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New York City is the stereotypical melting pot with such a diverse array of ethnicities, backgrounds and multicultural societies. Not only does this bring diversity but it also aids in the development of a wide variety of cuisine options, all of which create an environment that attracts visitors from all corners of the globe. Of course these diverse cuisine choices comes with a price and New York City is certainly not one of the cheaper destinations to visit if you are looking for a cheap meal on the go…that is until now!

During our recent trip to New York City, we decided to head out of our comfort zone and start exploring some of the Big Apple’s hidden gems. Let us introduce you to our new recommended hot spot for cheap eats, international flavors and an amazing atmosphere – Gansevoort Market!


Long gone are the days of eating in Times Square (though we did still sample some awesome cuisine there!), Chinatown and even Little Italy. The moment you set foot inside Gansevoort Market your future New York City cuisine choices will be changed forever.

Gansevoort was a location we literally stumbled across on our escapades walking around in the wintry weather. A moment of respite from the frigid conditions was certainly grasped with both hands as we finished exploring the High Line and headed along Gansevoort Street until we came across this indoor market.

gansevoort market

Gansevoort Market is just a really cool experience. Set in a rustic yet industrial style food hall, there are a number of quaint and uniquely brilliant eateries to really provide a fine dining experience. Of course one of the key benefits being the cost but more of that later.

Address – 52 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 10014
Hours of Operation – 8:00AM – 8:00PM

The Bruffin Cafe

Let’s start by introducing the spot inside Gansevoort Market that immediately captured our attention and subsequently our business – The Bruffin Cafe! What on earth is a bruffin?

It’s not a muffin, it’s the bruffin!

A bruffin is a wonderful combination of a muffin mixed with a brioche style savory filling. Brioche plus muffin equals the well-acclaimed ‘bruffin’ though technically according to co-owner Medy Youcef, it is the ‘breakfast muffin’ where the word is derived from.

gansevoort market the bruffin

Adding to the melting pot stereotype we mentioned earlier, The Bruffin Cafe advertises their different fillings through a clever international menu. Each bruffin has a flag representing the nation the filling is derived from. Naturally we opted for a British and an American bruffin and the word delectable really doesn’t do these enough justice.

gansevoort market the bruffin cafe

The British bruffin was a combination of bacon and sharp cheddar while the American was buffalo chicken, blue cheese and of course hot sauce!

Here are a few other alternatives available that I would really love to sample on our next trip to New York City:

  • French – Lardons (bacon), Brie and Gruyère
  • Indian – Masala Chicken, Chick Peas and Paneer Cheese
  • Italian – Pepperoni, Pesto and Parmesan
  • Spanish – Chorizo and Manchego
  • Speciality – Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Caramelized Bacon
  • The Apple – Cinnamon, Apple Walnut and Caramel
  • The Rainbow – Chocolate Covered Bacon and Salted Caramel

$5 for a bruffin was money well-spent and they are actually enough to satisfy your appetite, at least for a while before you find your next gem around Gansevoort.

Tacombi Tacos

Looking for a little Mexican flavor while wandering around Gansevoort? Don’t worry, because Tacombi Tacos offers an authentic, Mexican culture right out of their blue and white Volkswagen mini van, which looks more suited to a road trip expedition than a restaurant marketplace.

gansevoort market tacombi

Order a taco or quesadilla along with a Mexican drink and let us know if it is as authentic as they advertise!

Cappone’s Salumeria

If you are looking for a little Italian prosciutto or pancetta, head over to the far side of Gansevoort Market and try one of the sandwiches on offer at Cappone’s Salumeria. Forget Al Capone (I’m sure he is probably turning in his grave as he cringes at the spelling of this delicatessen) and welcome the huge variety of options available.

gansevoort market cappones salumeria

A word of caution here is be prepared to wait because as we walked around, we noticed this was one of the more popular spots inside the hall. Just look at those Italian breads though, they alone would make waiting worthwhile!

