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During our recent trip to Singapore, we headed to the spectacular Marina Bay Sands to explore the wonderfully acclaimed “Gardens by the Bay”. If you have never been to any botanical gardens, taking a Gardens by the Bay tour would be a great place to start because this is the epitome of natural beauty.

gardens by the bay singapore

There is something quite beautiful about wandering around a botanical garden with the floral collections in full bloom. Whether you are an avid botanist or simply someone that enjoys a relaxing stroll through a garden, visiting the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is a rewarding experience that you should consider the next time you head to the Lion City.

gardens by the bay tour

When we heard that the Gardens by the Bay are Singapore’s way of creating a “City in a Garden”, we knew that this was going to be an attraction we had to explore. Opening in 2011, this landmark development captures the essence of Singapore through the beauty that is emitted in the various components that form the gardens.

gardens by the bay singapore

Gardens by the Bay Information

If you are visiting Gardens by the Bay for the first time, the most noticeable aspect of this location is how central it is in relation to Singapore’s central business district.

gardens by the bay tour

Our world of gardens for all to own, enjoy and cherish.

It’s a wonderful asset for any city to have green space in the heart of its urban environment and despite the amount of urban regeneration that has taken place over the decades, this is the perfect spot to just get away and relax among nature’s finest flora and fauna.

gardens by the bay


We used Singapore’s MRT public transportation network to reach the Gardens by the Bay and it couldn’t have been any easier. Alight at Bayfront MRT station and take exit B to follow the underground passage that will lead you to the Dragonfly Bridge which you will cross before entering the Gardens by the Bay.

gardens by the bay tour

The iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel will be to your left as your eyes are transfixed solely on the huge greenhouses that stand inside the grounds. It’s a relatively short walk from the Bayfront MRT station to the conservatories but if you prefer to save your energy, why not hop on the Gardens by the Bay shuttle which gives you all day access for only SGD 3.

  • Circle/Downtown Line – Alight at Bayfront MRT Station
  • East/West Line – Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. Take bus number 400 and alight at bus stop number 03371 along Marina Gardens Drive.

Parking is readily available at the Gardens if you are driving and both main car parks have a small surcharge. You can enjoy free parking in Bay South car park on weekdays between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM so please keep this in mind as you plan your visit.

singapore gardens by the bay


The conservatories are open between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM and the outdoor gardens are open between 5:00 AM and 2:00 AM.

Admission Prices

As always, these prices are subject to change and we strongly recommend checking the Gardens by the Bay website for the latest prices.

  • Conservatories – The standard rate for adults visiting both conservatories is SGD 28 (USD 20) with discounted rates available for children (under 12) – SGD 15 (USD 10). If you are resident in Singapore, you can enjoy even more discounted rates.
  • OCBC Skyway – Visitors can enjoy this attraction for only SGD 8 (SGD 5 for children and seniors).

cloud forest

Gardens by the Bay Tour

Our visit to the Gardens by the Bay was a little shorter than we initially planned due to time constraints but it did give us an opportunity to explore both of the iconic conservatories. You can easily spend a full day relaxing here and with dining options readily available, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make the most of your visit to the Gardens.

Of course, anyone visiting Singapore will likely have a long list of other attractions worth visiting such as those included in this awesome Singapore travel guide but based on our experiences, we strongly encourage you to allocate enough time to enjoy the Gardens by the Bay.

gardens by the bay tour

We spent about 3 hours exploring the grounds and inside the conservatories but we left feeling that there was more to experience. Whether you prefer to take a leisurely stroll around all the attractions or spend more time in a specific location, the Gardens by the Bay has enough for all the family to appreciate.

gardens by the bay tour

This is a great learning experience for everyone and what better way for kids to learn about science, nature, and botany than first-hand experiences inside the Gardens. Let’s take a look some of the top spots you can expect to explore on a tour here.

Cloud Forest

As we entered the Cloud Forest conservatory, we were immediately transported to a world of natural beauty.

cloud forest waterfall gardens by the bay

A stunning waterfall instantaneously captures your imagination as you walk through the entrance and begin the journey through this magical land. It was no surprise when we heard that this is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall – it’s a spectacular sight and worth the admission fee alone!

cloud forest waterfall

There was a real sense of mystery as we slowly walked through the Cloud Forest, appreciating the diverse vegetation that thrives in the controlled temperature inside the conservatory.

gardens by the bay tour

Plant life from tropical highlands and diverse floral samples from all corners of the globe can be found here but I have to admit, every corner we took our eyes and ears were attracted to the gorgeous waterfall.

cloud forest gardens by the bay singapore

After taking the elevator to the top of the Cloud Forest, we were treated to a beautiful aerial walkway across the treeline canopy, a representation of the vegetation that flourishes at these higher altitudes.

gardens by the bay tour

The aerial views around the Cloud Forest and also outside the glass structure gives visitors the opportunity to admire nature from above though the reality is wherever you are at the Gardens by the Bay, natural beauty is all around you!

