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A Tour of the JFK Presidential Library and Museum

As a history buff I have always been intrigued by museums and historical archives. During our recent trip to Boston, I fell in love with the city entirely, however the best part for me was a tour of the JFK Presidential Library and Museum.

I have been fascinated with JFK in particular for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s the tragic way he was murdered or what he stood for politically making him the peoples president that appeals so much I’m not sure, but when we decided we were going to Boston, I knew that visiting the JFK Library and Museum was a must-see.


At $14.00 each that included an in-depth, guided tour through the museum it was certainly great value for money and I would strongly encourage anyone visiting this region to pay a visit.

Entering the museum, the first thing that stands out is the presidential seal on the wall that welcomes you into the museum. After paying your admission your next steps will take you through the life of JFK and many treasured artifacts from his illustrious life.


Another added feature that is included in the tour is a 20 minute video of JFK’s life that he actually commentates. The video is a great way to start the tour as it sets the scene for the remainder of the tour through the museum. The video contains home videos of him growing up all the way until his election for president. After that showing the tour picks up with memorabilia from his campaign and other iconic symbols of JFK’s life.

The tour concludes showing a plaque that contains those that have been presented with the Profiles in Courage award that members of JFK’s family started to commemorate his life. This award is given to individuals that do work for the benefit of their communities and their country. JFK believed that each person can make a unique difference, and that people who achieve this should be distinguished, hence the reason for this award. JFK demonstrated these views everyday through every decision he was faced with, and so for the family to come together usually at the end of May to award this amazing honor certainly allows JFK to live on.

The following images take you through the museum and the memorable life and presidency of John F. Kennedy.

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Wednesday 19th of September 2018

About how long did it take you to view the museum? My daughter and I are planning a visit in October and are both history nuts. Our goal is to see all the presidential libraries.


Wednesday 19th of September 2018

Hi Carrie,

It took us about 2 to 2 1/2 hours but you could easily spend longer there depending on how much interest you have. Heather is a huge JFK fan, so she was particularly interested in learning more about his legacy and history. If you allocate 2-3 hours, that is definitely a good starting point but as with all museums, you can spend as much time as you want there!

Regardless of how much time you spend, you will have an amazing time!



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Friday 6th of June 2014

I don't have too much knowledge of JFK . . . I thought this was a fascinating post - thank you! I plan on visiting Boston next year for the Boston Marathon (I'm not running it, my sister is! Haha!) and will throw it on the list of things to see!

Bianca @itsallbee

Thursday 5th of June 2014

I love the building. Didnt realise the dedicate museums to presidents. Looks like an interesting place to drop by.

Jen Seligmann

Thursday 5th of June 2014

Great photos and it looks like an interesting museum. I'm ashamed to say I know very little about JFK other than his assassination so this would certainly be somewhere I'd be keen to visit and learn more about when I visit Boston one day.