5 Epic Reasons You Should Want to Visit Georgia

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If you have taken some time to visit Georgia, you will know that there is a lot to explore, whether you are interested in heading to the World of Coke in Atlanta or perhaps you have been fortunate to get the elusive Masters tickets at the highly sought after Augusta National.

Georgia is a hotspot for many reasons, none more so than the delicious peach (more on that later). Whether you have a keen interest in natural beauty or simply look forward to exploring arts and culture around major cities, Georgia is proud to excel in all these areas.

augusta national georgia

We have visited Georgia on a couple of different occasions, experiencing the gorgeous city of Atlanta and of course flying through the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, renowned as the busiest airport in the nation.

However, before sharing our own thoughts on why you should want to visit Georgia, we are delighted to introduce Cheryl Rodewig from CherylRodewig.com who suggests why booking a trip to ‘The Peach State’ should be on your to-do list.

You can also keep up with Cheryl on Twitter and LinkedIn:

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Georgia just might be the perfect destination, and I say this as a transplanted Northerner who’s fallen in love quite by accident with the Peach State. You can hike to waterfalls and build sandcastles in the same day. Or dive into Atlanta’s multicultural scene of fashion, art, science, and tech.

If it’s food you favor, well, let’s just say there’s more than sweet tea and biscuits here. Georgia chefs are reimaging Southern staples, from hyper-local eats to fusion cuisine.

And with the world’s largest airport, it’s easy to get here. These are the top five reasons you should visit.

Cumberland Island

You could say it’s a little off the beaten track, but all the better. A pristine undeveloped barrier island off the coast of Southwest Georgia, Cumberland Island is accessible only by ferry.

cumberland island georgia

It’s not your typical island. Wild horses roam the dunes. Miles of flawless beaches stretch on end with no sign of human art or interference. Inland, the ruins of a Carnegie estate, Dungeness, have succumbed to vegetation overgrowth, but Gatsby-style magnificence, the sweeping arches, and grand entrance is still visible. It’s a place frozen in time — remote, wild and distractingly scenic.

Atlanta’s Art Scene

Atlanta’s eclectic art landscape matches its diverse population. It has a handle on the classics like opera and ballet. The downtown Fox Theatre hosts Broadway hits while originals from the masters — Monet and Pissarro — hang at the High Museum of Art.

But there’s no shortage of the unconventional. Case in point is the Goat Farm, a repurposed industrial site serving as an incubator for creativity. From mechanical puppetry to choose-your-own-adventure theater, I’ve seen it all there.

visit georgia

Or take GloATL, an innovative dance company that thinks it not unusual to dance through a city. Top that off with the Atlanta Fringe Festival each summer, and you have art for every style.


If you had to sum up the South in one quintessential place, it just might be Savannah, Georgia. The city has all the elegance, indulgence, and warm Southern hospitality to make you fall in love. Stately live oaks drip with lace-like Spanish moss. Tea parlors serve clotted cream and strawberries. Secret gardens peek out from behind elaborate wrought iron gates downtown. They even have their own beach playground: Tybee Island.

visit georgia

It’s a historic city where you can commune with ghosts in ancient cemeteries or tour relics of the past like the one-time plantation, Wormsloe. Enjoy it at its own pace: slowly in a horse-drawn carriage, gently while dancing on a moonlight river cruise.

Gibbs Gardens

Gibbs Gardens was conceived as a pleasure garden, like the flower-filled parks of old Europe, where you would go to pass an afternoon long before TV or Internet. But gardens are timeless, and this one delivers on what was intended: truly contagious pleasure.

gibbs gardens georgia

There’s an effusion of color in all seasons, from the creamy yellows of 20 million daffodils in early spring to the brilliant reds and golds of autumn. The 40-acre Japanese Garden is the largest in the nation, an absolute masterpiece of form and landscaping. Elsewhere, ferns, fountains, terraces and bridges ornament the estate and delight the senses.

North Georgia Mountains

Quaint mountain towns and unspoiled nature, Georgia’s Appalachian foothills are a welcome respite from everyday urban life. Choose a city as a home base for your rambles. Helen is restful, fashioned after a Bavarian Alpine village, yet a little wild once a year for Oktoberfest. Dahlonega is fun with its town square, old-timey General Store, vineyards and gold mines.

north georgia mountains

Nearby, state parks combine stunning scenery with plenty of activity: fishing, kayaking, rafting, and caving. They also preserve a treasure trove of natural wonders built on an epic scale. Climb the over 600 steps to the top of Amicalola Falls or descend 1,000 feet into Tallulah Gorge. Don’t forget your camera.

Visit Georgia – Our Thoughts

Although our experiences in Georgia are certainly not at the level of Cheryl’s, we have seen enough to inspire us to explore more. Simply driving from Arkansas to Atlanta through the scenic countryside along the interstate is an eye-opening experience and of course, once you reach Atlanta, there are plenty of reasons that will make you want to stay longer.

atlanta at christmas

Atlanta is one of our favorite cities, especially at Christmas when the lights and magic in the air creates a wonderful atmosphere for all the family to relax and be part of the festive spirit.

world of coca cola

The World of Coca-Cola offers a cool experience to learn all about the history of the world’s most iconic beverage and of course, the “Taste It” area allows visitors the opportunity to sample over 100 domestic and international Coke varieties.

visit georgia

Ok…so you are probably still wondering what all the fuss is about over the infamous ‘Georgia Peach’.

I read an article recently that stated the following about Georgia peaches.

Once you start eating them, it’s nearly impossible to stop.

It’s called the peach state for a reason and Georgia peaches live up to the hype. But just like many other states, as you can see there are plenty of other reasons that should entice you to the state of Georgia.


There is no question that Georgia is a beautiful state with an abundance of attractive reasons for visitors to choose this over alternative options in this part of the country. With the nation’s busiest airport in the heart of the state, it’s no surprise to hear that millions of visitors head to Atlanta and nearby destinations in Georgia to explore everything in “The Peach State”.

We want to reiterate our appreciation to Cheryl for sharing her favorite spots around the state of Georgia and if you feel like us, you will be raring to head back and explore more of this beautiful part of the States.

One final tip – don’t forget to sample those decadent peaches before leaving Georgia!

Have you explored Georgia? If so, where do you recommend we visit and if not, which spots are most appealing?

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  1. I would really love to visit Savannah! We were supposed to stop there as we road tripped from Tennessee to Florida but we ended up getting stuck in NC due to a small accident. 🙁 But now my parents have moved to Kentucky so maybe I’ll have a better chance! #WeekendWanderlust

  2. Although we’ve be in and through Atlanta quite a few times, we haven’t really gotten out and explored, sadly. We have spent some time in Savannah though, and absolutely love it! It does seem to be the epitome of Southern charm and grace. Nice post – definitely makes us want to do more than just lay-over in Atlanta!


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