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Why Fall Is the Best Time for a Gulf Shores Orange Beach Getaway?

Are you getting tired of the searing hot summer temperatures? Do you look forward to the fall season arriving and having the opportunity to head outdoors? This is undoubtedly the best time of the year to enjoy new adventures and for us, there is always one destination that we contemplate visiting – Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. A Gulf Shores Orange Beach getaway is the perfect tonic to help you recover from a long summer! Hopefully, after reading this post, you will be inspired to add this spot to your list of fall destinations that you cannot afford to miss.

gulf shores and orange beach

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offers the perfect blend of luxury relaxation and adventure and is certainly our go-to destination to enjoy a long weekend getaway at the beach to recuperate from the summer months. We want to share a brief guide on how you can enjoy a Gulf Shores Orange Beach getaway this fall (or in the future)!

Gulf Shores Orange Beach Getaway

If you have followed our blog over the last few years, you will know that we have become experts in maximizing our time during weekend getaways! Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is the perfect destination to showcase our ability to experience the very best a location has to offer in a short period of time.

gulf shores and orange beach getaway

Folks that live in the States will understand that we are not all blessed to have a lot of vacation time so making the most of a long weekend is critical. What better time to achieve this than over the Labor Day weekend! But if Labor Day is a little too crowded, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is an ideal destination to visit in September, October or November.

Before we share our specific recommendations, check out this awesome video produced by Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to give you a sneak preview of what you can expect when you head to the Alabama coastline.

Where to Stay

Looking for the perfect accommodation option for a weekend getaway? Look no further than the Beach Club by Spectrum Resorts in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Having spent three nights here during our first visit to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, we can well and truly attest that this is a luxury resort with every amenity you will need to enjoy a perfect fall getaway.

gulf shores orange beach getaway

If venturing out into the Gulf isn't your idea of relaxation, check out the 6 (that's right SIX!) swimming pools that will allow you to relax and enjoy the perfect beach vacation. The philosophy of this hotel is to help you "reconnect and spend quality time with loved ones."

gulf shores orange beach getaway

In today's modern era, you may think the term 'reconnect' refers to the internet but this is the exact opposite. Leave all of that behind and enjoy a few days relaxing. Everything at the Beach Club will ensure you can do just that!

Reinventing the beach vacation – one family at a time

The "Clean Bed" guarantee is a nice touch by Spectrum Resorts to ensure that every family staying at their resort will have a clean duvet. From delicious restaurant options on-site to easy access to the gorgeous private beach, the latter part of the year is the perfect time to spend a few nights at the Beach Club.

So, you have your hotel option figured out…and if we can just take you away from this ultimate relaxation spot for a little while, you will enjoy a plethora of other reasons to visit Gulf Shores and Orange Beach! But first, it's beach time!

Relax on Pristine Beaches

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is blessed to have stretches of stunning coastline with pristine beaches that you will want to relax on. When you add the breathtaking sight of the turquoise colored waters, I think it's fair to say you have found a perfect beach getaway destination.

gulf shores and orange beach getaway

The 32 miles of Alabama's white-sand beaches are made almost entirely from quartz grains washed down the Appalachian Mountains thousands of years ago.

The idyllic sight of white, sandy beaches epitomizes the coastline along the Gulf Coast and whether you are looking for a quiet place to relax or perhaps enjoy an action-packed volleyball game, there are plenty of options to cater all needs.

gulf shores and orange beach getaway

Public beaches are not hard to find though if you are fortunate to stay in one of the gorgeous accommodation options with a private beach, your experience may be even better. We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience on the private beach theBeach Club by Spectrum Resorts, but regardless of where choose to stay, a gorgeous beach is never too far away!

gulf shores and orange beach getaway

Grab your favorite cocktail or margarita and head down to the beach to relax before venturing out to explore everything else Gulf Shores and Orange Beach has to offer.

Embrace Nature in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Did you know that Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is a hotspot for exploring nature? It's true, there are a variety of ways you can interact with nature when visiting this part of Alabama. If you are ready to enjoy the gorgeous fall colors and embrace the natural scenery surrounding you, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is a nature lovers haven.

gulf shores and orange beach getaway

One of our favorite experiences is to rent a bicycle and explore the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail. 25 miles of paved trails enable visitors the opportunity to come face to face with nature and this is certainly something not to be missed by anyone with an interest in the flora and fauna of a destination.

gulf shores and orange beach getaway

Prefer to be on the water when visiting Gulf Shores and Orange Beach? A kayaking adventure through Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge is a relaxing way to burn a few calories while enjoying the vast amount of wildlife that thrives here. Can you imagine drifting along a river with the breathtaking sight of fall everywhere you look?

