Best Luxury Vacation Resorts in Fiji – How to Relax in Style

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Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, luxurious suites with views across the South Pacific Ocean and a myriad of on-site amenities to satisfy every traveler. These are the types of experiences you expect when you visit one of the many luxury resorts scattered across the archipelago of Fijian islands. We want to share a collection of the best luxury vacation resorts in Fiji, not only based on our own experiences but also some of the best travel bloggers around the world who have had the opportunity to stay on these amazing properties.

hilton fiji resort

Whether you choose to stay on Denarau Island close to Nadi on Viti Levu, or head to one of the remote islands for ultimate relaxation, you can be sure there are plenty of options to satisfy every type of traveler.

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Best Luxury Resorts in Fiji

If you read our recent post on why we think the Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa is the best place to stay in Fiji, you will know that we had an amazing time not only “on-site” but also utilizing this as a great place to explore the inherent beauty of Fiji. But at the same time, we are under no illusions that this type of experience is not for everyone and visiting a collection of islands like Fiji may be all about pure solitude and relaxation. There are definitely plenty of options like this if this is your preference.

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Whether you are intrigued by the thought of heading out to the best Mamanuca Island hotels or perhaps even further with the Yasawa Islands, there are plenty of hotel experiences waiting to attract your attention. With the inherent beauty of the Fijian islands offering every visitor an ultimate luxury experience, finding the perfect hotel to enhance this experience will just add to the idyllic dream-like encounter that you always wished for when thinking about a trip to Fiji.

fiji south sea island cruise

This list is by no means an exhaustive list of amazing resorts across the archipelago but it will give you an insight into the collection of breathtaking, luxury experiences that await should you choose to book a trip to Fiji. While we are not going to focus on every property, we are going to highlight some of the favorite spots courtesy of some of the most knowledgeable bloggers in the business that have been fortunate to visit these resorts.

hilton fiji resort

Let’s take a look at the best resorts in Fiji, ranging from a reminder of our recommendation on the Hilton property to some of the most spectacular, remote islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Denarau Island and Viti Levu

If you don’t want to travel too far away from Nadi International Airport, head over to the luxury Denarau Island and stay at one of the upscale properties available, all in a great location close to Port Denarau and easily accessible via the Bula Bus. Alternatively, venture to one of the other luxury accommodation options scattered around the coastline of the island of Viti Levu.

Mamanuca Islands

For those of you willing to venture out into the South Pacific and experience the ultimate, luxury Fiji vacation, the Mamanuca Islands are the perfect place to stay. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Yasawa Islands

The remote Yasawa Islands offer solitude away from the hustle and bustle of other luxury resorts in the Fijian archipelago. Here are a couple of the best options available.

Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa

Although there are definite benefits to staying on a secluded location in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean among the archipelago of Fijian islands, we think the best place to enjoy a luxury getaway is actually close to the main airport – Nadi. Located on Denarau Island, just a short 20-minute drive from Nadi International Airport is the beautiful Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa.

hilton fiji beach resort and spa

After staying four nights in a beachfront suite and enjoying all of the on-site amenities, restaurants and infinity pools, we immediately fell in love with this resort. As you pass through the entrance to Denarau Island and instantly notice the “luxury” feel to this area of Viti Levu, you are presented with a plethora of luxury brand resorts. We are loyal Hilton followers but regardless of your preference, we encourage you to consider staying at this location.

koro restaurant at hilton fiji

Gorgeous rooms, delicious cuisine on offer (including a decadent breakfast buffet at Koro, the newest restaurant on the property) and seven gorgeous pools await guests. Enjoy a late night stroll along the beach before waking up the next day to head on the Bula Bus to Port Denarau to board a day cruise to either the Yasawa or Mamanuca Islands.

fiji islands day trip

In our opinion, this is why staying at the Hilton Fiji Beach Resort is ideal. You can still enjoy day cruises courtesy of South Sea Island Cruises or other operators, while also enjoying all the amenities and benefits associated with a luxury resort. If you want the best of both worlds on a future adventure to Fiji, consider booking the Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa – we don’t think you will be disappointed!

