Travel Tech 101- Travel Stylishly with the Sleeper Scarf

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Have you ever been on a plane and encountered that uncomfortable pain in your neck while traveling in economy class? Well, we can’t all afford to pay for first class travel so we look for alternative methods for comfort.

Thankfully we have stumbled across the Sleeper Scarf – an amazing, innovative design that not only enhances your comfort level on the plane, but also provides a stylish accessory that will keep you looking good and staying warm during those winter months.

What is a Sleeper Scarf?

The Sleeper Scarf by Tiffany Paul is a brand new product on the market that is the ‘first ever scarf with a built-in inflatable neck pillow’. Cool right!

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This item may not have any bells and whistles like our previous technology products we reviewed, however the creative design of this accessory qualifies itself for our Travel Tech 101 series!

Add the practicality of this product and innovation that has gone into the duel functionality of the Sleeper Scarf and we feel that is a great addition to your carry on luggage.

Now you can travel fashionably and sleep stylishly!
It’s a scarf and neck pillow in one, easy-to-use travel accessory.

Much of our travel takes place during our weekend getaway road trips and there is nothing worse that being stuck inside the passenger seat of the car hour after hour. With the Sleeper Scarf, I am now able to travel in comfort and this really does help the long road trips pass by without ensuing neck pain.

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This product is an infinity scarf that has a built in pillow, you simply blow air into the pillow and you are good to go, when you want to deflate you simply press a button and it stores easily in your bag.

A Fashion Product

The Sleeper Scarf is a unique invention that introduces fashion as a functional travel gadget. I have to admit that I have never been a true proponent of ‘traveling fashionably’ but after using the Sleeper Scarf, I can honestly say that this is a true fashion item!

Tiffany Paul has done a great job introducing a fashionable accessory that all females use at some point in their day to day life and when you combine this with the neck pillow you really have a successful product.

4 Color Options

The sleeper scarf comes in an array of colors and at a cost of $65.00, it is less than a good neck pillow and a thick high quality infinity scarf.


  • Thick material
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable to fit comfort


  • This is a great product that we feel has no cons


Since all planes are different climates, I would wear layers to make sure I don’t freeze or burn up. However, I don’t have to worry about that any longer since I was introduced to the Sleeper Scarf.

I have looked at various infinity scarfs before but never wanted to pay the high price for them.  When you find one that has multi-purpose functionality, it certainly makes it easier to purchase the product.

Discount Alert (Valid Through October 2014)

***We are also delighted to announce that if you are interested in purchasing one of these Sleeper Scarfs, you can get $10 off your order by using the coupon code ABS10 through the end of October, 2014.***

Ladies, believe me when I say this is a product you have to try!

*Disclosure of Material Connection: A Brit & A Southerner was not financially compensated for this post. We received a free sample of the Sleeper Scarf from Tiffany Paul for consideration of review purposes only. This is solely our personal opinion/experience*

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Heather Boothman
Heather Boothman is the co-founder of A Brit and A Southerner. Born and in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Heather has always been a fond traveler but was only able to start fulfilling her dreams of traveling the world when she met her husband, Chris in 2008. They have since embarked on an amazing journey of travel as they challenge others to follow in their paths of working full-time but also being able to travel frequently! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Heather at [email protected]


  1. This looks AWESOME. I’m such a fan of scarves and this one is custom made for travel – SOLD! I will have to look into getting one for me…or perhaps putting one on my Xmas list (hint hint…Justin!) haha. 🙂

  2. What a great idea! Scarves are already one of my favorite travel accessories as they have so many great uses. I love the idea of the neck pillow being included. Might have to check these out before my next red eye…

  3. How cool! What a neat idea–I love scarves in the first place, so this would be a great! I wish I had one for my next flight in a couple of days!!

  4. Oh wow, this would totally be what I need. Unfortunately got no money atm but I’ll write it on my loooong want-to-have-one-day list … great way to stay stylish yet comfy on board a plane

  5. I adore wearing scarves and this is really unique! I love the concept, although I think it’s a little pricey compared to my usual budget 🙂

  6. My sleeper scarf arrived defective with a small hole in the pillow portion. When I reached out to Tiffany Paul, the owner, I was advised that my shipping charge would not be refunded and I would be responsible for return shipping even tho I was sent defective product. But then, Tiffany offered to send me a new pillow, which would’ve been satisfactory to me, but it was never sent! I sent 5+ emails over the course of 8 days inquiring about the shipping status, however there was no response. Alas now the 30-day return period is over, thus leaving me with defective, nonreturnable product which will end up in the trash. It is now clear to me that Tiffany was biding time, such that I would be unable to return the defective product due to the expiration of the 30-day return period. I am now in the process of having my credit card company dispute this charge as vendor fraud. I strongly advise that people do not purchase this item.


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