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Have you ever been on your travels and wished you could have a face mask that was easy to transport and actually worked? Well, look no further because I have found a product that works great!

I have looked around for a trial size face mask to take with me on trips that are not time consuming nor would it involve a lot of mess. The Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask is a 1.75oz tube of magic that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to keep their face feeling fresh throughout their travels around the world! This is particularly useful when you go somewhere that cosmetics and other beauty products are difficult to find.Acure Facial Mask

I have used several face masks that I would consider to have worked but either they leave you with seaweed falling all over the place or you have difficulty maneuvering your face after using the mask. With this Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask you immediately feel it working and despite having a slight tingle factor, it is well worth the $16.00 price tag that may initially seem a little pricey for this product size!

Even the directions on the back of the tube read “Apply evenly over the face until you look like a green sea-monster!” I am evidently a sucker for good humor! When you read something like this, you know you are in for a real treat.

Another positive aspect of the Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask is that it is eco-friendly as it is made from all organic ingredients which are great for all skin types to draw out impurities leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

The Pros

  • USA made Product
  • Green Monster look (only last for 5 Minutes)
  • Easy on, Easy off
  • Travel size that makes this easy to take with you anywhere in the world

The Cons

  • The scent is Argan Stem Cell + Chlorella which probably means nothing to many of you but let me tell you the initial stench is a little rough (it quickly passes but the initial smell can make your nose turn up)


Realistically this product is expensive for the size but not for the results that you get out of it (small things pack a big punch). We all know that most face masks require you to use at least once a week and of course leads to you using a lot of the product. However, with the Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask I have used this only once and have no need to use again anytime soon due to the durability and quality of this product.

This is a great product that has a big pay off if you are willing to pay the extra cost up front! For more information on this face mask and other available options, visit

*Disclosure of Material Connection: A Brit & A Southerner was not financially compensated for this post. We received free samples from Rodales for consideration of review purposes only. This is solely our personal opinion/experience*

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Heather Boothman is the co-founder of A Brit and A Southerner. Born and in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Heather has always been a fond traveler but was only able to start fulfilling her dreams of traveling the world when she met her husband, Chris in 2008. They have since embarked on an amazing journey of travel as they challenge others to follow in their paths of working full-time but also being able to travel frequently! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Heather at [email protected]


  1. Sounds like it is good for the skin and good for the soul – a good ‘green’ laugh followed by great skin!! Travel can cause your skin a lot of wear and tear (heat, exposure to sun, etc.) and this mask sounds like a great way to treat your skin!

    • Very True!! It is so hard to keep your skin healthy while traveling, however I feel that with this product it makes it easier. Also, The green face will only last about 5 minutes 🙂


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