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Heather and I were fortunate to spend an amazing four nights here recently and cannot wait to return in the future – these opinions are solely ours and we did not receive any compensation or comped stays for our visit.

Outrigger’s Castaway Island, Fiji


Have you seen the Tom Hanks movie Castaway? Then you’ll know about the idyllic settings he was stranded on. And you can actually visit! While Outrigger’s Castaway Island, Fiji isn’t located in the exact same place, it is situated on a picturesque island in Fiji called Qalito Island in the popular Mamanuca Islands. 

castaway island resort

While there’s all the usual suspects like tennis, volleyball and a host of water activities like snorkeling, SUP boarding, and kayaking. The best thing to do is to take an excursion to the famous movie location about 20 minutes away where you can recreate the scenes. On the way you can go dolphin spotting and onwards to some famous surf breaks nearby. 

While the resort is family friendly, the stand out restaurant for some calm romance is the couples-only 1808 Restaurant. Named after the year in which the first Chinese traveler arrived, it serves inspired Asian cuisine fused with Fijian dishes, Indian curries and lovo-cooked meats.

castaway island resort fiji

It’s a place to come with your better half to have a meal with your toes in the sand by the ocean. It was even awarded best restaurant in Fiji in 2014 and is by far the top choice. Water’s Edge is an all day buffet style restaurant with big portions and Nuku Marau grill, next to the children’s pool, is a good a la carte option for late breakfast and snacks.

Sundowner bar and grill is, as the name suggests, perfect for cocktails while the sun sets and they serve pretty good wood fired pizzas. And the infamous Cloud9, the floating restaurant, is 15mins away. It’s where we spotted Julia Roberts on our trip.

Thanks to Mar Pages from Once in a Lifetime Journey for sharing the experience of staying on an iconic island that is associated with Tom Hanks’ infamous movie – albeit not the same island, it’s still a breathtaking experience.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Likuliku Lagoon Resort is a stunning adults-only resort on Malolo Island, which is a private island in the Mamanuca island group, and the first in Fiji to have overwater bures. Located on a private island, the overwater bures sit in a lagoon surrounded by a protected marine sanctuary.

Designed to resemble an ancient village, Likuliku is a barefoot luxury escape with a distinct Fijian flavor. The central building is modeled after a Fijian canoe house and is an eye-catching centerpiece of the resort’s rustic chic decor.

likuliku resort fiji

Thatch and hand-woven local materials are combined with contemporary furniture to offer a luxurious experience. Bures have plunge pools, outdoor showers and daybeds. The overwater bures are fantastic, but the deluxe beachfront bures are just as lovely and right on the beach.

Island activities include snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing and Likuliku is an excellent base for deep-sea fishing and diving. There are bush walks, nature trails and visiting the island’s villages (Yaro or Solevu village) is a great way to experience authentic Fijian culture. Mondriki Island, which is the place where Tom Hanks was washed away in the movie “Cast Away”, is only a short boat ride away.

likuliku resort fiji

Likuliku is a boutique resort with only 45 bures and one restaurant, which is in a romantic spot by the water. Fijiana Restaurant has a menu of delicious South Pacific cuisine served in an intimate and romantic setting. 

Likuliku is 25 km/16 miles from Nadi International Airport, and you can get there by boat or helicopter.

Thanks to Christina Pfeiffer from Travel2Next for sharing her thoughts on why Likuliku Lagoon Resort is the perfect romantic getaway spot for your next trip to Fiji.

Radisson Blu Resort

Luxurious paradise lies a mere 20 minutes away from the Nadi International airport (NAN), the main international arrival point for visitors to Fiji. The island of Vitu Levu is often the starting point of Fijian exploration to the outer islands. However, the 10 acres tropical garden property of the Radisson Blu Resort makes it a convenient location to start enjoying tropical bliss minutes after your arrival.

radisson blu denarau island fiji

With facilities like a white-water tunnel slide, a Kid’s Club and a daily torch lighting ceremony, where children dress up in traditional costume, one might think this is a family only Fiji luxury resort.

