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Iceland is a unique location that offers a myriad of natural attractions, beautifully breathtaking landscapes and scenery, and a vibrant culture/lifestyle. You combine all of these aspects and I am pretty much convinced that this classifies as a ‘Dream Destination’. During the years of 2008 to 2011, Iceland was going through a serious economic crisis but nowadays to see how the local Icelanders are quickly on their way back to becoming among the richest folks in the world is a testimony to the countries tenacity and attractive tourism spots.

Need more convincing? Ok, well take a look at the following attractions and locations throughout the island of Iceland and see if you are still wondering if this Scandinavian hot-spot is still for you (no pun intended on the ‘hot-spot’ but you will soon find out that Iceland is renowned for having hot spots that attract visitors from around the world).



If you are like me and love seeing waterfalls in action, then Iceland’s most famous of them all, Gullfoss will certainly attract your attention. After hiking through the gorgeous Icelandic tundra to reach the destination of Gullfoss, you will be rewarded with an amazing sight of a drop over 100ft into a steep-sided canyon. If you are fortunate enough, you may even see a rainbow generated by the spray and sunshine beaming down over this iconic attraction.

Will there be a pot of gold at the end? I think you have pretty much found the goldmine when you arrive at the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall!

Blue Lagoon


So you recall that I referred to these Icelandic ‘hot-spots’, well the Blue Lagoon is where visitors can go to sample the therapeutic spa experience thanks to the geothermal activity that creates such a perfect atmosphere and ambiance here. A large, light blue colored spa is deposited with mineral-rich heated seawater from the nearby geothermal plant providing an ultimate, relaxing spot. The towering clouds of steam that come from this spot make this location apparent from miles away but folks continue to travel from all reaches of the world to experience the apparent healing powers of the Blue Lagoon.



The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik has plenty to offer in terms of historic buildings, modern architecture and a relaxing lifestyle. This city is stereotypical of one that combines the modern era whilst maintaining a host of originality with the rows of multi-colored wooden houses. Wander around the striking Hallgrímskirkja church or if you want to do a spot of shopping in the high profile Icelandic boutique shops, why not head to Laugavegur to experience this whilst also grabbing a bite to eat or a pub crawl in this part of the city.

Thingvellir National Park


Before I started researching Iceland, I had no real clue how cool Thingvellir National Park really is. Home of the Icelandic assembly that originated in the 10th Century and met until almost 1800, this national park serves a more prominent purpose nowadays as an official UNESCO heritage site. However, being a geography graduate the coolest aspect of this is the fact it plays host to the plate boundary between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.

The Northern Lights


Ever thought about seeing one of the greatest natural sights in the world? Well if you visit Iceland between the months of September and April, there is every chance you may be fortunate enough to see the Northern Lights in full force. The ‘Aurora Borealis‘ are phenomenal masterpieces created by mother nature and for thousands of years they have attracted people from around the world purely because of their scientific, religious and psychological thoughts about this phenomenon.

***This post is part of the 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge (#DreamDestinations #AtoZChallenge)***


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  1. This is my number one dream destination! I missed my chance to visit last year so hoping to get over there soon, maybe next year if all goes to plan.

  2. This is a big one on my wish-list too. Next time we go to New York I hope to use Icelandair so that we could fly Glasgow – Reykjavik – New York and stop over for a night or two. (Also known as “anything to avoid Heathrow”.)

  3. This brings back memories for me. We only recently visited this wonderful country and have to say I can’t wait to return. The landscapes are amazing, the people are some of the friendly we have ever met and if seafood is something you enjoy you will definitely feel at home here! When we visited thick snow was on the ground so Gullfoss was partly frozen which added something for me! The noise is overwhelming when you stand close and to be so near to a nature phenomena was quite mind boggling! I would recommend a visit here to anyone. My only tip make sure you allow longer than you think you need! 🙂

  4. Yay! I was waiting for this one because we absolutely LOVED Iceland. It really is a dream destination and the more I talk to people it seems Iceland’s getting quite the reputation as a travel hot spot. A great list, definitely the must-dos in Iceland. I’d add Jokulsarlong Glacier Lagoon too – it’s all kinds of awesome. Great post, you guys are killing it with this list of Dream Destinations. If only we had a bigger travel budget right now… 🙂

    • Thanks so much Calli, we really appreciate that feedback and are delighted that you are enjoying our Dream Destinations series! There are still many more to come. I think the old travel budget would be getting a little low right now after this series of destinations 🙂

  5. Exciting, are you going to Iceland any time soon? I am so excited to be going in October. I am really excited go to Thingvellir- I am a bit nerdy about it!

    • I doubt we will be visiting Iceland anytime soon Sammi, at least not this year anyway. We have too many other travel plans right now and trying to fit a trip like this into an already hectic schedule is just not feasible. You are going to have a blast when you head there in October, there are so many more things to see and explore that we weren’t able to include in this brief overview of Iceland.

    • Good luck for your Summer trip to Iceland, you are going to have an amazing time. I am looking forward to following your travels there and seeing some amazing pictures and experiences there. I wish we were able to go there soon but it maybe a year or two before we can get there.

    • We actually like the cooler temperatures so that aspect wouldn’t bother us at all (well at least I prefer the cooler temps and maybe I am just speaking for Heather here LOL). I would love to take part in all of those activities in Iceland, I think doing those there are even more fulfilling than anywhere else in the world just because of being able to see such beautiful landscapes and scenery around you.

    • Nothing in life is free right and of course the most beautiful things in life for the most part come with an added cost – that’s just the reality but maybe Iceland is one of those locations around the world that you just have to splurge and take advantage of the natural beauty that this country offers.

  6. Iceland has been near the top of my dream destinations list for quite some time! It’s amazing that one place could be blessed with so much natural beauty. Hopefully I’ll make it there in the next year or two!

    • We feel exactly the same way Heather, it’s all about finding the time and money to make the trip feasible because I know whenever we venture there, I want to make the most of it! I think timing also is critical so that you can maximize your chances of seeing the Northern Lights which for us is a must!!

  7. This is one of the most alluring places out there. I’m entertaining the idea of taking a 10-day photo trip in early fall. Hopefully I can justify/rationalize the cost between now and then. 🙂

    • Ultimate location for photography Bob and if you do find the time and resources to head to Iceland later this year, we will be very envious but at the same time look forward to seeing what I imagine will be amazing images!


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