnius. I will definitely plan a trip next year and will explore more in the city. Thanks for great pictures.


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