However, if biking or kayaking just doesn't satisfy your appetite, perhaps my favorite way to enjoy nature will convince you to head to Alabama's Gulf Coast in the near future. Hit the links by visiting Peninsula Golf Club in Gulf Shores to not only test your skills but also enjoy a gorgeous area of perfectly manicured landscape, where wildlife and nature continue to embrace the man-made links.

peninsula golf course

Golfing in the fall is the perfect season to enjoy the best weather and perhaps shoot your best round! Regardless of your score, you cannot help but enjoy this environment before heading to the 19th hole to reflect on your experience.

gulf shores and orange beach getaway

Enjoy Delicious Cuisine

Fine dining in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach may not be the first thing you think about but this destination arguably offers some of the best cuisine options that we have experienced on our travels. If you love seafood as much as we do, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is undoubtedly the place to visit. But even if seafood isn't at the top of your list, there are plenty of other options available to satisfy your taste buds.

gulf shores and orange beach cuisine

One of the best aspects of visiting Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is having the opportunity to sample one of the pre-defined cuisine trails. Forget about the bourbon trail in Kentucky and instead focus on one of the following delightfully sounding trails…I don't know about you, but we're sold on ALL of these!

  • Beach Burger Trail
  • Crab Trail
  • Fresh Fish Trail
  • Gumbo Trail
  • Oyster Trail
  • Shrimp Trail

Don't worry, for those with a sweet tooth, there is even a Key Lime and Bread Pudding trail to salivate over! We love this new video that Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is using to showcase what we classify as some of the best cuisine options across the United States.

I don't want to give too much away in terms of the best restaurants worth visiting because you will just have to experience them for yourselves. However, if you want our personal favorites, here is where we would recommend:

brick and spoon orange beach

You could quite easily associate each of these with the above trails but of course, a visit to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach should be about sampling a variety of dishes and this destination certainly has endless opportunities awaiting you!


Gulf Shores and Orange Beach continues to have a place in our heart and hopefully, after reading this post, you will see why! If you are looking for a fall destination that has everything you wish for during the summer months along with a variety of other attractions that can be enjoyed all year round, please consider Gulf Shores and Orange Beach as a viable option.

gulf shores and orange beach

Breathtaking beaches that are perfect during the fall season, a natural environment that thrives at this time of year and a diverse cuisine that can be enjoyed all the time makes Gulf Shores and Orange Beach our chosen fall destination to spotlight this year! The beauty of this destination is that it's suitable for all types of travelers.

Whether you are looking for a family vacation, a romantic couples getaway, a "mancation" or perhaps a girls getaway, there is something here for everyone. Our next Gulf Shores Orange Beach getaway cannot come soon enough and we hope to see you all there!

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Sunday 3rd of September 2017

Gulf Shores looks amazing ... I would love to go there!

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Monday 28th of August 2017

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Ryan Biddulph

Sunday 20th of August 2017

6 pools is quite the hefty number Chris. The Gulf Shores region is one I know so little about. It intrigues me. The farthest South I have been is South Carolina - Hilton Head - so this trip would be a nice distance from the Palmetto State. Looks like a dream getaway.


Monday 21st of August 2017

Hi Ryan, yes the Gulf Coast was a part of the country we were very unfamiliar with until a few years ago! But as soon as we discovered it, we realized we had been missing out for years! Very underrated and we hope that we can help put this on the radar of others. Highly recommend visiting it at least once...but that's because I'm convinced you will go back again :)

Karen Dawkins

Wednesday 16th of August 2017

Have you guys ever taken a catamaran tour with Sail Wild Hearts? If not, I hope you'll add it to your list of things to do on your next visit! Absolutely awesome. I'm headed back to GSOB (my fourth trip -- it's so fabulous) late next month and hope to try Cobalt. :) Thanks for all the recommendations!


Wednesday 16th of August 2017

What a wonderful way to enjoy the beach while avoiding the peak season. Thank you for sharing this experience, Chris, and along with a handful of tips on how to have a worthwhile stay at the Gulf Shores Orange Beach. I'm adding this to my list. :)