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Let’s face it, we all need to stay connected 24/7 wherever we are in the world! Whether you consider this to be a sad state of affairs or simply know nothing different, having the ability to update your Facebook status, share your latest tweet or snap a quick video is a critical component of today’s society. When you travel on vacation, your mentality is no different. However, there is frequently a problem – how do you stay connected without experiencing exorbitant roaming charges? We have the perfect solution with the best travel sim card on the market. Welcome to KnowRoaming!

best travel sim card

If you read our review on KnowRoaming, you will know that we utilized this awesome service during our recent round the world adventure that saw us visit five different countries over a three week period. We want to share some of our amazing adventures and how KnowRoaming was the perfect solution to ensure all our readers kept updated with our journey around the world.

Best Travel Sim Card

So why do we think KnowRoaming is the best travel sim card on the market? I could write another post solely on this but I think it comes down to the following three components.

  • Affordability – For only $7.99 per day, you can remain connected with fast data speeds! It may seem like a substantial amount if you use this every day but the beauty of KnowRoaming is that you can select which days you want to use data packages.
  • Efficiency – Easy to use out of the box regardless of whether you are using the sim card or sticker option. The KnowRoaming app is user-friendly and customer service support is readily available.
  • Availability – KnowRoaming may not be available everywhere but it’s pretty close! On our recent trip, the UAE was the only country we couldn’t use this service but I’m convinced KnowRoaming will be continuing to expand its service around the globe.

Rather than elaborating too much on KnowRoaming’s service (you can read all about our review of the KnowRoaming product here), we want to share some of the highlights that we experienced and examples of how we shared them during our time on the road.

knowroaming best travel sim card

As I mentioned, our journey started in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE but using KnowRoaming started the moment we landed at Changi International Airport in Singapore.

The majority of the images throughout this post are taken directly from our social media accounts where we shared them on our adventures around the world to emphasize the benefits of KnowRoaming while you are on the road.

KnowRoaming in Singapore

Our first visit to Singapore may have been short but it was certainly memorable. This is a beautiful city and although there is a very westernized feel to it, there is just enough local culture to make you appreciate the beauty throughout.

If you are considering a trip to Singapore, there are certain things you just have to experience. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel may be the most iconic of all hotels in Singapore primarily because of the architectural brilliance but we opted to stay at the Westin Singapore Hotel and were not disappointed.

westin singapore hotel

We were well and truly treated like royalty and having the opportunity to share some of the amazing images of the breakfast buffet, the gorgeous lobby, and the infinity pool was certainly something that we enjoyed.

In terms of attractions, a trip to Sentosa Island is well worth your time. We took a trip to the summit of the Tiger Sky Tower which offers amazing views of the Singapore skyline and the South China Sea but if you have more time here, you may enjoy experiencing the main attractions of the Sentosa theme park.

knowroaming in singapore

Taking a Gardens by the Bay tour is well worth experiencing and this is way more than just your stereotypical botanical gardens. We had a great time exploring the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome but it’s perhaps those iconic “Supertrees” that make the visit truly memorable.

best travel sim card

Using KnowRoaming was seamless and effective throughout our time in Singapore. We immediately connected to the local network and had 3G coverage everywhere we visited. Sharing local encounters at the Lau Pa Sat Festival Pavilion along with the Gardens by the Bay was certainly a great way to portray our experiences in Singapore.

westin singapore hotel lobby

I have to admit that we were excited but also a little skeptical about using KnowRoaming in Singapore. It was our first experience and we really thought there may be some major cons such as losing connectivity, poor roaming speeds etc. but all our fears soon disappeared once we realized how we could utilize this service to keep everyone updated on our travels.

best travel sim card

We even had the opportunity to share a picture while waiting at the airport to board our “first-class” trip to Melbourne via Jetstar Airways!

KnowRoaming in Australia

Welcome to the Land of Oz! Having spent an amazing couple of weeks in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for our honeymoon in 2011, we were excited to head back to Australia and spend a week in Melbourne.

knowroaming in australia

Dubbed as the “world’s most livable city,” we were ready to see if there was any truth behind this. It didn’t take us long to realize this was so very true! 48 hours in the Melbourne CBD and you will know that this is one epic city.

shrine of remembrance melbourne

We really enjoyed the benefits of KnowRoaming on Christmas Day given that the majority of places were closed so trying to find free wi-fi was limited. For those of you that have never experienced Christmas in Australia, it’s completely different to the stereotypical White Christmas.

royal exhibition building melbourne

Relaxing in Carlton Gardens and admiring the impressive architectural design of the Royal Exhibition Building was the perfect tonic to start our Christmas morning before visiting the iconic landmarks of Flinders Street Station and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

flinders street station melbourne

Boxing Day in Australia…it can only mean one thing, at least if you are an Aussie! The Boxing Day Test is an annual cricket match where the Australian national team hosts an overseas nation.

best travel sim card knowroaming

We were fortunate to attend this match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and enjoyed conducting our very first Facebook Live video to share some of the highlights with our followers. Thanks to KnowRoaming’s awesome service for providing excellent coverage in Melbourne and allowing us to do this!

great ocean road melbourne

A day trip along the Great Ocean Road offered breathtaking panoramic landscapes of the untouched, rugged Victoria coastline. It’s no surprise to hear that this road trip is one of the most popular in Australia and after culminating at the infamous “12 Apostles”, we could certainly understand why this is so iconic.

