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Mevagissey – Enjoy a Day in a Historic Cornish Fishing Village

Whether you are heading to Cornwall for the first time or are a frequent visitor to the southwest coast, the quintessential fishing village of Mevagissey is a spot you cannot afford to miss. I recall frequently visiting this village as a child on annual holiday trips to Cornwall, so having the opportunity to take Heather there on her first visit to the UK was always going to be a memorable experience. This quirky yet historic fishing village oozes charm and that’s before you arrive at the harbor front to hear all of the local fishermen share their daily stories after heading out into the bay for their daily catch.

Mevagissey Village

For anyone unaware of Mevagissey, this really is a treat for anyone visiting the county of Cornwall in England. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will be raring to experience this historic village and perhaps Cornwall, in general, will be at the top of your radar. While we experienced an awesome camping trip in various places across Cornwall, it’s fair to say that villages like Mevagissey are the perfect place to stay for a night or two, particularly if you are looking to experience life as a local in this proud fishing spot.

Mevagissey is a beautiful and historic town…Our history of boat building dates back to 1745, and the beautiful harbor is filled with classic Cornish charm. (Mevagissey Bay Hotel)

Where is Mevagissey?

Located approximately five miles south of the larger town of St. Austell, Mevagissey is a great spot to visit either to spend an afternoon or as mentioned above, for a couple of days if you really want to enjoy a stereotypical Cornish experience in a fishing village.

mevagissey cornwall

The village of Mevagissey nestles in a small valley and faces east to Mevagissey Bay on the east coast of Cornwall. The inner and outer harbors are busy with a mixture of pleasure vessels and working fishing boats, the remains of a once major industry. However, tourism has now become the pinnacle of this town in recent years and fishing is now predominantly done by locals trying to make their living.

Where to Stay in Mevagissey?

Mevagissey is home to a number of bed and breakfasts just like many other Cornish towns and villages. If you prefer to stay in nearby St. Austell, there are plenty other options available but we strongly recommend considering the gorgeous Mevagissey Bay Hotel, particularly if you want to enjoy the breathtaking views across the Bay and only have a 3-minute walk into the heart of the harbor.

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Things to Do in Mevagissey

The beauty of Mevagissey is not only because of the architecture and old-fashioned houses/shops that fill the village center but also because of the beautiful scenery surrounding the steep slopes of the valley where this village lies.

Boating in Mevagissey

If you enjoy hiking, Mevagissey and the surrounding area are home to breathtaking scenic coastal routes. Why not take advantage of the amazing South West Coastal Footpath and have the opportunity to appreciate some of the best views in southwest England.

For those of you that prefer to experience the local culture, head into the center of Mevagissey through a myriad of narrow streets that intertwine, providing tourists and locals with various dining options spots to enjoy a spot of afternoon tea. Art galleries and other shops are available and the wonderful Cornish Fudge Shop is a must for all visitors.

Cornish Fudge Shop

Fishing charters are available from the harbor front while for those that prefer to stay on dry land, the Mevagissey Aquarium offers a number of exhibits for visitors to enjoy. If you visit in the heart of summer, perhaps you will enjoy a great British summer and have the opportunity to experience one of the many beaches along this stretch of coastline.

All the local shop owners can provide wonderful local stories of the history throughout this fishing village and you just get that sense of relaxation as you wander around all those quirky gift shops. Of course, a trip to Mevagissey would not be complete without sampling the local Cornish Fish and Chip shops!



Mevagissey really is in a great location on an attractive stretch of coastline. Visitors here can also visit surrounding towns all within short driving distance and move further inland to explore the larger towns of Truro, St. Austell and St. Ives.

Whether you are enjoying an amazing camping experience in Cornwall or simply looking to visit a typical Cornish village, Mevagissey is surely a place that needs to be everyone’s radar. It’s a place I fell in love with as a child and I’m delighted to say it’s even better as an adult!



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Monday 8th of January 2018

I’ve never heard of Cornwall but now it’s on my list! What a fun little place and that fudge shop is just calling my name!!


Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Hi Elisa, so glad to hear we have put Cornwall on your radar now! It needs to be on everyone's radar if you are planning a trip to the UK because there is so much beauty there. Mevagissey is such a quaint, charming village but is just one of so many examples of great spots worth experiencing around Cornwall. Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to visit in the near future!

Jessica (Barcelona Blonde)

Sunday 29th of June 2014

What a cute place. I've been to Cornwall but not to Mevagissey. But anywhere that's pretty and does good fish and chips is fine by me!

I seem to remember Cornwall also having very nice ice cream in general.

Anu @ Country Hopping Couple

Tuesday 24th of June 2014

It's such a shame I live in the UK, and have never explored Cornwall yet. Have been planning a road trip there for a long time now. The village looks so beautiful, just like it has come out of a postcard.


Friday 20th of June 2014

Looks great! I'm always amazed of how little I know about England! It's only a hop-over from Belfast, so no excuse really, will have to change that!


Friday 20th of June 2014

I think a lot of the time Els we take it for granted when we live either in England or close by! I know that whenever I lived in England for the first 22 years of my life, I didn't appreciate the beauty as much as I do now. Definitely head on over the Irish Sea and check out some of these hidden gems - you won't regret it!

Alexandra C.

Thursday 19th of June 2014

What a picturesque little village. Growing up in the middle of the US, I am automatically drawn to the seaside, and find even the most mundane and normal details there so exciting. Thank you for sharing, it will certainly come in handy for my future plans to travel through England. Also, I just love being able to share pieces of your upbringing, or special places with your spouse. It's really fun! :) -Alexandra

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