Sweet Treats

As you meander around Gansevoort Market, you will notice a fine blend of sweet delicacies mixed in with the savory delights I mentioned. Naturally after sampling something savory, you would want to add a little to your sweet tooth especially when you gaze among the awesome selections available.

gansevoort market bakery

Gansevoort Bakery along with Crepe Sucre are both options that make it a tantalizing decision on what you should sample. Perhaps a little variation of both is in order? Why not, you always have the amazing New York City to walk around after leaving Gansevoort to walk off those calories!

gansevoort market crepe sucre

Watching the experts make their signature salted caramel with bananas and almonds at Crepe Sucre was certainly a treat and made our mouths water, though we did resist the temptation especially after we saw the gelato available at the newly opened Mo Gelato!

Other Fine Eateries

Gansevoort is home to many other locations though we really didn’t spend much time observing their menus or rich delicacies on offer. Luzzo Pizza is an attractive counter near the entrance to the marketplace with a searing oven waiting to bake your preferred pizza slice.

gansevoort market heermance

Heermance Farm Purveyors offer a wide selection of farm foods such as jams and other organic products from the Hudson Valley.

gansevoort market heermance

Ed’s Lobster Bar offers a plethora of, yes you guessed it, lobster style cuisines. The stereotypical lobster roll is a favorite of mine and this is top of my must-try list when I return to Gansevoort next time we are in New York.

Feel Food is an interesting name for a dining location but if salads are your preferred cuisine choice, this may just be the place for you. The customizable salad for less than $9 starts with an option of ‘base salad’, followed by a spread, three sides and a dressing. A pretty good deal for a sizable portion, though I would opt for one of the alternative dining locations but that’s just personal preference!

gansevoort market feel food

Probably one of the most extravagant of all establishments inside Gansevoort is Donostia, a Spanish Basque style tapas bar. The marble counter makes this location stand out from the other options, and the menu really speaks for itself with a nice blend of tapas varieties available.


Gansevoort Market was in our opinion an awesome find and certainly something completely different to what you would normally expect to find in New York City. The variety and cool ambience that filters throughout this rustic looking hall makes this a must-visit location on your next trip to the Big Apple.

The bruffin was a huge winner for us so I would encourage you to try that, but I would love to hear from anyone that has sampled some of these other inviting options. I’m convinced you can’t go wrong with any of the spots inside Gansevoort so what are you waiting for…go and take a look for yourselves and help spread the word that this hidden gem in New York’s West Side is a force to be reckoned with!

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    • Looking forward to hearing about your travels to New York City and what hidden gems you find along the way! Let us know how you find Gansevoort if you make it there…plus of course check out the High Line park which is next door to the marketplace!

    • Don’t these places look so amazing!!! Have you ever visited Gansevoort? If not, what intrigues you the most? Ok…I understand…EVERYTHING 🙂

  1. Ahhhh, I LOVE a good market! And this one looks fabulous!

    I’ve been to NYC a few times and each time I’ve tried to go to a couple of markets. I’ll have to add this one to my list next time I go!

  2. Looks great! Have visited NYC a few times now but have never thought to take in any markets – and I’m always complaining about how expensive everything is lol so I should really start visiting markets when there! Thanks for the tip, have added Gansevoort to my list 🙂

  3. It’s so great sometimes to see a Dutch name pop up, so far away from Holland. The market looks absolutely amazing, I have a thing for food markets. Mmm.

  4. This looks like an awesome spot! We love markets like this–I will definitely have to visit when we are in NYC next. Thanks for the great recommendation!

  5. Wow this post made me feel hungry.

    Totally would have to go to the taco stall tho’ because who doesn’t want their food out of a camper van.

    I always wanted to visit New York, but I just feel that I’d *never* be able to afford to do anything there. Maybe one day when I am old and I am rich.

  6. Wow, that was an interesting list. If only I knew this place when I first visited new york. Now I know where to go next time. Thanks for sharing!


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