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Exploring the World of Coke

The World of Coca-Cola truly is an amazing attraction for kids and anyone who would like to revisit their childhood. With a variety of ‘hands on’ experiences and a tour throughout Coca-Cola’s history, this venue presents the ultimate experience in learning about how this company expanded into a global conglomerate.

The tour begins with a trip down memory lane to Coke’s historical background along with an informative yet entertaining animated video of Coca-Cola’s system process. The tour guide presents these initial features but then moves away to allow visitors to roam the attractions and take in the Milestones of Refreshment displays.

Visitors can watch the In Search of the Secret Formula attraction, a 4-D presentation featuring an eccentric scientist and his assistant transporting through a time machine in search of the ultimate question across the globe – ‘What makes Coke a Coke?’


The most enjoyable experience was probably sampling the vast array of Coke samples from around the world, though the taste of many certainly left a lot to be desired. Anyone willing to try the Italian drink, the Beverly will be left wondering how anyone’s taste buds could be attracted to such a taste but maybe that was just a personal opinion.

Everyone visiting the World of Coke will leave with a special memento, a 8oz bottle of Coca-Cola with a special label and cap indicating that it was bottled at this location.

coke machine


  • Excellent array of attractions
  • 4-D animation provides a short yet thrilling ride
  • Sampling of 60+ Coke products
  • Reasonable admission prices at $16 per person especially on first visit


  • Parking nearby the World of Coke is not the easiest of tasks
  • Gift shop is a little expensive but to be expected

Overall, a worthwhile family attraction especially for anyone who has never visited this location.

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Merlin John

Friday 28th of April 2017

The coca cola world is not only amazing for kids but for almost every ages. During instant party ideas they have become a real member and we all love to have it. Thanks for exploring the details about them and keep sharing more informative posts like this.

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Friday 31st of October 2014

Great post! I will be here in December -- thanks for the head's up about the parking!