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Visiting the world’s most livable city, it’s inevitable that you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation options. We want to make this choice much easier for you if you are planning a trip to Melbourne. We strongly recommend considering the Pullman Melbourne on the Park and hopefully, after reading this post, you will understand exactly why we are so passionate about this amazing hotel in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

pullman melbourne on the park

Why are we so confident that the Pullman Melbourne on the Park is the ultimate choice? Whether you consider location, price, amenities or overall comfort to be the key selling point in a hotel, we believe the Pullman brand have created a perfect combination of all these with their location near the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens.

Pullman Melbourne on the Park Information

When you have the opportunity to stay at a variety of hotels around the world, it’s understandable that you will be super critical about every hotel experience you have. This was no different as we entered the lobby area at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park after taking a short stroll from the free tram stop by Fitzroy Gardens.

pullman melbourne on the park

Before arriving at the hotel, I noticed on the hotel’s website the following statement:

Modern architecture merges with upscale décor to create an ambiance of elegance and prestige.

It’s fair to say that we couldn’t have put this any better ourselves. The blend of contemporary and traditional decor is apparent as you enter the lobby area but it perfectly creates that sense of relaxation that the Pullman brand is focused on.

pullman melbourne on the park

Before looking at the interior of this hotel, we want to focus on an attribute that makes this hotel a perfect option – the location!


We have all heard real estate agents coin the phrase “Location, Location, Location” and I personally think this is applicable to hotels when determining where you should stay in a city. We all want to be centrally located within easy access of iconic attractions, restaurants, and public transportation. At the same time, it needs to be an affordable option!

The Pullman Melbourne on the Park hotel is located in the heart of East Melbourne, just a few minutes away from the heart of downtown. Don’t worry, a short walk will lead you to a tram stop where you can hop on the free Melbourne route that will take you everywhere you need during your stay in the city.

pullman melbourne on the park

If you are planning on attending the Australian Open tennis tournament or perhaps the Boxing Day test match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, there is no other affordable hotel more conveniently located to either of these spots than the Pullman Melbourne on the Park.

melbourne cricket ground

Did you read our post on spending 48 hours in the Melbourne CBD? If so, you will know that this hotel is in the BEST location to experience everything this beautiful city has to offer.


192 Wellington Parade
Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia
Tel: +61 3 9419 2000


Pullman on the Park

Pullman Brand – Our World is Your Playground

If you are familiar with the Pullman hotel brand, you may be aware of a recent campaign highlighting the key components of all their hotels around the world. As you walk into a Pullman hotel, you may not immediately realize it but the brand has constructed an environment ideal for the present day traveler. Welcome to Pullman’s “Our World is Your Playground” philosophy!

Our World Is Your Playground

What does this mean? In a nutshell, the idea behind this campaign is that the ultra-modern traveler (Pullman references this type of traveler as a “Global Nomad”) is someone that can take advantage of ‘opportunities’ and always look at creating new ways to conduct business regardless of the setting.

hotel lobby

How does this relate to a hotel? The Pullman brand is focused on creating environments in which travelers can thrive and be opportunistic by creating a perfect blend of work and leisure.

Hotel Amenities

Ok, so we have established that the Pullman Melbourne on the Park is in a great location! But we all know that in order for a hotel to attract visitors from around the world, the amenities need to be at the highest level…this hotel doesn’t disappoint. Whether you are looking to relax in the gorgeous lobby or perhaps enjoy your favorite beverage at the bar, this hotel offers plenty of amenities for guests.

pullman melbourne on the park

Relax in the Lobby and Enjoy the 2017 Renovation

It may sound crazy but one of our favorite aspects of the Pullman Melbourne on the Park was the lobby. Relaxing in a lobby may not sound the most appealing but when you can look around and admire the intricate details of the architecture yet still feel at home, this is certainly a spot we enjoy.

pullman melbourne on the park lobby

The crystal chandelier is the focal point of the lobby and “stunning” doesn’t begin to describe how spectacular this looks and provides the perfect decor for this environment.

pullman melbourne on the park

But that’s not all…if you are intrigued enough to plan a visit to Melbourne and stay here, 2017 is going to be a landmark year for the hotel! Plans are in place for a complete renovation of the lobby, bar and restaurant area (more on the restaurant later).

pullman melbourne on the park
Conceptual design provided by Pullman Melbourne on the Park – Projected completion July/August 2017

I will be sad to see the current lobby go but after seeing the conceptual images of the new redesign, I have to admit it’s going to be AMAZING! Completion of this project is expected by mid-2017 but regardless of this, we cannot wait to head back to see how the new design looks.

pullman melbourne on the park
Conceptual design provided by Pullman Melbourne on the Park – Projected completion July/August 2017

Dubbed as a project that will be “a reinvention of one of the most iconic hotels in Melbourne”, it’s always exciting to hear how a renovation can help take a hotel to the next level.

pullman melbourne on the park
Conceptual design provided by Pullman Melbourne on the Park – Projected completion July/August 2017

Ensuring that you remain ahead of your competition is critical in such a saturated market and I am convinced that the Pullman Melbourne on the Park will continue to hold a competitive advantage once this renovation is complete.