cloud forest gardens by the bay tour

Flower Dome

After spending quite some time inside the Cloud Forest, we headed to the Flower Dome with no real expectations but feeling that there was no way it could compete with the amazing beauty inside its counterpart. How wrong could we be! The moment we entered the Flower Dome, we were treated to a mass of color and a gorgeous array of flowers from around the world.

gardens by the bay singapore

We later learned that the Flower Dome adopts a cool-dry climate of Mediterranean regions such as Spain, Italy, and California, hence the reason why there is such a thriving community of plant life inside the world’s largest glass greenhouse.

gardens by the bay tour

Visiting at Christmas, we were treated to an array of festive cheer with a myriad of decorations providing the perfect setting to enjoy both the holiday season and the masses of plant life inside the conservatory.

gardens by the bay tour

We both really enjoyed exploring the Flower Dome and our appreciation of botany is certainly much higher after this experience.

gardens by the bay tour

I was particularly intrigued by the Succulent Garden where the Cacti, Aloes, and other plants that prosper in arid conditions are located. This part of the Flower Dome is definitely somewhere you need to be careful where you put your hands. Don’t worry, there is plenty more inside the dome that is a little less harsh.

flower dome gardens by the bay

Towering above the rest of the plant life is the African Baobab tree. Regardless of your favorite color or floral preference, you can be sure that as you explore the Flower Dome, you will likely stumble across something that sparks your interest to find out more information.

gardens by the bay tour

Supertree Grove

If you have seen pictures or read stories about the Gardens by the Bay experience, it’s likely you will have seen the iconic images of the vertical gardens known as the Supertree Grove. Towering above the rest of the exhibits, these tree-like gardens stand between 25-50 meters tall and include large canopies that exude a rich light display best seen after dark.

supertree grove gardens by the bay

There are 18 different supertrees scattered throughout the Gardens, 12 of which are collectively known as the Supertree Grove. If you are fortunate to experience the OCBC Skyway, you will be connected between two of these iconic trees while having the opportunity to admire a birds-eye view of the Gardens and the iconic Singapore skyline.

gardens by the bay tour


Our Gardens by the Bay tour was an amazing experience albeit a relatively short visit which was the only negative aspect. We can’t wait to go back to experience more of this gorgeous attraction in Singapore but for anyone that has a passion for nature, this is a great place to get away from city life and explore the beauty of a natural environment in the heart of an urban area.

cloud forest singapore

Even though we barely touched the surface in terms of all the attractions here, the Cloud Forest was probably our favorite attraction due to the amazing waterfall that will always grab your attention. There is definitely something for everybody to enjoy once you are inside the Gardens and this horticultural destination is a great combination of mystery and natural beauty waiting to be explored.

gardens by the bay tour

We have been fortunate to visit botanical gardens around the world but there is something quite unique and distinctive about this set of gardens in Singapore. This is a spectacular attraction unlike anywhere else and you would be crazy to visit Singapore without taking some time to experience a Gardens by the Bay tour!

Have you visited the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore? Do you enjoy exploring botanical gardens?

Disclaimer – We received two complimentary tickets to visit the Gardens by the Bay in exchange for consideration of a blog post. The views contained within this post are entirely our personal opinion/experience and we received no final compensation for this.

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    • Thanks so much Lyn! I am not sure if the “Sleeping Baby” sculpture was still there, if it was we didn’t see it. We had read all about that sculpture a couple of years ago and I think it would have been really cool to see but we were so distracted by everything the Gardens by the Bay had to offer that we didn’t even think about it.

    • Cheers Adonis, appreciate your kind comments! We really had no idea what to expect before heading to the Gardens by the Bay but our experience there was incredible. Hopefully next time we visit Singapore we will have a little more time to explore everything this attraction has to offer.

    • Hi Cez,

      You hit the nail on the head when you say it’s one of the “most spectacular botanical gardens” because we have been to several around the world and this is by far the most extravagant.

      Thanks so much for your kind comments, have a great weekend!

  1. Oh my god, now I’ll have to go to Singapore to visit the Garden By the Bay! I’m perhaps not an avid botanist, but I’m most certainly an avid gardener and biologist. I’ve never seen anything like this, not even close actually.

    Were there a lot of information about the plants and from where they get the plants? I’d imagine the African Baobab tree has a story of its own! Fun fact, my daughter uses baoban powder in her smoothie every morning 🙂

    • Katrin, yes there was plenty of information readily available throughout the gardens on all the plants from around the world! This was definitely the most spectacular botanical gardens that we have experienced anywhere and we would strongly recommend anyone visiting Singapore to experience this. Never thought about using that in a smoothie but we all learn something every day right 🙂

  2. Beautiful place. This is the first time I had heard about Gardens by the Bay. Thanks for sharing. This will be useful for the first time visitor.


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