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Forget Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts and instead get ready to be amazed by the awesome options available at Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Take a moment to think about your favorite donut…many of you may prefer glazed, some of you may prefer a hint of chocolate or perhaps one with a filling. Now consider a stereotypical fast-food menu item such as cheeseburger. Did you ever think that you would be combining both of these together to create a magical concoction? Welcome to Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts!

sassy bass crazy donuts

It’s fair to say that everything on the menu at Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts is out of the norm. Sure you can go there and purchase a dozen donuts but if you want the real experience, be sure to sit down and order one of the signature donut dishes…more on that later! When we heard about Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts, we knew that this was a place we had to visit. I’ll be perfectly honest and admit that I enjoy a donut every so often but I have never contemplated using one of these as a burger bun…who in the right mind would do!

we believe that you should experience the wildest donut creations in existence. (Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts)

We want to share our experience at Sassy Bass and hopefully, you will be inspired to enjoy a Gulf Shores Orange Beach getaway to enjoy one of these delicacies for yourself (not sure it’s really a delicacy but it seems pretty appropriate right now given how unusual this is!) It’s one of those places that sounds weird and wonderful and you just have to experience it when you are in the area.

Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts Information

Located in the heart of Gulf Shores, Alabama, Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts may not appear to be the most lucrative restaurant from the outside but the relaxing look and feel fit perfectly with the experience you will enjoy. Whether you are heading to Sassy Bass for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even dessert, you can be sure that there is something on the menu to spark your interest.

sassy bass crazy donuts

A word of warning before visiting Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts… don’t think about calories when you visit because there are few choices on the menu that you could define as “healthy!” If you are staying in one of the condos on Gulf Shores beachfront, Sassy Bass is just a short walk from The Hangout and located off Gulf Shores Parkway.

Our donuts feature wildly popular but radically different wacky combinations (Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts)

A quick visit to Sassy Bass may be followed with a desire to take a stroll or run along the beach to burn a few of those extra calories that you consumed.

sassy bass crazy donuts


132 W 1st Ave,
Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Tel: (251) 948-3838

Website: Sassy Bass Marketplace 

Experience the Entree Donuts

Burger donuts, sandwich donuts, and pizza donuts! Where do you even begin to contemplate choosing one of these? It’s a tough choice but perhaps after visiting the first time, you will be raring to go back to sample another. We decided to go for one “entree” style donut and a dessert donut given that this was really just our lunch spot.

sassy bass crazy donuts

The “flat line burger donut” is pretty much as scary as it sounds! Double beef patties, candied bacon bits, mozzarella and cheddar cheese and pickles. Oh yeah, and the small matter of the glazed donut for your burger bun. It sounds delicious…well I’m not sure if delicious is the right word or just downright CRAZY!

sassy bass crazy donuts

Accompanied by a small side of fries which are about the most normal item on the menu, our flat line burger donut arrived as we prepared to take the first bite. Drum roll please…it was actually pretty awesome! Honestly, as weird as it sounds to combine a fresh glazed donut with a cheeseburger, the distinctive blend of sweet and savory actually worked really well.

sassy bass crazy donuts gulf shores

Grab a small piece of the donut and combine it with the burger, cheese, and bacon (sorry, I hate pickles!) and get ready for a life-changing experience. Even if you hate it, at least you can tell folks that you sampled a burger donut.

If the flat line burger donut doesn’t sound too appealing, perhaps the drunk chick sandwich donut is a little more appealing. Fried chicken, buffalo wing sauce, jalapenos and bleu cheese and ranch dressing sound pretty awesome for those that like a little extra kick at lunch time.

Indulge in Dessert Donuts

After consuming the flat line burger donut, you could be forgiven for feeling a little guilty about wanting to indulge in one of the many amazing dessert donuts. Whether you prefer an ice-cream donut which actually sounds amazing in hindsight, or perhaps you want to try a S’mores donut as we did, there is a pretty wide selection to choose from.

sassy bass crazy donuts

All of the dessert donuts have some pretty crazy names that don’t always give much of a clue what you will be digesting. Be sure to take a close look at what is thrown in the mix to create the option you go for. The “Dirty Banana” for example is obviously a banana based dish but did you know that this entails grilled bananas, brown butter syrup, cream cheese filling and whipped topping?

sassy bass crazy donuts

The “Some Mores” is probably the most obvious as it includes the stereotypical combination of marshmallow, graham cracker, chocolate and of course the pièce de résistance, a chocolate donut!

sassy bass crazy donuts


Thoughts on this experience? Crazy right! When I started researching Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts and read that this place was renowned for being “eccentric,” I knew that this was going to be a unique experience, unlike anything we had seen before. I don’t usually write reviews about stereotypical donut shops but this is far from your typical experience.

There is no denying that a mix of sweet and savory options is as eccentric as it is delicious; some are so amazing they are too cute to eat! (Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts)

Sassy Bassy Crazy Donuts may not be a place that you will visit every day but it’s one of those locations that you have to try at least once, just for the experience and being able to say that you ate a donut burger!

Disclaimer – We would like to thank Visit Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for hosting us and in conjunction with Sassy Bass Crazy Donuts, we received a complimentary meal in exchange for consideration of a blog post review. These are solely our personal opinions/experiences and we were not financially compensated for this post. 

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  1. Oh my! Yeaaahh crazy but looks so mouth- watering! I should try their “Some Mores” and their ““Flat line burger donut”. Congratulations to the owner! For these mouth- watering crazy donuts!


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