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Chris put together a similar post a couple of weeks ago which was from the ‘male’ perspective on Top 5 In-Flight Necessities, so I decided to take the initiative to talk about the same concept but from the female perspective. Of course, our needs are different and so are our followers so I hope you can learn something from this post! I remember when I flew for the first time, I was so scared about all the bad things that could happen, that I didn’t realize what a great experience it was going to be for me. It is true that once you have flown once, it’s all the same.

The first time I stepped in an airport I was so overwhelmed with the security and the people and the loudspeakers, I couldn’t get a grip on what I needed to do, however once through security, the stores and restaurants get your attention which is much more calming. By the time you are on the plane the worry is almost forgotten about until the plane moves (or at least that was my feeling!)

Flying the first time saw my mind play tricks on me and in essence it’s all a mind game when you come to flying. Thoughts of the plane crashing, the fear of the unknown and the lack of control are probably all reasons for these mind games. So my tip for you is that once you forget about the flight it is much more relaxing, well as much as it can be if you’re not in first class!

We are about to head back to England in December and as I think about packing, itineraries, shopping one thing that I would like to make sure that I have are things for the flight. As a female, I have a few tips that help me and I hope they will help you too.



For the plane, I like to take a big bag to put all my necessities in and then take a cross-body bag to use when I get to the final destination. You are allowed to take a carry-on and 1 personal item, for the man in my life he will usually carry a backpack for all the electronic devices (at least that’s how it operates in our house). I will carry travel pillows, magazines, travel size toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant those type of things just in case the checked-in bag has a late arrival.

Long travel hours will require using make-up in the bathroom immediately after landing, I also carry hand sanitizer with me because the germs on a plane are everywhere – well germs are everywhere just to make sure that you are taking all the precautions so you don’t get sick at the start of your vacation. Depending on where you’re traveling to, a scarf and gloves in case the weather is cold where you are going may be beneficial. These and many more things that can fit in a large handbag that can be reached at your fingertips for all your needs are certainly what I would recommend taking with you.



Most people will tell you if you haven’t traveled before that your ears will pop, mine pop a lot I have recently figured out that when I wear headphones (that we have brought with us) it helps me SO MUCH. My ears still pop but not as bad, the headphones also serve many purposes the noise on a plane is loud and quiet at different times never at the same times that you would like it. Watching a movie or listening to music will also help with the travel time to pass quicker, at least it makes you think it will. I have just purchased a set of Beats Solo by Dr. Dre and absolutely love them!


I know that some people do not like gum, but for flying purposes, it will be your best friend, not only does it occupy your mind but it will also aid in the pain of your ears popping. If you are traveling with kids this is a must. There really isn’t a whole lot to say about gum it is really just for aiding in the flight and to try to get your mind off how long you will be on the plane for.



As I already have problems riding in a car and getting sick, a plane is no different. I take motion sickness pills with me and some pain relievers for once we arrive at our destination (e.g. England), the time difference usually affects me. I am hoping that the more I travel,  the less the problem will be. I have been on a flight where we have had layovers which that alone has made me ill. Hopefully, you will not have that issue but if you do, I too share your pain.



Last but not least any type of devices that you own that you will use in your daily living I would bring, however, please note that traveling out of the country will cost you on your bill if you decide to take your cell phone. We take our iPad with us we have previously downloaded games that could keep us entertained for a portion of the flight. Make sure you also download all the music and/or movies that you would like to listen and watch because the movies on the flight will be the same.

Some must-knows before you leave

  • One thing that many people forget is that the places you travel to will not be the same climate as you are currently leaving for. Dress/pack appropriate for both.
  • Keep in mind that when you are shopping in the airport and you buy something going to your destination, you still have to come back, it may be worth your while to make that purchase on your way back.
  • Leave your sharp objects at home. make sure you click here for the TSA guide for things that you can’t take with you.
  • When traveling domestically make sure you have your current driver’s license.
  • When traveling out of the country make sure you have your current passport.

What are your necessities when flying?

What type of carry-on bag do you take with you? Do you also take a personal item?


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Heather Boothman
Heather Boothman is the co-founder of A Brit and A Southerner. Born and in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Heather has always been a fond traveler but was only able to start fulfilling her dreams of traveling the world when she met her husband, Chris in 2008. They have since embarked on an amazing journey of travel as they challenge others to follow in their paths of working full-time but also being able to travel frequently! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Heather at [email protected]


  1. Now that I am a mum, all my necessities are kid related!! So 10,000 snacks, nappies, wipes, bottles, changes of clothes, activities etc. the only possibly girlie thing i take is lip balm. Planes always dry out my lips!

  2. Hi Heather,
    My ears pop a lot when taking a plane, sometimes I’m even a couple of days a bit deaf after flying I will definitely try the headphones tip. Great post!


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