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Portability is key when traveling, so when you have a million cables that you have to carry around it is essential that you look for ways to minimize them. By the time we have all of our technology packed I’m praying that I still have room for my toothbrush!

We were recently introduced to 2 amazing products that are a must when we travel now and certainly help minimize the number of cables you have to take with you. Thanks to Inateck who we have featured previously in our Travel Tech 101 series, the following items are really helping us to travel more portably.

2 in 1 Micro USB Cable

USB to Lightning and micro USB are two of the most popular cables and Inateck has focused their efforts to make an all in one cable that achieves both of these.

2 in 1 Micro USB Inateck

The 2 in 1 micro USB cable features a USB on one end and micro USB on the other. In addition, there is also a lightning to micro USB female adapter that is included. Both USB and lightning ends have a protective cap when not in use. Not only have I found this cable to be really cool, it is also tangle free due to its flat cable design rather than the stereotypical design you associate with cables.

2 in 1 Micro USB Inateck

The cable is 120cm in length which is longer than the majority of comparable cables on the market today. This is available for purchase for as low as $11.99 and I really think this is a bargain given its multiple uses.


  • Long cord
  • Two different ports (Micro USB and Lightning)
  • Flat cable instead of rolled
  • Very reasonably priced


  • The caps for protection are not attached
  • Lightning adapter is not attached

3-Port USB Hub with Ethernet Adapter

Many modern day computers are not equipped with Ethernet ports, frequently making it difficult to remain connected while on the go especially when traveling to countries where wi-fi is low quality.

3-Port USB with Ethernet Inateck

Inateck has developed an adapter that is a Ethernet port along with a 3-port USB hub. Considering that both our computers do not have an Ethernet port and only 2 USB ports this adapter is extremely useful when traveling.

3-Port USB with Ethernet Inateck

I run out of USB ports all the time with storing photos and putting them on an external hard drive and if I charge my phone as well, just like that, I’m out. The hub is 3.0 USB allowing for faster data transfer. By having an adapter that can handle the use of different devices, it makes it much easier to work and stay organized. This is also available on Amazon for as low as $26.99.


  • USB 3.0
  • Small, compact and lightweight
  • Built in Ethernet adapter


  • Price may be a little expensive for some


I have found the cons listed above to be very minor and certainly not a deal breaker that would prevent me from purchasing either of these products.

The 2 in 1 micro USB cable is highly recommended for the ease of carrying one cable instead of two and the cord design is convenient for storing when not in use. At the same time, the 3-port USB Hub is great for connecting all of your devices while also providing an outlet to hard-wire your internet connection.

Inateck continues their reputation of providing high quality, low priced products with both these items. I would highly recommend either or both of these especially if you are a frequent traveler.

What products do you use when traveling? How do you keep all of your cables and devices organized? Leave us a comment below we would love to know what gadget you are using! 

*Disclosure of Material Connection: A Brit & A Southerner was not financially compensated for this post. We received free samples from Inateck for consideration of review purposes only. This is solely our personal opinion/experience*

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  1. Both of these look great and very convenient when traveling! I especially like the 3-port USB Hub, as I tend to run out of usb ports all the time on my MacBook Air. And great that it also have built in Ethernet adapter! Should really have had that one when we traveled around Japan for five weeks! Hardly any hotels/hostels have Wifi in Japan, only Ethernet.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love the idea of the two in one cable since I always need the lightening for my iphone and micro USB for my nook. As long as I don’t need to charge both at once!


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