Having spent four days at the Radisson Blu without children, we enjoyed the adults only pool encircled by swaying palms and tropical plants, the on-site spa and water activities from stand-up paddle boarding to kayaking.

radisson blu waterfall fiji

Offering six on site restaurants there is no lack of dining choices at Radisson Blu. The most unique is Lomani Wai where tables are set up in one of the four climate-controlled lagoon pools. While keeping your feet cool dangling in the water, a three-course meal is served by waiters dressed as Fijian warriors.

With warm breeze tussling palm fronds, the sun sinks into the sea at Neptunes restaurant. The casual and relaxed space overlooking the ocean is a perfect spot to wind down with a cocktail and a relaxed dinner. As the orange and purples take over the sky you can plan the next day in Fijian paradise at Radisson Blu. Will it be snorkeling, parasailing or golfing?

Thanks to Sue Slaght from Travel Tales of Life for highlighting yet another property on Denarau Island that is worth visiting. With the Bula Bus stopping here to give you access to everything else on the island, this is perhaps the perfect spot for a Fijian luxury getaway.

Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

The Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort is an ideal destination for a relaxing luxury holiday, and is particularly suited to families. Set on beautifully manicured grounds, on the gorgeous coral coast, there is so much to do here that you hardly need to leave for the duration of your stay.

Outrigger kids club offers a range of activities to keep the kids occupied – and is available for children aged 3 years and up.

outrigger beach resort fiji

The resort also hosts events and activities suitable for all ages, including a traditional Kava and fire walking ceremony, a local village tour, and visits to the animal park situated just next door. There are opportunities to snorkel and canoe on the beach. And the activity boys put on lots of fun events including treasure hunts and crab races!

Even with so much to do, some of our best days were spent swimming and lazing by the pool. There is an adults only pool and bar for those wanting to relax in peace. The stunning day spa set on top of a hill overlooking the resort offers the ultimate luxury experience.

best luxury vacation resorts in fiji

There are many restaurants to choose from at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. The Sundowner Bar and Grill restaurant serves Aussie fare and has beautiful views of the beach. Vali ni Kana is the largest restaurant featuring different themed buffet dinners each night, and a great selection for breakfast each morning. Baravi restaurant overlooks the pool and does a great lunch, or delicious local curries for dinner.

If you are looking for a romantic evening we definitely recommend a cocktail at the Kalokola Bar – the highest point of the resort with – followed by a meal at the adults only formal restaurant Ivi.

There is so much choice at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, you barely need to leave. We loved our stay and can’t wait to go back for our next relaxing holiday!

Thanks to Stephanie Perez from Navigating Adventure for sharing another luxury property on Viti Levu that is worth experiencing on your next Fiji adventure.


Fiji is home to a myriad of spectacular, luxury resorts and dependent on budget, location preference and what type of vacation you are looking to experience will likely determine exactly where you choose to book.

best luxury resorts in fiji

We were incredibly fortunate to stay at the breathtaking Hilton Fiji Beach Resort on Denarau Island but we are also delighted to be able to share first-hand experiences from some of our blogging friends from across the globe who have stayed in equally beautiful resorts around Fiji.

We want to reiterate our appreciation to these folks that have contributed to help inspire others to explore the beautiful archipelago of islands in Fiji – VINAKA (“Thank You” in Fijian!)

south sea island fiji culture

A trip to Fiji is an amazing experience and you can be sure that regardless of where you choose to stay, you will be welcomed by the friendly locals who will greet you every day with the same word…BULA!!

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  1. Great article! Fiji should definitely be on a lot more people’s travel radars. From the pristine waters full of sea life to the rain forests, and of course the welcoming locals, Fiji has a lot on offer.

  2. Did you go scuba diving whilst you were there? I’ve heard great things about diving in Fiji…I really want to go. Some of the best adventures are underwater and there’s so much to see around these islands!

    FYI if you do go diving here’s a tip… I’d highly recommend using this site before you go. you can see the customer reviews etc. of each dive school! 🙂

    I’ve booked to go with some local places in the past without doing any research and it really wasn’t a good diving experience. 🙁 – do your homework!


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