Stay in Shape

Enjoying fine cuisine, sampling your favorite beverages and relaxing in your room are all great reasons to stay at a hotel. But what about those times that you feel a little guilty after indulging in your favorite meal or perhaps you just want to get into a routine of hitting the gym every morning?

pullman melbourne on the park gym

The fitness facilities and swimming pool at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park are a great way to burn a few calories. Spending time here can actually be enjoyable when you have such high-tech equipment available. Whether you prefer to lift weights or just hit the treadmill, the gym is equipped with everything you will need.

pullman melbourne on the park fitness

Head outside to swim a few laps before relaxing in the morning sun on the loungers. When you are ready to wind down after a strenuous workout, visit the sauna to complete the ultimate fitness session.

Enjoy Fine Dining

Why not start your day with an appetizing breakfast buffet with a plethora of hot and cold foods from around the world? You can enjoy all of this and much more in the relaxing environment created at the Gallery Restaurant.

pullman melbourne on the park

Breakfast is served from 6:30 AM to 10:30 during the week and 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM on the weekend.

gallery restaurant

This was the BEST way to start our day exploring the city of Melbourne and we can truly attest that after eating the buffet here, we didn’t need to eat anything else until late in the day.

gallery restaurant breakfast

Traditional breakfast menu items are readily available but I was particularly excited to see the refreshing selection of fruits and low-carb options for those that prefer to watch their calorie intake.

gallery restaurant

A variety of local fresh fruits are available as are granola and oatmeal options for those that prefer a little more fiber in their dietary intake.

pullman melbourne on the park

The Gallery Restaurant is spacious and full of beautiful decor that creates the perfect ambiance to enjoy your breakfast.

pullman melbourne on the park

Sampling the coffee bar was a unique experience especially given that I had never used one of these systems before. Don’t worry, there are plenty of friendly staff on hand to help you create your favorite espresso!

espresso bar

Tired and hungry after exploring the beautiful city of Melbourne? The Gallery Restaurant is open from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM daily serving a variety of a la carte delicacies that will likely intrigue your taste buds. Dishes such as Gippsland Grain Fed Porterhouse Steak, Seared Rockling Fillet, and Chargrilled Mount Leura Lamb Loin all sound delicious.

A fine selection of local wines are the perfect accompaniment to any of these dishes or perhaps a lighter option but the highlight here is enjoying your dinner while admiring the views across nearby Fitzroy Gardens.

pullman melbourne on the park lobby

If you are looking for something a little more casual, the Park Lounge bar is the place to be. Enjoy a relaxing drink with friends or grab a bite to eat at lunch here before heading out to explore everything that attracted you to this beautiful city.

Open until Midnight daily, you can be sure that the friendly bar staff will do everything to ensure your experience is enjoyable. We spent both nights here enjoying a drink while getting some work done, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the lobby decor and relaxing surroundings. Don’t forget to head back between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM to enjoy “Happy Hour” with $5 drinks available!

The Rooms

Guests staying at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park have a variety of room options to choose from. We stayed in a Superior Suite which was incredibly spacious, had awesome views overlooking the Melbourne CBD and immediately made us feel like home with all the amenities you can think of in a typical hotel room.

pullman melbourne on the park superior suite

Walking into the room the size was certainly the most obvious aspect that stood out. Measuring a little over 600 square feet, there is plenty of living space to enjoy your stay at this hotel.

The lounge has a large flat-screen TV and a comfortable sofa that could easily seat four or five guests.

superior suite

A bar area with snacks available for purchase and chilled drinks in the refrigerator cater for all of your needs.

pullman melbourne on the park room

There are two doorways that can be closed for extra privacy between the living space and the bedroom but once you enter the sleeping quarters, you are treated to a gorgeous king size bed, the perfect spot to relax and close your eyes after a long day exploring Melbourne.

pullman melbourne on the park

We want to save the best until last – the bathroom is beyond INCREDIBLE!

pullman melbourne on the park bathroom

We have stayed in some pretty amazing hotels around the world that have awesome bathrooms but the crisp white finish throughout this bathroom and the size certainly made us realize that the Pullman Melbourne on the Park is up there with the very best.

pullman melbourne on the park

Pristine chrome fittings are the perfect accompaniment and create a trendy looking bathroom where you can relax and wind down.

pullman melbourne on the park bathtub

A large bathtub is the primary focal point of the room along with a spacious walk-in shower fitted with C.O. Bigelow amenities to ensure you don’t need to worry about forgetting shampoo or other essentials.

pullman melbourne on the park bathroom


We felt incredibly privileged to stay at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park for many reasons though perhaps the most important was the relaxing experience that we encountered throughout our stay.

pullman melbourne on the park

Friendly customer service costs nothing in my opinion and the Pullman brand can be proud of each and every member at the Melbourne on the Park location. We were greeted every time we passed through the lobby and our daily breakfast inside the Gallery Restaurant was well catered by the local chef and his staff.

Would we stay at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park again? 100% YES! No questions, this is hands-down a place that we can highly recommend to anyone heading to Melbourne in the near future. Our only regret was having to leave after two amazing nights. We would have loved to stay for the Australian Open but hopefully, we will have the opportunity to return in the near future.

Disclaimer – We received a complimentary two-night stay at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park in consideration of a blog post. The views contained within this post are entirely our personal opinion/experience and we received no final compensation for this.

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  1. I started working at the Hilton hotel on January 1978, at that time it had the old 1970’s decoration of brown green and orange colors, it was nice to work there at that time it had a nice ‘atmosphere” and it was the same staff working for years. But in the 1990’s it become very stressful to work there and I left for good. I still have good memories of the good times in the hotel and of the nice people that worked with me there.

  2. Pullman Melbourne on the Park

    Sounds like an excellent spot. Thank you for the tips and guidance. I think we will be staying there on out next Tennis trip.

    Cheers Penny…


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