Flamingo Gardens – A Walk Through Florida’s Finest Wildlife

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During our trip to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, we decided to take a trip to the small town of Davie, FL – home of Flamingo Gardens. We really didn’t know what to expect but were pleasantly surprised to find a great little wildlife park, home to a variety of species. If you are not familiar with the southern half of Florida, Davie is located about 20 minutes west of Fort Lauderdale.

flamingo gardens

From alligators to peacocks, Flamingo Gardens is a great spot to take the family for an afternoon getaway. Tickets are a little expensive at $18 for adults and $10 for children, but if you visit on a Monday admission is half price. Tuesday’s offer a ‘Buy one ticket, get one free’ and if neither of these options work there is always a coupon available that gives $2 off general admission that you can either print or show on your phone at the ticket counter.

flamingo gardens

We really enjoyed wandering around all of the exhibits, in particular seeing the variety of peacocks just meandering through the park. The Wray Home Museum has been restored to give visitors an opportunity to see how South Florida life was in the 1930s. However, during our visit it appeared the peacocks were finding this museum was their new found habitat, probably because it was the coolest spot in the park!

flamingo gardens

If you would like to see more fun-filled pictures of our time at Flamingo Gardens, check out our photo gallery here: Fort Lauderdale 2014

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  1. The animals looks happy…a sign of good zoo-keeping. I recently visited a zoo in China (I’m not naming it) where some of the endangered animals were kept in the most unhealthy manner. You have captured some excellent wildlife shots.

    • Thats awful! Recently, I have been seeing more and more on cruelty to animals and it makes me sick. I am very sorry for your experience but hopefully you can possibility make it out to Flamingo Gardens one day and see all this amazing wildlife!

  2. I’m glad to see you enjoyed it. It’s a great place to see nature at it’s best. One of the things I really like at Flamingo Gardens is that the animals roam around freely. You’ll have to get me know next time you’re in the Fort Lauderdale so we can met up.

    • Thanks Carmen! Definitely will let you know the next time we head down to Ft. Lauderdale. We really enjoyed our time there, we actually stayed in Boca Raton which was gorgeous as well and spent some time on Delray Beach. The main purpose of our trip was to watch England vs Honduras in a pre-World Cup match in Miami but we found time to check out Flamingo Gardens which I am really glad we did because it was great to see all those FL natives wandering around freely as you indicated.

  3. Wow, I love all the different variety of birds and other wild life present and the tropical foliage and landscape, looks like a fun place to visit.

  4. Wow that looks great and I love the montage of photos – superb. This is very much my kind of thing – animals in good circumstances (it appears) and lots of nature. Nature certainly doesn’t get it wrong when it comes to colours. The price I think is relative …I wouldn’t have a clue of the normal prices for this kind of thing in the States, but if you were planning to spend a relaxed afternoon or day there, well then it’s not too bad. Don’t forget they have to feed and maintain in good health and circumstances a large number of species.

  5. I love some of the old gardens and habitats in Florida that have been barely updated and still have a feel of the Old South. This looks like one of those places. We have been visiting the Vero Beach area for many years and they have a spot called McKee Jungle Gardens that I enjoy going back to. Probably some of that is the nostalgia piece I feel when I visit, but part of it is also the desire to slow things down a bit. It doesn’t always have to be bright lights and the big top. Those pink legs on the white bird are great!

  6. Looks great guys. I love wildlife parks, especially those where the animals are treated humanely… this one sounds great. Looks like they have plenty of space to move about. I love your shots of birds (peacocks especially!) but what is that cat? I can’t quite see it!

  7. Colourful post! I love flamingos. What is the bird that’s all white with pink legs? Another kind of flamingo? Glad to see the animals have lots of room to roam freely and are kept well 🙂

    • Yeah, that was a bit random for sure but you never know what sort of wildlife you will come across when you visit one of these types of parks!


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