2012 – Our Big Year of Travel

2012 was probably our first year of serious traveling. We were fortunate to visit several different locations together and we certainly expanded our knowledge...

How to Enjoy an Action-Packed 4 Day Trip to Miami, Florida?

For Heather's birthday, we decided to head on an action-packed 4 day trip to Miami, Florida for the holiday weekend. Given that we usually...

Experiencing the 2012 Ryder Cup Adventure

Sunday September 30th, 2012 was the scene of the most amazing comeback in golfing history as Europe fought back from 10-4 behind midway through Saturday's...

A Guide to Exploring New York City Part 2

So....after our morning and afternoon adventures, we decided to spend our early evening venturing to the top of the Empire State Building. We wandered...

Vacationing in Tampa Bay Florida

Prior to our trip to the Tampa Bay Area of Florida in 2011, Destin was the only Florida location that either of us had...