Saturday Snaps #3 – Everlasting Love on the Isle of Wight


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Sandown Isle of WightLocation:  Everlasting Love on the Isle of Wight

Author: Chris & Heather Boothman (A Brit & A Southerner)

Does this picture really need any explanation? This truly was a perfect moment to capture the ultimate everlasting love pose as these elderly folks wandered along the seafront. We captured this image whilst visiting Sandown on the beautiful Isle of Wight just off the southern coast of England.

This really gives us all inspiration to travel the world with our loved ones and hopefully we will all be doing the same whenever we reach their age!


  1. Love this photo, I hope someday someone will take a picture of me like this! Very nice choice of selective colour in keeping the background monotone and the subjects in full colour – Nicely done!


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