best travel sim card

If you are ready to experience Melbourne from a birds eye perspective or perhaps you have a fear of heights that you are ready to overcome, there is no better place than the Eureka Tower Skydeck. “The Edge Experience” is awesome and definitely ranks among the most exhilarating experiences throughout Melbourne.

eureka tower skydeck

KnowRoaming in New Zealand

Before planning our trip, we were particularly excited about visiting New Zealand.

knowroaming best travel sim card

It’s been towards the top of our bucket list for quite some time, so the moment we landed in Auckland on New Zealand’s North Island, we were raring to get out and explore.

sky tower auckland

We spent the first day downtown Auckland visiting the Sky Tower and War Memorial Museum among other things but our journey exploring what we consider to be the ‘real’ parts of New Zealand started after we hopped in our rental car and drove north in search of the Bay Islands.

auckland war memorial museum

The stretch of coastline from Auckland to the northernmost point of the North Island is spectacular and with natural attractions such as Whangarei Falls, there is plenty to keep you occupied as you head north.

bay of islands new zealand

Rotorua is a must-see location on the North Island, particularly if you are intrigued by geothermal activity.

waiotapu geothermal wonderland

We spent an afternoon walking around Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland which offers a stunning active example of geothermal activity in New Zealand. Be prepared for some pretty strong sulphuric smells but the landscapes are incredible. Our favorite was the final point on the trail – Lake Ngakoro!

best travel sim card knowroaming

One of the highlight attractions in the North Island is Hobbiton, the location where The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies were filmed.

hobbiton movie set

We had a great time experiencing “Middle Earth” on our guided tour of the film set and it’s true that Sir Peter Jackson found an absolute gem when he stumbled across the Alexander family farm in the heart of New Zealand.

best travel sim card knowroaming

Our final day in New Zealand saw us head to Lake Taupo and experience the AMAZING Huka Falls. I can’t reiterate enough how amazing Huka Falls really was and we loved having the opportunity to share live video and pictures of this waterfall.

huka falls new zealand

KnowRoaming in Hawaii

The journey home started after we left Auckland but not before we had the opportunity to visit our 50th and final US state! Even though we were back on US soil when we arrived in Honolulu on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, we completely forgot that we could use our own data plan from our cell phone provider. We had the opportunity to use KnowRoaming in the States and again we had zero issues.

Our first top was Iolani Palace, the former residence of the Hawaiian royal family. This is the only royal residence in the United States and the interior of the palace was certainly the epitome of grandeur. A hike to the top of Diamond Head State Monument was a rewarding experience especially with amazing views across Oahu and the Pacific Ocean from the summit.

diamond head state monument

Perhaps the most touching and rewarding experience was saved until last when we visited Pearl Harbor.

pearl harbor hawaii

Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial was poignant but a memorable experience that will long live with us. It’s just one of those attractions that everyone has to see at least once in their lifetime.

uss arizona memorial

A trip to Hawaii wouldn’t be the same without spending some time relaxing on Waikiki Beach and I think it’s fair to say sharing the below image made a lot of our followers pretty jealous, especially those struggling to stay warm in the frigid Winter weather!

waikiki beach hawaii

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If you didn’t read our other post about KnowRoaming, we have an AWESOME opportunity for you to save 50% on your purchase AND receive $5 free credit to set you on your way to staying connected around the world.

best travel sim card

Use the following promo code at the time of purchase to save 50% – CHRBO69

***Don’t forget, enter the promo code CHRBO69 at checkout when ordering any of KnowRoaming’s products through their website.***


What a trip! Looking back on these three weeks, we accomplished a lot and had a myriad of amazing experiences. Trying to share everything is impossible and waiting until we returned from our trip to share our experiences was always going to be tough because there are only so many pictures you can take.

knowroaming best travel sim card

Thanks to KnowRoaming, we were able to share many of our adventures on the fly and I think this helped create a better story of our journey. We are excited about using KnowRoaming again in a few weeks when we head back to Europe and would 100% recommend this service to anyone looking for the best travel sim card on the market.

Disclaimer – KnowRoaming provided us with a Global SIM Card and data plan for our round the world trip for consideration of a blog post. The views contained within this post are entirely our personal opinion/experience and we received no final compensation for this.

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    • Hi Jill, we can highly recommend KnowRoaming from our experiences! As you can see, we had zero problems in any of the countries. I am not sure what the coverage is like in Korea but based on our sampling, I am sure it’s pretty good.

  1. I’ve been looking into the idea of picking up a decent travel sim so this is a very well timed post! Great to see all that you’ve been able to do with the sim. I’m currently writing from a cafe as the wifi at my accommodation is seriously bad, so that may be driving my interest a little. But it did get me thinking about the cost. Buying a couple of cups of coffee at a cafe simply to use the wifi probably comes to about half the cost you posted above, but you can only spend so long in a cafe. Seems like a great option, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi David, hopefully this will come in handy for you as a viable alternative if you consider utilizing this service! We have nothing but great things to say about it and we are heading to England this weekend looking forward to utilizing this again, so I may have additional information to provide after next week. It’s so true that we think free wifi is readily available around the world but what we forget is that when we use those internet cafes or coffee shops, we are frequently enticed into spending more…that’s what they want right 🙂

  2. I actually don’t use a sim while away – I use the travel time to detox a little but my partner and teen get sims on arrival….ir is very much the way of the world these days!


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