Why KnowRoaming Is the Best Way to Stay Connected Abroad?

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Staying connected while traveling the world is a recurring problem that I am sure you have all had to deal with at some point over recent years. Extortionate roaming charges, poor quality connectivity or even a lack of coverage are all issues that we have to deal with on a day to day basis when traveling overseas. Don’t worry, we think we have found the perfection solution courtesy of KnowRoaming, an awesome service focused on addressing all of these problems with a simple product.

As we prepared to embark on our recent round the world trip, we knew that as travel bloggers staying connected 24/7 was critical. We did quite a bit of research on different options, ranging from our own carrier here in the States to alternative roaming options. However, we really only felt that one solution was the right option for us and that was thanks to the amazing service offered by KnowRoaming.

Let’s take a look at what KnowRoaming has to offer. We want to introduce this awesome service to you and in the coming weeks, we will be sharing some of the highlights of our journey and how this product enabled us to maximize our adventure as travel bloggers.

History of KnowRoaming

Based out of Toronto, Canada, KnowRoaming delivered the world’s first Global SIM Sticker in 2013 and this helped revitalize the data roaming industry. Since that breakthrough product, KnowRoaming has since delivered a number of other alternatives focused on enhancing “innovation and customer experience”.

KnowRoaming is a Toronto-based technology company that provides complete connectivity solutions around the world.

With coverage in over 200 countries (90 of which offer unlimited data) around the globe, KnowRoaming offers rates that are up to 85% cheaper than traditional carriers. I think this alone makes this a viable solution for any avid travelers out there! There is so much more to justify using KnowRoaming over any other competitors in this industry.

knowroaming coverage

Ways to Use KnowRoaming

Depending on what type of traveler you are and what device you are planning on using, KnowRoaming offers a number of solutions to meet your needs.

Global SIM Sticker

The most innovative product is the Global SIM Sticker. Simply affix this sticker to your existing SIM card and in conjunction with the KnowRoaming app available on both iOS and Android, you are ready to enjoy “true roaming freedom”.


Cost – $29.99

Global SIM Card

For the traditionalists out there, you can use a Global SIM Card which offers the similar connectivity as the sticker but at a slightly cheaper rate. Simply pop out your existing SIM card and insert the KnowRoaming card and you will be ready to connect within minutes. This option offers a little more flexibility as you can simply transfer the SIM card from one device to another when required.

knowroaming sim card

Cost – $9.99

Global Hotspot

Primarily for the business users, a MiFi Global Hotspot allows travelers the opportunity to stay connected using multiple devices.

knowroaming mifi hotspot

Contact KnowRoaming directly for custom rates that are available for the MiFi Global Hotspot service.

How Does It Work?

It’s all about the app!! Download the KnowRoaming app and allow it to take control of your data roaming needs. Everything you need can be controlled from the centralized location making this a seamless and simplistic solution. After receiving your Global SIM Card or Sticker, follow the easy step-by-step instructions provided in the manual. Register an account using the app and you are ready to roll.


After receiving your Global SIM Card or Sticker, follow the easy step-by-step instructions provided in the manual. Register an account using the app and you are ready to roll.

Prepaid Service

The service operates just like a prepaid phone. You are in complete control of how much money you spend and you can top-up your account whenever you are ready.

knowroaming benefits

With freedom to add money prior to traveling, you can plan out ahead how much data roaming you will need or for the more spontaneous travelers, you can wait until you are on the road to add credit.


Rate Calculator

In terms of transparency, everything is available within the app! The handy rate calculator gives you access to all 200+ countries that KnowRoaming offers service and you can check on the various rates (calls, text, data) within each of these nations.

Unlimited data packages are available in 90 countries and start at $3.99 per day!


Once you are actively using this service, you may want to keep track of your usage. It’s all available inside the ‘usage’ dashboard within the app.


Personalized Contact Numbers

Each SIM card/sticker provides your very own personalized UK and US number that ensures that you can be contacted from wherever you are in the world. You can also purchase other numbers from a variety of countries for a minimal fee if you are planning an extended period of time there.

How We Used KnowRoaming?

We visited five different countries across three continents so KnowRoaming was extremely beneficial for us. Our intention was to create a “round the world” experience for our readers just like our own and in order to achieve this, KnowRoaming provided us 24/7 access to networks around the world.


Unfortunately, our first nation was the United Arab Emirates and KnowRoaming currently has no access there. However, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand are all covered so we hope that you enjoyed our live updates of our experiences exploring these gorgeous countries.

  • Attractions – We all need to capture selfies in front of our favorite attractions…not only for our own everlasting memories but also for your families and friends to be envious about your whereabouts.
  • Hotels – Luxury accommodation, fine dining, and spectacular amenities…these are the types of things we love to feature across our social media wherever we stay around the world.
  • Stay Connected With Home – We all have those family members back home that worry about us and want to keep in touch. This service offers the ultimate way for everyone to remain connected at all times.

Special Offer For You

After reading all of these amazing benefits with KnowRoaming, I am sure you are itching to purchase one of these SIM cards/stickers for your next trip. We have an AWESOME opportunity for you to save 50% on your purchase AND receive $5 free credit to set you on your way to staying connected around the world.

Use the following promo code at the time of purchase to save 50% – CHRBO69

***Don’t forget, enter the promo code CHRBO69 at checkout when ordering any of KnowRoaming’s products through their website.***

knowroaming save 50%


KnowRoaming is the perfect option for the traveler that wasn’t to remain connected. It is a seamless, affordable service for any type of traveler, whether you traveling on a business trip or simply exploring the world as a roaming nomad. We are incredibly grateful to have found this service and look forward to utilizing KnowRoaming in the future for our continued travels around the world.

Disclaimer – KnowRoaming provided us with a Global SIM Card and data plan for our round the world trip for consideration of a blog post. The views contained within this post are entirely our personal opinion/experience and we received no final compensation for this.

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    • Hi Mike, KnowRoaming really is a great solution when you are traveling! We are Verizon users here in the States and they introduced a plan for international travel that we were considering but the moment we heard about KnowRoaming we knew that was going to be the best option. Highly recommend trying it out because the beauty of this product is that it’s a day by day charge and if you decide you don’t like it after the first couple of days, you won’t be charged any more for it!


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